Elevate your brand and expand your customer base with Mega Digital, the premier TikTok Agency in the APAC. Scale up your TikTok advertising campaigns to effectively target cross-border customers and supercharge your sales growth.


Why you should advertise on TikTok

It's rapidly evolving

With 3 billion users on TikTok and 59% over 24 years old, this platform has become one of the most extensive and potential social media for brands to raise their presence.

It inspires users to buy

TikTok excels at driving organic demands and there are 12.3 billion #TikTokmademebuyit posts to back its claim.

It's cost-effective

Being a relatively new platform that incorporates advertising, the cost of running a TikTok campaign is almost always more budget-friendly than Facebook Ads and Google Ads.


We help you align your objectives with TikTok capabilities

With TikTok providing a platform to help you achieve your business goals, and we are here to make sure it does.

how we help

We are among the top 10 TikTok agencies

We devise an advertising strategy – tailored for your business, plan out a campaign roadmap and get you access to TikTok’s exclusive advertising solutions.

OUR process

We are just a message away!

1. Submit your request

We’ll inspect your business to ensure your products & creatives meet TikTok Community Guidelines, Advertising policies and Best Practices.

2. make sure you don't miss us

Our specialists will contact you, and we’ll discuss more about your business goals and how we and TikTok can help.

3. Create an ideal strategy

We will work with our friends over at TikTok to craft a unique creative and advertising strategy for your brand.

4. Launch. Optimize. Repeat.

Once your campaigns are live, our technical team will be with you along the way, helping you adjust goals and cost to get the best out of the platform!


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