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Advertising with Bing – The second-largest share in the search engine market. Let’s expand your brand with our Microsoft advertising service!

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If you are on Google, why not Bing, too?


Despite its smaller market share, Bing boasts a lower CPC coupled with a superior CTR compared to Google Ads. ReportGarden data indicates that Bing’s CPC can be up to 70% less than Google’s.

More than half a billion unique users

With 686 million distinct PC users, Bing is a burgeoning market of possibilities. Overlooking Bing while focusing solely on Google could mean missing out on half a billion potential customers.

100% of Bing Users Shop Online Every Week

According to Microsoft, all Bing users engage in weekly online shopping, with 72% being adults and 41% enjoying a top 25% household income—making Bing a promising search engine for e-commerce advertising.

Target exact audiences

Bing goes beyond search engine insights, utilizing the entire Microsoft ecosystem, including Windows OS, browsers, and Microsoft Office. This precision sets it apart as an exceptional advertising platform, enabling advertisers to reach customers with unmatched accuracy.


Leverage your Google Ads campaign to the next level with Microsoft Bing Advertising

Why limit your reach to Google when the Microsoft ecosystem boasts over half a billion unique users?
It’s a powerful avenue that advertisers shouldn’t ignore if you want your business to connect with potential customers effectively.

Bing search ads

Bing Search Ads

Why miss out on reaching precise customers with specific needs? Harness the power of Search Advertising, now available on Bing with lower CPC, competitive advantages, and improved ad ranking on SERPs.

Bing display ads

Bing Display Ads

Empowered by a robust Microsoft ecosystem, Bing Display Networks offer unparalleled diversity compared to Google. Brands can target audiences through Xbox, Windows, Edge, MSN, Outlook, Yahoo, and trusted partners.

bing video ads

Bing Video Ads

Unlike Google’s limited display on YouTube and partner sites, Bing Video Ads span the whole Microsoft ecosystem. This wide reach ensures your videos connect with potential customers across all devices and platforms they engage with.

Bing Ads Agency Account

Opt for a Bing ad agency account, the key to rock-solid campaign stability that sweeps suspension concerns aside and offers boundless cross-border targeting. As a Microsoft partner, Mega Digital is right by your side, support throughout each campaign.

Bing Shopping Ads Service

Bing Shopping Ads, the pinnacle of eCommerce advertising. Showcase your products prominently at the pinnacle of search results, with alluring images, irresistible prices, and vital details. With Mega Digital’s specialized expertise, you can seamlessly harness this power in minutes.

Bing App Install Ads

Similar to Google App Promotion, Bing App Install Ads offer a familiar experience. However, what sets Bing apart is its reach across the extensive Microsoft ecosystem, connecting with countless unique Bing users. For maximum app installations, the winning approach combines both platforms.


Work with a Microsoft Advertising Partner

Microsoft advertising partner badge

At Mega Digital, we’re not just advertisers – we’re your Digital Marketing Agency. Beyond running ads and optimizing campaigns, we specialize in crafting strategies that drive your brand’s success. Let us help you achieve your goals more effectively.

What are the advantages of partnering with us in your Bing Ads campaigns?

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Set up process

Easily run a Bing Advertising campaign with us

1. Business Verification

We will thoroughly inspect your websites, products, and paperwork to ensure they comply with Microsoft Advertising policies.

Microsoft bing agency ads account strategic consulting

2. Strategic Consulting

Based on business demand, we will consult you to select suitable services and provide you with an optimal advertising strategy.

Microsoft bing campaign ads set up

3. Campaign Setup

If you’re already running Google Ads, moving to Microsoft Ads is just a matter of importing your existing campaigns.


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Questions we get asked a lot!

We get a brief about all your information, like your business information, your goal, and how much you will invest in this campaign. Therefore, we’ll tailor for you a personalized advertising strategy to conquer this platform.

No, you can’t. The Bing or Microsoft ads agency accounts cannot be bought. We only provide Bing ads agency account renting service. Please get in touch with us for more details.

Mega Digital has various payment methods. You can transfer via banks and e-wallets like PayPal, Pioneer, or cryptocurrencies.

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