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Mega Digital assists you in setting up and optimizing Facebook Ads to boost revenue

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Pay per click Advertising

Precise Customer targeting

Facebook Ads allow you to reach your advertising goals in a variety of ways with highly customizable targeted audience and type of ads.

Website Developement

Maximize ROI with different bidding strategies

Bidding adjustment allow you to show your ads more or less depending on where, when, and how people search
Bidding strategy to maximize conversion rate will help you to get the most conversion for your campaign within your budget.

Search Engine Optimazation

Customizable ads, easy to adjust

With the Facebook Ads advertising tool, you can easily change the message of your ad content in minutes, something very few other tools can do.

Pay per click Advertising

Budget friendly and easy to manage

With Facebook Ads, you can see how many money you spend daily, how many people you have reached through ads, and the number of targeted customers who have signed up or bought your products.
Knowing the above information will help you to adjust your marketing budget more efficiently.

Website Developement

Easy to track and measure campaigns

With the ad results displayed right in the campaign, you'll know if the ads you're running are working or not in order to change it in time.

Facebook ads
Why choose us
  • We provide all-inclusive Facebook Ads packages including: strategic consulting, content creation, visual design, building an advertising budget allocation plan.

  • Mega will company customers through every steps from market research, customer segmentation to implementation phase, we build the most effective approaches to bring the most profit plan for every campaign.

  • Our portfolio ranges from SMEs to large corporates.

how we can help
  • 1

    Market Research & Analysis

    Understanding the market and its players is arguably the most important part of our process.

  • 2

    Strategic Consulting

    Based on our market analysis and your business capabilities, resources and objectives, we'll provide you with an optimal strategy.

  • 3

    Creative Content & Media

    With the combined use of captivating content and media, we create rich advertising campaigns that attract and drive clicks.

  • 4

    Campaign Setup

    Our seasoned advertising experts will help you create high-performing and objective-oriented campaigns to produce the best business results.

Facebook ads implementation

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