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What Will You Gain?

How will your eCommerce sales increase with our Google Shopping Ads Management Services?

Why Google Shopping Ads?

How do Google Shopping Ads benefit your eCommerce business?

Product Centric Advertising

Product-Centric Advertising

Your products gain prime visibility in search results with Google Shopping Ads. Captivating visuals and comprehensive information drive swift conversions. In fact, these ads account for 65% of all clicks on Google, according to a study by WordStream.

High intent Audience Targeting

High-Intent Audience Targeting

Connect seamlessly with users actively seeking your products. Precise targeting captures immediate interest and guides users towards effortless conversions. As per a report by Search Engine Land, these ads often have a higher conversion rate of 1.91% compared to text ads.

Visual Appeal and Enhance User Experience

Visual Appeal and Enhanced User Experience

Users are immersed in a visually rich shopping journey with compelling product imagery and informative ratings. This engaging experience compels instant action. The CXL Institute found that ads with good visuals have a 60% higher conversion rate.

Cost Efficient Performance Tracking

Cost-Efficient Performance Tracking

Optimize your ad spend with data. Pay only for valuable clicks and use advanced tracking tools to strategically allocate your budget. The Google Ads Help Center reveals that businesses often see a 200% return on ad spend (ROAS) with these ads.

Brand visiblity and recognition

Brand Visibility and Recognition

Establish your brand as a trusted authority across Google search results. This enhances brand recognition and fosters long-term engagement among potential customers. Nielsen research shows that strong brand visibility can increase purchase intent and customer loyalty by 33%.

Google Shopping Ads
TikTok Agency Ad Account Process
Our process

The way our Ads experts execute your Shopping Ads Campaigns

Google Merchant Center linking with Google Ads

Set up and configure your Google Merchant Center (GMC) and link to Google Ads to available Shopping Ads format on your account. Besides, we will also validate your business information with the Google Team to help your campaign become sustainable and hard to suspend in the long term. This process is a must before running shopping campaign

Feed Configuration & Optimization

Once the groundwork is laid, we dive into the core of your Google Shopping success – feed configuration and optimization. Our team takes a meticulous approach, fine-tuning every aspect of your product feed to align with Google's stringent standards. From crafting compelling titles to optimizing images and attributes, we roll up our sleeves to transform your product data into a digital storefront that captivates and converts.

Google Shopping Campaign Management

Moving beyond setup, Mega Digital's Google-certified experts roll up their sleeves for hands-on campaign management. We don't just set and forget – we actively craft and manage your Shopping campaigns. From choosing the optimal solution for your unique needs to structuring campaigns, defining budgets, and implementing bidding strategies, our hands-on approach ensures continuous monitoring and optimization. Detailed reports and insights keep you informed, providing a transparent view of how we drive tangible results for your Google Shopping success.


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Questions we get asked a lot.

If it is in the domestic market, Mega Digital commits 100% that GMC will be approved when the product does not violate the policy.

If it is a POD or Dropshipping market, it will still depend on the documents, the seller’s history, and related accounts that the seller owns, so it cannot be committed.

Currently, Google Shopping Ads is the most optimal solution for businesses doing business on e-commerce. Google Shopping Ads helps your ads reach customers with more precise needs, along with an increase in click-through rate many times over other forms.
There are many benefits, so it isn’t easy to share all of them, but the most obvious use is still increasing revenue.

Products in industries such as home appliances, cosmetics, fashion, technology, electronics, accessories, etc.


Dangerous products or services: weapons, explosives, drug paraphernalia, etc.

Inauthentic behavior is allowed: fake documents, hacking software, fraud

Inappropriate content: racist, obscene, violent, animal abuse, accident scene…

Real estate

Financial services, ticket sales, gift cards

Financial products: bank cards, gold, currency

Means of transport: Cars, RVs, trucks, boats, catamarans, airplanes, helicopters, motorcycles, mini-motorcycles, jet skis (except bicycles and trams with a speed of less than 15km/h)

You will own the GMC account, and the ads account will belong to Mega Digital.

Have an eCommerce website

Have a business registration license

POD/Dropshipping: Selling clean products, no policy violations, no trademarks; fulfillment address (if any, the better)

Domestic market: Flexible on a case-by-case basis

Mega Digital will provide a 20-day warranty after your GMC account is active. In addition, Mega Digital also wants long-term cooperation to avoid the event that your GMC account or advertising account has been active but is suspended for some reason.

I’m sorry because Mega Digital can only support customers who use Mega Digital advertising accounts. There were many cases after the GMC account was active that customers linked with other ads to run violated products. This case is difficult to control because we do not have access to the feed. If discovered by Google, it may affect Mega Digital’s partnership with Google.

You can link multiple websites or landing pages to your account, but you shouldn’t link too many because if your GMC account is suspended, all your other Google ads accounts will also be suspended.

Regarding the charging mechanism, at the beginning of the period (30 days/period), Mega Digital will collect 100% of your advertising budget in advance (minimum $1,500 for the first period) and add 60% of the service fee in advance (Service fee including GMC account creation fee and Ads account rental fee).

After the GMC account is active, we will collect the remaining 40% of the GMC creation fee.

After your GMC account is connected to your advertising account and has been in operation for one month, we will collect 40% of the remaining advertising account rental fee and an additional 60% of your service fee next period.

Many of our customers have the same questions as you. We want to make sure that customers use Mega Digital’s ads account to advertise. After the GMC account is active, guests often link to personal ad accounts to run products that violate policies. This part is set up from the customer’s feed, so Mega Digital cannot control it. Most importantly, if our accounts were penalized by Google for policy violations, Mega Digital’s partnership with Google could be affected.

Mega Digital’s account is a Google partner’s account, so advertising campaigns will be more stable, avoiding unusual errors. In addition, you will get direct support from Google so that appeals will be processed faster, and all kinds of problems can also be received for correction. Moreover, when you are our customer, you will be updated with the latest information and programs, supported with new types of advertising and new features launched by Google or organized by Mega Digital. Most importantly, when you run ads with a large budget, experiencing unusual issues in your account, or having your budget regularly reviewed by Google can significantly damage your campaigns.

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