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Boost your brand’s exposure and attract a broader customer base with full-pack advertising options through Mega Digital’s Agency accounts!

What is X/Twitter Agency Account?

Exclusively distributed for X (Twitter) Ads Agency - Mega Digital

Reaching worldwide

The X/Twitter agency account can target worldwide audiences, including the United States, Europe, and Canada.

Advanced Features

Access to exclusive features and resources available on agency accounts, like advanced analytics, deeper insights and better control.

Withdraw your balance

If your account gets suspended, rather than losing your remaining budget, we can return your balance to you within 72 hours.

why Mega Digital?

Premium X Agency Account from the Top Agency

Self-served ad account

The vanilla experience (that we don’t endorse).

Mega Digital' s ad account

The best way to advertise on X/Twitter.

What you will gain

We've got you covered!

You gain more than just a service with Mega Digital. Our X (Twitter) Agency Account rental ensures a seamless experience, covering account setup, consulting, and performance analytics – all on us.

Rent X (twitter) ads agency account
How you will get

Get your X Agency Account Ready in Minutes


Business verification

We will inspect all your business information, including website, product, and license (for specific industry), to ensure that your business complies with X policies.


Top-up your balance

After your business has been verified, we will send you a private payment gateway link so you can make your first top up. The account will be created right after you send us the proof of transaction.


Create your campaigns

To create the best experience during our service, our experts will guide you from creating and managing to optimizing your X ad campaigns.


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Questions we get asked a lot.

The cost of a X agency account depends on the service and tax fees. This account can not be bought, so the service fee is usually range from 5% (like Mega Digital’s account). The more you spend on your ads, the lower the rental fee you will have to pay.

Yes, you can also pay with Payoneer, USDT & BUSD, which save you from paying transaction fees. We only accept payment through the billing system on our website. Scammers might ask you to top up through their personal accounts, please be cautious.

Unfortunately, X (Twitter) agency accounts cannot be “bought,” they can only be rented from X agencies (like us). Scammers might try to sell off accounts to you that are prone to suspension and don’t come with agency support.

You cannot open a X (Twitter) agency account on your own. Please send us a message detailing your business information and advertising needs. Our team will reach out to you to provide instructions and payment details and open an account for you almost immediately after payment has been confirmed.

In a way, yes. X agency account can target 200 countries and territories, including the US, UK, and Canada,… The complete list is available on Account eligibility for X Ads.

Once your X ad account is suspended, we’ll work with X immediately to appeal the suspension, and it should be up and running in the next couple of days.

Go through X Ads Policies before planning your campaigns. You are to be held responsible for any violation that leads to account suspension.

Normally, it’s impossible to transfer funds out of a suspended account. However, as a X agency, we can withdraw your unspent ad balance in 72 hours. Read our Refund Policy for more information.

You shouldn’t make changes to the destination URL without our consent. Please contact your Account Manager first.