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Our Mission

Becoming an extension to businesses with a vision but without the how's.

Officially Established

Mega Digital was founded on April 15th, 2021, to create changes for worldwide businesses in advertising and help all sizes of companies promote their products/services more efficiently and effectively.

Became a Google Partner

With the mission of creating changes in the advertising field, Mega Digital had an official partnership with Google to leverage team members' knowledge, helping our clients gain more valuable information and better experience when using our Google Advertising Services.

Became a TikTok Partner

Recognizing the needs and the uptrend of TikTok advertising, we partnered with TikTok to help our clients access the top prioritized resources official from TikTok. Mega Digital's customers can advertise on TikTok with the latest updates, policies, and premium ad accounts.

Organized first event with TikTok for Business

After a year of partnering with TikTok, Mega Digital has been recognized as one of the top performance agencies in the APAC region. Therefore, TikTok and Mega Digital have organized the first event, TikTok for Retail 2023.

Join the Google Agency Leadership Circle

Among the experienced and long-standing agencies, Mega Digital was recognized as one of the top fastest growing Google agencies in the SEA region. This recognition came with top-priority support and personal management directly from Google.

Full-advertising Solution Agency

We do not celebrate successes. We continue to try and cooperate with many of the world's leading platforms, creating a comprehensive advertising ecosystem for every business and every advertiser. We offer advertising solutions for platforms like Meta, Microsoft, Twitter, and Snapchat.


Win customers on the world's most prominent platforms

We are not a regular advertising agency but a comprehensive technology digital marketing agency. We use marketing strategies and the latest updated technology to execute our services. We believe that Mega Digital’s value is not like any other. We succeed because we have an influential developer background and experienced team members.

TikTok logo

TikTok is no longer simply an entertainment platform, but a solid commercial channel as well. Check out the campaign #TikTokmademebuyit to see for yourself.

Google logo

The most used search engine on the planet is the most relevant & reliable platform to establish your presence and target audience who are actively looking to buy your products.

facebook logo

Rich communities, deep advertising capabilities and a large user base make Facebook an ideal channel to foster new customer relationships and grow your brand globally.

With the second-largest share in the search engine market and a powerful ecosystem, Microsoft advertising is a must-solution that businesses only advertise on Google cannot miss!




Don't just take our words for it, take our customers'.


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