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Access to Google Ads Agency Account with the lowest fee in the market and no budget standard required. Only take a few minutes to start running ads on your new account after our expert contacts you.
Google Ads Invoice Account for rent
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Premium Google Agency Account from the Leading Google Partner in APAC.

No more suspended


Using a Google Ads Account from a Google partner will make your campaign more stable and prevent suspension, including advertising in restricted industries.
allocate your budget


If your account is suspended for some rare reason, instead of waiting 20-40 days for a refund, we can allocate your remaining budget to a new account straight away.
Unlimited ads account


If you own many domains that require multiple Ads Accounts, we can provide an MCC Google Ads Account with unlimited spending.

The Lowest Renting Cost

Get in on Mega Digital’s premium offer, starting at only 4% of your ad spend. Access our top-tier Google Ads agency account right away, with no minimum budget, no ad spending limits, and flexible payment options!
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Google monthly invoice
Exclusive benefits

Flexible payment - Low cost

Self-served Google ad account

Limited experience (that we don’t endorse).

Mega Digital ad account

The best way to advertise on Google.

Opportunity to get $383.23 for free!

Gain exclusive access to an opportunity by renting Mega Digital's ad account. As a top Google Partner in the APAC region, our account offers a premium $383.23 promotion code from Google. This exclusive promotion is only available for domains that meet some specific criteria.

Please get in touch with us to receive information about this valuable promotion and how to claim it!

Our process
Our process

Get your Ultimate Google Ads
Agency Account ready in minutes​

Submit your information

Submit your information

We will thoroughly inspect all your information, including websites, products, and paperwork (if needed), to comprehend that your business complies with Google policies.
Make your first top up

Make your first top-up

We will send a payment link for you to add your first top-up. After you send us proof of successful payment, the account will be ready within 30 minutes.

Start advertising

We will guide you through all the features and how to set up a campaign on our account. If you get any troubles, we’re here to help!

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Questions we get asked a lot.
Google Ad Agency Account is an account provided for an agency partnered with Google. The difference with a personal ad account is your ad balance in a suspended account can be allocated to a new one immediately (for top-notch partners only, like Mega Digital). Besides, you can top up your balance on this account via various payment methods and gain direct support from Google partners 24/7. Check out our blog “What is Google Ad agency account?” for more information.
You can top up via Payoneer, USDT & BUSD, etc. Our diversity-paying method will save you from paying transaction fees. We only accept payment through the billing system on our website. Scammers might ask you to top up through their personal accounts, please be cautious.
The process of Google Ads agency account creation is different from setting up a Google Ads account for personal use. The main difference is that the agency will create you from scratch. You only need to top-up the account and advertise.In detail, this is the process of creating a Google Ad Agency Account.Step 1: Send us your business informationStep 2: Top up through our payment methodStep 3: Access your Google Ad Agency Account and start advertising!
Yes, of course! If you have various domains and you want to create many Google Agency Accounts, you can rent our MCC (My Client Center) Google Ads Account.
The Google ads agency account cost is based on tax and service fees. The minimum cost start from 4% of the total ad budget. The more you spend on advertising, the lower cost you have to pay.
Don’t worry if your account is suspended. We’ll allocate your budget to another account immediately, so you can continue advertising without wasting time.
Sure we have. Please get in touch with us for more details.
You have our 100% guarantee the suspended credit is under our control. We are in partnership with Google, meaning we have invoices for your accounts. If your account gets suspended, we will create a new one for you and transfer the unspent balance to it.

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