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Gain access to whitelisted TikTok agency ad accounts with a 30-day free trial, exclusively through TikTok Partner – Mega Digital. Enjoy unlimited advertising features and agency support to scale up your TikTok campaigns. 

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What is TikTok Agency account?

Exclusively distributed for TikTok Agency- Mega Digital

Advertise across borders

TikTok agency ad account can target all markets, for example like the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Canada.

Run smarter ad campaigns

Unlimited customization and customer insight to optimize your TikTok ads campaign with our agency ad account and experts’ tips.

have us do the heavy lifting

Aside from directly handling suspensions, we can reallocate your funds to a brand new ad account in case of perma-suspension.

why you should choose us

Premium whitelisted ad account from TikTok leading Agency

Self-served ad account

The basic experience (that we don’t endorse).

Mega Digital' s ad account

The best way to advertise on TikTok.


What should you use the TikTok agency account for?

Should not use for

Best for

Disclaimer: Our agents might skip your requests if they are not validated with the requirements above.

Exclusive benefits

Mega Digital's 24/7 support

At our service, we foster a collaborative environment where you’re never left to figure things out on your own. We’re here to support you, providing assistance and a network of resources to ensure that every aspect of your journey is well-guided and supported.

Active right after business verification

Agency consultation to run campaigns

Policy updates as soon as they are planned​

Prioritised support from TikTok

Our process

Have your TikTok agency ad account
ready in minutes!


Submit information

We will thoroughly inspect your websites, products, and paperwork to ensure they comply with TikTok policies.


Add funds to account

We’ll send a payment link for you to add your first fund. Once you send us proof of successful payment, the account will be ready within 24h.


Run your first campaign

We’ll help you create and launch your first campaign and handle any obstacles you face!


Don't just take our words for it, take our customers'.

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Mega Digital TikTok account

Questions we get asked a lot.

The cost of a TikTok agency account depends on the service and tax fees. This account can not be bought, so the service fee is usually from 3% (like Mega Digital’s account). The more you spend on your ads, the lower renting fee you will have to pay.

Yes, you can also pay with Payoneer, USDT & BUSD, which save you from paying transaction fees. We only accept payment through the billing system on our website. Scammers might ask you to top up through their personal accounts, please be cautious.

Unfortunately, TikTok agency accounts cannot be “bought”, but rather rent out by TikTok agencies (like us). Scammers might try to sell off accounts to you that are prone to suspension and don’t come with agency support.

You cannot open an agency account on your own. Please send us a message detailing your business information and advertising needs. Our team will reach out to you to provide instructions and payment details and open an account for you almost immediately after payment has been confirmed.

In a way, yes. TikTok agency account can target 55+ countries including the US, UK, and Pakistan,… The full list is available on TikTok Placements and Available Locations.

Once your ad account is suspended, we’ll work with TikTok immediately to appeal the suspension and it should be up and running in a couple of days top.

Make sure to go through TikTok Community Guidelines and Advertising Policies before planning your campaigns. You are to be held responsible for any violation that leads to account suspension.

Normally, it’s impossible to transfer funds out of a suspended account. Our agency accounts use TikTok credit line so your funds from a suspended account can be allocated to another one. Read our Refund Policy for more information.

You shouldn’t make changes to the destination URL without our consent. Please contact your Account Manager first.