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Teddy, achieve revenue explosion with TikTok

At 20, Teddy has successfully established his own e-commerce store and want to reach more customers on TikTok platform. In just 2 months with Mega Digital's Advertising service, Teddy's TikTok campaign propelled his store to revenue explosion.

about the customer
Teddy’s journey began with establishing e-commerce accessories store and promoting brands on TikTok platform. Teddy’s story was example for the intersection of entrepreneurial spirit and digital marketing knowledge.


  • Reach potential customers and maximize profitability with TikTok advertising.



  • How to make use of TikTok user base to reach more customers and expand business.
  • How to scale up advertising campaign to maximize profits.

Teddy Case Study
Mega Digital's Solutions

a multifaceted strategy to scale efficiently

To propel Teddy’s journey towards TikTok advertising, Mega Digital has implemented a multifaceted strategy. Here’s how we empowered Max to scale rapidly and efficiently:

Assessment and Creative Strategy: We began by understanding the customer's goals and desired audience. Our analysis highlighted the need for high-quality, attention-grabbing creative videos to effectively engage TikTok users. To achieve this, we decided to focus on creating "expensive" looking creatives to enhance brand appeal.

Advertising on Compliance: Doris, our experienced team member, played a vital role in ensuring the creatives adhered to TikTok's Ad Policy. She educated the advertiser about TikTok's specific guidelines, making them aware of the necessary adjustments needed to maintain compliance. This involved highlighting potential issues and suggesting modifications to align with TikTok's policies.

Advices on Ad Format Samples and Best Practices: Mega Digital provided the advertiser with a range of ad format samples and best practices tailored to the product features. These samples served as a visual guide, illustrating effective ways to present the product in a captivating and compliant manner on TikTok. Additionally, team expert shared best practices on structuring content, storytelling, and leveraging TikTok's unique features to optimize engagement.

our results

Teddy's TikTok Advertising Journey with Mega Digital

Teddy, under the guidance of Doris and the Mega Digital, not only built a TikTok account with “expensive” looking but used a range of ad format samples which were suitable with the product features. Throughout these methods, we enhanced brand appeal and optimized engagement for Teddy’s TikTok account.
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Revenue explosion of Teddy's advertising campaign

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what your customers saying
What customers saying

I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Mega Digital for their instrumental role in achieving revenue explosion for my dropshipping business. The success of ad campaigns has impressive data on click-through rates and high conversion metrics. Looking ahead, I am keen on collaborative, long-term strategies that align with my business goals, and I appreciate any insights the agency may have for sustaining and scaling our success on the TikTok platform.

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