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Mr. S, a distinguished TED Talk speaker and a seasoned marketing entrepreneur with nearly a decade of experience

Meet Mr. S, a TED Talk, who had exceptional leadership skills and marketing knowledge. Mr.S leveraged his wealth of experience to seamlessly guide and inspire his marketing company in Iraq.

about the customer
Leveraging his extensive experience as a marketing entrepreneur, Mr.S implemented marketing strategies to stand out his company’s presence in Iraq.


  • Delivery effective and efficient cyber solutions for clients, especially in advertising via TikTok platform.



  • How to stand out and expand his company's presence.
  • How to manage workflow within his company members ensuring smooth collaboration and productivity.

Mr.S Case Study
Mega Digital's Solutions

a multifaceted strategy to scale efficiently

To propel Mr.S’s journey towards TikTok advertising, Mega Digital has implemented a multifaceted strategy. Here’s how we empowered Max to scale rapidly and efficiently.

Efficiency Improvement: We recognized a critical need to boost efficiency in managing Mr.S's extensive range of advertising accounts. The increasing volume of accounts was posing challenges in terms of organization, coordination, and timely response. So, we guided Mr. S to manage these accounts more effectively with a Business Center account.

Workflow Optimization: In response to the need for efficiency, Mega Digital a well-defined and optimized workflow. This new workflow outlined a clear path for managing advertising accounts, defining specific roles, responsibilities, and checkpoints at various stages.

Ad Rejection Management: Ad rejections were a recurring issue impacting advertising campaigns. To address this, Fleur - team expert took proactive measures by creating a "Survival Kits Template." This template was designed to act as a comprehensive guide, including a structured set of steps and best practices to troubleshoot and resolve common issues that led to ad rejections.

our results

Marketing company of Mr.S becomes one of Iraq's premier players

Embarking on a transformative one-year journey, Mr.S, under the guidance of Fleur N and Mega Digital, resulted in an extraordinary transformation for both Mr. S and his marketing company. Mr.S executed a series of dynamic marketing strategies that make their marketing company to the forefront of Iraq’s competitive business landscape. This success story stands as a testament to the effectiveness of strategic collaboration, visionary leadership, and cutting-edge marketing methodologies employed by Mr. S and Mega Digital.
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Become one of Iraq's premier players

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What customers saying

I am deeply grateful for the remarkable journey with Mega Digital, during which I have had the privilege of witnessing and commending the unwavering dedication of Mega Digital's exceptional team. Together, we have successfully propelled my company to the forefront of Iraq's dynamic marketing landscape within just one year.

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