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TV Outlet - The Netherland Online TV Retailer

TV Outlet, a leading provider of quality and affordable televisions, has struggled to reach their target audience effectively through their Google Ads campaigns. Despite their best efforts, their past campaigns did not yield the desired results. However, everything changed after TV Outlet collaborated with us, Mega Digital. This case study unfolds their transformation journey as they sought external expertise to revitalize their marketing strategies, optimize their campaigns, and successfully connect with their audience.

about the customer
TV Outlet is a brand that specializes in providing high-quality televisions at affordable prices. They offer a wide range of products from various well-known manufacturers, ensuring customers have plenty of options. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their efforts to provide excellent service and support.


  • Brand Awareness: The primary goal is to increase visibility and recognition in the competitive market, ensuring more potential customers are aware of the high-quality, affordable televisions on offer.
  • Improved Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): A key financial objective is to ensure that every dollar spent on advertising contributes to a significant increase in sales, thereby improving the return on ad spend.



  • Creating Impactful Ads: Crafting advertisements that genuinely connect with potential customers and drive sales has been a significant challenge. Despite a stellar product lineup, the ads did not resonate with the target audience as expected.
  • Data Utilization: TV Outlet has access to a wealth of data from past campaigns. However, making sense of this data to gain actionable insights and enhance future ad performance has been complex.
  • Budget Management: Operating within a limited Google Ads budget, TV Outlet found it challenging to ensure that every dollar spent effectively contributed to improving their ROAS and enhancing brand awareness.
  • Target Audience Reach: In the highly competitive television retail market, reaching out to the right audience and standing out among competitors has been a significant hurdle.

Google Ads Case study Mega Digital and TV Outlet
Mega Digital's Solutions

a multifaceted strategy to scale efficiently

To address TV Outlet’s challenges, a comprehensive and tailored solution was implemented, focusing on optimizing their Google Ads strategies.

Targeted Search Ads: Used specific keywords like “TV kopen” and “TV op afbetaling” to create ads that reach the people most likely to be interested in TV Outlet’s products.

PMAX Campaigns: Launched PMAX campaigns that use a mix of video, display, and search ads. This approach helps reach a wider audience across different platforms.

Shopping Ads: Set up Shopping ads to showcase TV Outlet’s products directly within the search results, providing potential customers with key information at a glance.

Regular Monitoring and Optimization: Kept a close eye on the performance of the campaigns, making adjustments to things like bids, keywords, and ad copy to make sure the campaigns are as effective as possible.

our results

TV Outlet and the Impressive Outcome

Through the strategic use of Google Ads, TV Outlet experienced a significant transformation in their digital advertising journey. The optimized campaigns not only resonated with the target audience but also ensured that every advertising dollar was well spent. The effectiveness of the Google Ads strategies was reflected in the substantial increase in sales and brand awareness.
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What customers saying

Hey everyone, Franklin here from Tvoutlet.tv. Let me tell you, Mega Digital seriously upped our game in 2023.

We weren't getting the online traction we needed, sales were flatlining. Then came Mega Digital. They dove into our business, built killer Google Ads campaigns, and bam! We reached way more people, the right people, and our revenue skyrocketed – almost 4 times higher!

Mega Digital's team? Awesome. Knew their stuff, always kept us in the loop, and tweaked things to maximize results.

If you're looking for Google Ads rockstars, Mega Digital is the way to go. They'll help you grow, for sure.

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