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Max, transforming from Facebook Ads expert to TikTok pioneer

Meet Max, a seasoned Facebook Ads expert with 5+ years of experience, who embarked on an exciting journey to conquer TikTok Ads. Max initially ventured into TikTok advertising by scaling dropshipping stores and promoting his own brands.

about the customer
Max’s journey began with scaling dropshipping stores and promoting personal brands on TikTok, showcasing a seamless transition from Facebook to the dynamic realm of short-form video marketing.


  • Expand brand awareness on TikTok to attract new customers and generate sales.
  • Build a thriving e-commerce ecosystem by launching comprehensive course to fellow dropshippers



  • How to adapt his previous experiences into TikTok Ads and implement high-convert ads.
  • How to build e-commerce on a new platform while maintain profitability and efficiency.

Max TikTok Case Study
Mega Digital's Solutions

a multifaceted strategy to scale efficiently

To propel Max’s journey towards TikTok advertising, Mega Digital has implemented a multifaceted strategy. Here’s how we empowered Max to scale rapidly and efficiently:

Invaluable TikTok Ads Expertise: Lily, our TikTok Ads specialist, played a pivotal role in Max's transformation. She shared a wealth of TikTok Ads tips, offering insights and expertise honed through numerous successful campaigns. By delving into real-world case studies, Mega Digital equipped Max with the knowledge and strategies needed to optimize his ads effectively.

Whitelisted Features for Optimal Performance: To supercharge Max's advertising endeavors, Mega Digital ensured that his Ads Accounts gained access to TikTok's exclusive Whitelisted Features. These features provide a competitive edge by unlocking advanced functionalities and unique opportunities that are typically reserved for trusted and high-performing advertisers. This strategic move not only boosted Max's campaign performance but also positioned him as a top-tier advertiser on TikTok.

Weekly Metrics Evaluation for Precise Guidance: Lily, in tandem with the Mega Digital team, conducted weekly in-depth evaluations of key performance metrics. This meticulous analysis provided a comprehensive understanding of Max's Ads Assets' performance.

Streamlined Collaboration through Customized Tools: In a bid to enhance collaboration efficiency, we devised a customized spreadsheet exclusively for Max. This specialized spreadsheet not only facilitated Max's participation in the MD Affiliate Program but also served as a centralized hub for collaboration with his media buyers.

our results

Max's TikTok Advertising Journey with Mega Digital

Embarking on a transformative nine-month journey, Max, under the guidance of Lily and the Mega Digital team, not only achieved mastery in TikTok advertising but also took a leap into entrepreneurship. With newfound expertise, Max went on to establish his own TikTok media buying team, contributing to the agency’s success story. However, Max’s impact didn’t stop there. Leveraging his knowledge, he successfully pioneered comprehensive courses, becoming a mentor and guide to others venturing into the realm of dropshipping.
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What customers saying

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Mega Digital agency for their invaluable support in establishing and launching the TikTok media buying team and comprehensive dropshipping courses. The collaboration has been instrumental in leveraging my 5+ years of Facebook Ads expertise to explore new avenues and reach a wider audience. The agency's commitment to excellence, strategic insights, and technical prowess have significantly contributed to the success of the courses. I commend the Mega Digital agency for their professionalism and dedication to our shared goals. Looking forward to continued success and growth in our partnership.

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