12 Ideas to Go Viral with TikTok for Restaurants in 2024

In the 2020s restaurant industry, social media platforms are vital for increasing your venue’s visibility and attracting customers. TikTok has proven particularly effective, with restaurants gaining followers, media attention, and sales through engaging, viral videos. If you haven’t yet explored TikTok for your restaurant, you may wonder how to start and maximize its potential for driving revenue. This article will provide comprehensive insights into leveraging TikTok for restaurants.

The Importance of TikTok for Restaurants

Among social platforms, TikTok has emerged as a powerful tool for reaching new audiences, sparking viral trends, and ultimately driving sales. So, let’s walk through a few of the advantages of leveraging this social media platform to help you surpass your restaurant competition.

Importance of TikTok for Restaurants
  • TikTok Audience Base: TikTok is used in 154 countries and supports 75 languages. Recent data shows that users spend about 52 minutes on the app each day. While the majority of users are between 16 and 29 years old, there’s also a growing number of users aged 30 and older. TikTok offers a huge potential audience for restaurants to connect with. This includes a significant chunk of Gen Z and Millennials, who are known to research restaurants on TikTok before making a decision.
  • Viral Potential: Many food trends get their start on TikTok. The short-form video format and powerful algorithm on TikTok can turn an unknown restaurant into a viral sensation overnight. One creative and engaging video can propel your restaurant into the spotlight and attract a flood of new customers eager to try your viral dish. By being active on the platform, restaurants can stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on the latest culinary crazes.
  • Engaging Content: The fun and creative nature of TikTok allows restaurants to showcase their food and atmosphere in a way that is both informative and entertaining. People are more likely to be drawn to a restaurant that looks interesting and inviting on social media.
  • Building Brand Awareness: Even if a restaurant doesn’t go viral, consistent use of TikTok can help to increase brand recognition and get their name out there. The more people see a restaurant’s name and food, the more likely they are to consider it when they’re looking for a place to eat.
  • Engage with Micro-Influencers: What defines a micro-influencer? They are individuals with a modest yet deeply engaged follower base – individuals whose opinions, including restaurant recommendations, hold significant sway with their audience. Earning a micro-influencers endorsement of your restaurant’s latest dish could potentially convert some of their followers into patrons as well.

Overall, TikTok offers a unique and powerful way for restaurants to connect with potential customers and drive sales. It’s a platform that is here to stay, and savvy restaurants are starting to take advantage of its potential.

12 Trending TikTok Ideas for Restaurants

The world of TikTok thrives on fresh, engaging content, and the restaurant industry offers a treasure trove of inspiration! Here are some trending video ideas to get your restaurant’s TikTok: 

Trendy Food Challenges

Participate in popular TikTok food challenges or trends. Stay up-to-date with the latest food challenges, such as creating unique food art, trying viral food hacks, or recreating famous recipes. Participating in trending challenges can help your videos gain visibility and engagement as you tap into the current best TikTok trends.



how did we do? S/O to brian and chef savannah for helping and for trusting us w the kitchen lol #familymeal #restaurant #restaurantvlog #dayinmylife #chefvlog #pastrychef

♬ Wii – Mii Channel – Super Guitar Bros

Introduce New Menu on TikTok

Highlighting videos of your latest gastronomic innovations is a powerful strategy for marketing your restaurant on TikTok. There’s no more effective method to generate anticipation among customers for your new menu additions or daily specials than by showcasing the delectable appearance of the dishes.



Take viewers on a tour of your kitchen, showcasing the artistry and passion behind your dishes. Let them meet your chefs, witness the preparation process, and unveil the secrets of your signature recipes. This is a wonderful idea TikTok for restaurants that you need to try.


“Day in the Life” Series

Take viewers on a journey through a typical day at your restaurant. Start with the morning prep, showcase the lunch rush, and end with the closing procedures. This behind-the-scenes glimpse fosters a sense of connection and transparency.


Restaurant Staff Challenge

Create a series of TikTok for restaurants’ videos showcasing friendly competitions among the members of your restaurant staff. This idea aims to engage your audience, highlight the teamwork and skills of your staff, and generate excitement and anticipation among your followers. Choose a variety of challenges that showcase different aspects of restaurant operations. These challenges can include:

  • Speed Challenge: A race to see who can complete a specific task, such as setting up a table or preparing a dish, in the shortest amount of time.
  • Taste Testing Challenge: Blindfolded staff members taste and identify different ingredients or dishes.
  • Cocktail Mix-Off: Bartenders compete to create the most innovative and visually appealing cocktails.
  • Waitstaff Olympics: Servers compete in tasks like carrying trays stacked with glasses, balancing plates, or setting up a table quickly and efficiently.


Embrace User-Generated Content (UGC):

Encourage your audience to participate in the action! Launch a branded hashtag challenge, prompting customers to film themselves enjoying your food or recreating your recipes at home. Feature the best UGC TikTok on your profile and reward participants for their creativity.


Life Hacks & Kitchen Tips

Share quick and easy recipe hacks, tips for plating food like a pro, or creative uses for leftover ingredients. This positions your restaurant as a source of valuable knowledge, attracting viewers who appreciate culinary expertise.


Enhance the Takeout and Delivery of Food

While takeout and delivery remain in demand, not all menu items fare equally well during transit or reheating. Produce TikTok for restaurants content where you recommend the most suitable dishes from your menu for takeout and delivery.

Further, develop this idea by crafting a series focusing on optimal methods for reheating meals.



Didn’t eat your takeout right? No worries, this is how to properly reheat your cold pho or ramen the next day.

♬ original sound – Mecha Noodle Bar

ASMR Food Sounds

Embrace the power of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Create calming videos with close-up shots of food preparation, focusing on the satisfying sounds of sizzling meats, chopping vegetables, or pouring creamy sauces.



Watch chef Saul Montiel make @CantinaRooftop’s 17-pound taco in ASMR. #taco #asmr #nycresturants

♬ som original – Food Insider

Recipe Tutorials

Create short and visually appealing recipe tutorials featuring your restaurant’s popular dishes. Break down the steps, showcase the ingredients, and provide useful cooking tips along the way. This allows viewers to recreate your dishes at home and positions your restaurant as a go-to source for delicious recipes.


Partner with Influencers

Collaborate with TikTok influencers who align with your restaurant’s brand and target audience. Invite them to try your food, create content featuring your restaurant, or participate in food-related challenges. Influencers can help amplify your restaurant’s reach, increase brand visibility, and attract their followers to visit your establishment.



SEXY LONDON RESTAURANT✨ The MAINE is an elegant restaurant in Mayfair with New England cuisine and live music everynight! I loved the opulent vibe of the restaurant, but I’m on the fence with the food 🫤. Ideal for date nights & special occasions ✨ #sochimama #sochimamaeats #sexylondonspots #wheretoeatinnlondon #londontiktok #londonrestaurants #themainemayfair

♬ original sound – Sochima| SEXY FOOD & TRAVEL

Run a TikTok Restaurant Giveaway

Running a TikTok for restaurant giveaway is an effective strategy to generate excitement, increase awareness, and drive TikTok engagement rate for your restaurant on social media. This idea allows you to leverage the popularity and viral nature of TikTok to reach a wider audience, attract new customers, and reward your loyal patrons.


Organize a live event

Once your TikTok account reaches a minimum of 1,000 followers, you can initiate events directly on the platform. Engage a mixologist or chef to conduct quick-paced tutorials or a sequence of bite-sized lessons, or organize a competition ranging from naming a new beverage to determining the most appealing combinations of pizza or burger toppings. Given TikTok’s effortless and rapid nature, it presents an ideal arena for exploring creative concepts while promoting your restaurant.



which will you try w your wildgrain pizza?

♬ Do It Better – Beachcrimes & Tia Tia

FAQs TikTok Marketing for Restaurants

Got questions about rocking TikTok for restaurant? We’ve got answers! This FAQ section dives into some common restaurant owner concerns about using TikTok to build a following and generate buzz.

How do I make a TikTok video for a restaurant?

Creating engaging TikTok videos for your restaurant can be a fun and effective way to attract new customers and connect with your existing audience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to crafting compelling TikTok content for your restaurant:

  • Plan Your Concept: Start by brainstorming ideas that align with your restaurant’s theme, cuisine, and brand identity. Consider showcasing your signature dishes, highlighting behind-the-scenes moments, or sharing cooking tips and tricks.
  • Choose the Right Music: Using trending sound and music is a crucial element of TikTok videos. Select a catchy song or sound that complements the vibe of your video and enhances the viewer’s experience.
  • Capture Mouthwatering Shots: Use high-quality visuals to showcase your restaurant’s food and ambiance. Make sure your dishes look visually appealing and appetizing to entice viewers.
  • Tell a Story: Engage your audience by telling a story through your TikTok video. Whether it’s showcasing the journey of preparing a dish or sharing a customer’s positive experience, storytelling can captivate viewers and keep them interested.
  • Add Text and Captions: Use text overlays and captions to convey important information or highlight key points in your video. Keep the text concise and easy to read to ensure maximum engagement.
  • Showcase Your Personality: Let your restaurant’s personality shine through in your TikTok videos. Whether you have a quirky chef, a friendly staff, or a unique ambiance, highlight what sets your restaurant apart from the competition.
  • Utilize Effects and Filters: Get creative with TikTok’s built-in effects and filters to add flair to your videos. Experiment with different TikTok brand effects to make your content stand out and grab viewers’ attention.
  • Include Call-to-Action: Don’t forget to include a call-to-action in your TikTok videos. Whether it’s inviting viewers to visit your restaurant, follow your account for more content, or participate in a giveaway, clearly communicate what you want your audience to do next.
  • Optimize for TikTok’s Algorithm: Pay attention to TikTok’s algorithm and best practices to increase the visibility of your videos. Use relevant hashtags, post at peak times, and engage with trending content to boost your video’s chances of appearing on users’ feeds.
  • Measure and Analyze Performance: Track the performance of your TikTok videos using the platform’s analytics tools. Monitor metrics such as views, likes, shares, and comments to gauge audience engagement and refine your content strategy accordingly.

By following these tips, you can create engaging TikTok videos that effectively promote your restaurant and attract new customers. Get creative, have fun, and showcase what makes your restaurant unique!

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Should I run advertising campaigns for my restaurant?

Absolutely! TikTok Ads offer a targeted way to reach new audiences who are hungry for exciting content. You can leverage demographics, interests, and behaviors to get your restaurant in front of potential customers who are most likely to crave your food. 3 main types of TikTok ads you should consider when running advertising campaigns:

  • In-Feed Ads: These blend seamlessly into users’ “For You” pages, appearing as native videos during their browsing. In-Feed Ads are perfect for showcasing mouthwatering dishes, fun restaurant vibes, or engaging recipe tutorials.
  • Spark Ads:  Repurpose your high-performing organic TikTok videos into ads. Spark Ads leverage existing content that resonates with your audience and allows you to reach a wider group.
  • TopView Ads: Make a grand entrance! TopView Ads are premium ad placements take over the entire screen for a short time, grabbing maximum attention for a new menu launch or special event.

However, if you want to run these ad types, you must own a TikTok Agency Account. Especially, with Mega Digital’s Agency Account, you will receive many benefits such as:

  • Get a 30-day free trial of whitelisted TikTok agency ads account.
  • Optimize your TikTok Ads campaigns with infinite customization and data-driven customer insight.
  • Target your ads globally or to different countries, including crucial ones like the US, EU, UK and Canada 
  • Reallocate your money to a new ad account in the event of a perma-suspension.

How often should restaurants post on TikTok?

Consistency is key on TikTok. Aim to post at least once a day to keep your audience engaged and your content appearing on their feeds regularly.

However, focus more on quality rather than quantity. Ensure each post is captivating and aligns with your restaurant’s brand identity. Furthermore, you also need to choose best time to post on TikTok depend on who your audiences are to have hig-engaged.

How to optimize my restaurant profile for TikTok?

Creating a profile that entices viewers to follow is key to TikTok success. Here’s how to optimize your restaurant’s profile:

  • Captivating Profile Picture & Username:  Choose a high-quality image that instantly showcases your restaurant’s brand. Your username should be easy to remember and find (ideally your restaurant name).
  • Bio with a Bite:  Use your bio to tell your restaurant’s story! Highlight your cuisine type, unique selling points, and a friendly invitation to follow for mouthwatering content. Include a link to your website or online ordering platform.
  • Eye-Catching Video Highlights:  Think of your highlight reel as a trailer for your restaurant. Fill it with short, captivating clips that showcase your best dishes, fun vibes, or creative content.

Do you want to learn more about optimizing your TikTok advertising campaign for your restaurant? Let our expert team help you develop a winning strategy. Contact us on the link below to discuss your restaurant’s unique goals and target audience. We’ll help you create scroll-stopping ads that drive traffic and boost sales.

Final word

Undoubtedly, leveraging TikTok for restaurants represents a formidable force in digital marketing. From snappy cooking tutorials to impactful collaborations with influencers, TikTok emerges as a sprawling avenue of opportunity for eateries. Engaging with customers through this social media platform not only opens avenues for showcasing culinary expertise but also fosters enjoyable interactions with the audience. Furthermore, to be successful on this platform, we will definitely need some TikTok Marketing Tips that we have shared in the last blogs.

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