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TikTok Branded Effect: Place your brand into customers’ hands

To address the question of which ad format stands out as the most engaging among advertising solutions on TikTok, it’s clear that TikTok Branded Effects take the lead. These effects have demonstrated their exceptional ability to captivate audiences and drive unparalleled engagement on the platform, making them a top choice for brands seeking to leave a lasting impact. So, how can you make your TikTok Branded Effect campaign truly memorable and maximize its impact? The answers await you in this article!

Let’s dive into the strategies that will help you make the most out of TikTok Branded Effects and create meaningful connections with your audience.

What is TikTok Branded Effect?

TikTok Branded Effect
Source: TikTok

TikTok Branded Effect is a form of advertising that uses brands’ stickers, filters, and motion effects to highlight products, campaigns, and brand names. Users can create their content with Branded Effects in the filter list of TikTok videos. Videos made with this effect display naturally on the For You Page, providing any brands with the opportunity to be discovered.

Branded Effect belongs to Reservation Ads instead of Auction Ads based on bidding methods. This works similarly to purchasing display adverts for publications or websites. Additionally, TikTok will give significant brands and companies a specific amount of impressions and the best ad placements with cutting-edge layouts. 

The total number of impressions the units need to acquire will generally determine the total cost of the adverts. However, advertisers have to contact directly with TikTok Sales or Agency (like us) for the use of Branded Effect.

Types of TikTok Branded Effect

Types of TikTok Branded Effect
Source: TikTok

There are three main types of Branded Effect ads that advertisers can make use of depending on what the campaign’s objectives are:

  • 2D 
  • 2D Pro
  • 3D

2D Branded Effect

2D is a single, multi-color-based filter with 2D images or animations. This effect is easy to use, requires a shorter production time than the two others, and is most suitable for those who want to start exploring AR with TikTok to drive user engagement and brand recall.

2D Pro Branded Effect

2D Pro type contains not only 2D animations but also beauty filters for users. It allows users to virtually try on cosmetic products and stimulate purchase intent while making more natural facial elements. This effect is ideal for brands:

  • With products relevant to the face: Beauty vertical
  • Who wants to showcase a significant makeover: Gaming, Entertainment vertical.

3D Branded Effect


Branded Effect includes all 3D images or animations like characters and headwear (E.g., hats, crowns, sunglasses, headphones), and users can easily control these elements. This effect increases deeper engagement and interactivity with a user’s face or environment with dimensional and natural-looking elements/products. 

3D Elements is most fitted for brands who want to:

  • Display products on the head: Luxury brands
  • Showcase their characters: Gaming, Entertainment vertical
  • Stand out from the Branded Effect masses

Special Effects

3D Special Effects has features and functions like green screen, cloning, photo-taking within the BE, etc. This effect aims to create deeper engagement and allow users to showcase more of their creativity. Special Effect is perfect for brands who want to:

  • Showcase their innovation and creativity: Leading brands of their vertical
  • Brands who want to stand out from the Branded Effect masses

Gamified (GBE)

Brand elements are integrated into interactive, gamified effects with ending scores to encourage users to pass the challenge. GBE comes with 20 creative templates for brands to choose from. This is the most scalable creative approach with a lower creative barrier for advertisers and users, making it ideal for any client, vertical, and user.

Why should you use TikTok Branded Effect?

Why should you use TikTok Branded Effect
Source: TikTok

Branded Effect is the most suitable form of advertising that increases massive brand exposure and customer interactions. 

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Branded Effects are engaging and entertaining visual effects that capture users’ attention. Using them can boost brand visibility and help your content stand out in a crowded TikTok feed. Help brands tell unique stories by creating a visual signature and connecting with viewers worldwide.
  • User Engagement: Branded Effects encourage users to interact with your content. Whether it’s using a special filter or effect, users are more likely to engage with your content, increasing your reach and impact. Encourage creations and catch the eyes of users beyond your fanbase.
  • Interactive Advertising: This ad type can turn advertising into an interactive experience. Users actively engage with your brand’s effects, creating a more immersive advertising experience. Drive purchase decisions with AR product-trial experience.

TikTok Branded Effect Specs

If you want to use the TikTok Branded Effect format, you need to follow the specs of 2 following placements:

Let’s dig into the details.

In the creation panel & For You Page

creation panel
Source: TikTok

Hint text

Hint text is displayed as soon as the user clicks to use an effect explaining how to use it.

  • Number of characters: ≤ 48
  • Does not contain emojis, hashtags, and special characters.

Sponsored mark

  • Up to 30 characters (does not contain emojis, hashtags, and special characters)
  • Image parameters (if any):
    • Format: .png
    • Length: 40px – 96px
    • Height: 40px
    • Size: < 200Kb

On Information page

Information page
Source: TikTok


You can use TikTok’s available design images or design your own icon and upload it.

  • The image must be in sync with the design of the effect
  • Size: 162x162px (curved corners of the image)
  • File format: PNG
  • Size: < 60KB


  • Maximum number of characters: 40 English characters (Only 18-20 characters should be used to optimize display)
  • No emojis, hashtags, or symbols.


  • No character limit.
  • Can use emoji
  • Does not contain URL links and special characters like &, <, >, ” “,…

Implementing TikTok Branded effect ads is not as easy as other ad formats. So if you are just starting, Mega Digital suggests you contact TikTok partners to get professional advice from them.

Features to add to Branded Effect

Branded Effect examples
Source: TikTok

There are many creative features for advertisers to include:

  • Foreground
  • Background
  • Filter
  • Face/ head/ hand tracking
  • 2D Camera Effect

Examples of Branded Effect’s success


Laneige - Branded effect
Source: TikTok


Laneige is a consumer-favorite cosmetic brand in Korea, famous for its moisturizing product. In the 2021 project, the brand wanted to give TikTok users in Korea a close-up of the after-use experience with their skin after using the product. So, Laneige teamed up with TikTok and created an effect that allows users to compare skin conditions before and after using the product.


  • 25 million views
  • 420 thousand interactions.
  • More than 9,500 videos using user-generated effects


Mucinex - Brand Effect's successful story
Source: TikTok


Mucinex developed a 360-degree campaign that includes a branded hashtag challenge with the hashtag #BeatTheZombieFunk, collaborations with TikTok influencers, a Branded Effect featuring a dancing Mr. Mucus, and a contest centered on the Zombie Funk dance.


  • Almost 500,000 TikTokers participated
  • 6 billion views

Tips to optimize your TikTok Branded Effect

To ensure that your Branded Effect campaign has a lasting impact like major brands, consider incorporating these tactics into your strategy:

  • Strategic Integration: Seamlessly integrate the Branded Effect into your content. Ensure it feels natural and not forced, enhancing the viewer’s experience.
  • Clear Branding: Incorporate your brand’s logo, colors, or identity elements within the video using the Branded Effect. This reinforces brand recognition.
  • Catchy Opening: Begin your video with an attention-grabbing moment that prominently features the Branded Effect. This encourages viewers to watch further.
  • Interactive Challenges: Create branded challenges that encourage users to participate and engage with your Branded Effect. Trending challenges can go viral and boost your campaign’s longevity.
  • Community Engagement: Foster a sense of community among your audience by actively engaging with comments, responding to questions, and acknowledging user-generated content.
  • Long-Term Planning: Don’t treat your Branded Effect as a one-time campaign. Plan for its long-term impact and how it can align with your brand’s overall marketing strategy.

Final Word

The success of the Brand Effect campaign depends a lot on the brands’ creativity in producing beautiful, easy-to-use, and exciting effects and filters. As one of the branding ads, the TikTok Brand Effect has been in favor of many famous businesses that want to escalate their popularity to another level. If you’re finding a solution to make a massive impact and attract as many viewers as possible, check other branding ad formats for more choices in 2023!

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