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TikTok Branded Mission: The secret to a stronger brand identity

Are you tired of using the same old Branded Hashtag Challenges and Effects to boost your brand visibility on TikTok? Well, look no further! TikTok has developed an innovative solution – the Branded Mission ad format – to take your brand visibility to the next level. With the ability to design custom challenges and turn viral content into ads, TikTok Branded Mission harnesses the creative prowess of the TikTok community to co-create authentic branded content. Get ready to explore the power of Branded Mission in this article!

What is TikTok Branded Mission?

What is TikTok Branded Mission?
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TikTok Branded Mission is a new advertising format that allows brands to create custom challenges for users to participate in. It is a unique way to engage with the TikTok community, increase brand awareness, and drive user-generated content.

With Branded Mission, brands can collaborate with users to co-create authentic branded content that resonates with their target audience. The format also allows brands to tap into the creativity of the TikTok community and turn top-performing user-generated content into ads. So it is a win-win situation between brands and creators. On the one hand, users take an active role in generating ads for a brand campaign, while on the other hand, brands can discover fresh creators through crowdsourcing.

Update: As of March 2023, TikTok announce that Branded Mission is fully available to advertisers in the following markets: France, UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, US, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Phillippines, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the UAE. Availability will expand to more markets later next year.

Benefits of TikTok Branded Mission

According to Sprout Social’s research, 53% of consumers feel a stronger connection to brands that share their values. Presently, building a brand identity on TikTok is a long-term project in which the key factor is forming relationships with audiences.

Unlike TikTok Branded Effects and Hashtag Challenge, Branded Mission allows creators to contribute to a campaign, utilizing top-performing content as ads. Using Branded Mission, advertisers can:

  • Encourages two-way engagement between brands and creators
  • Allows the TikTok community to co-create authentic branded content
  • Helps brands discover emerging creators on the platform
  • Offers a unique and creative way to advertise on TikTok
  • Provides a more personalized and customized approach to advertising
  • Increases brand awareness and engagement among the TikTok audience
  • Provides a platform for user-generated content that can be repurposed into ads
  • Helps brands stay relevant and up-to-date with the latest trends on TikTok

How does Branded Mission TikTok work?

Advertisers set the criteria for a Branded Mission, and creators can submit videos that meet those requirements. The best-performing videos are then presented to the advertisers as a shortlist, and they can choose the most brand-relevant video to be used in the In-Feed Ad campaign. 

TikTok pays eligible creators whose videos are selected as ads. And those selected receive increased traffic and commissions from brands due to ‘winning the competition’.

Ad specs for TikTok branded mission

To use branded mission, there are some key elements and specs that advertisers must comply with to make a successful campaign:

  • ​Bundled Feature Page (Branded Hashtag Challenge page and/or Branded Effect page)
  • ​Branded Mission Page
    • ​Branded Mission Details Tab
    • ​Branded Mission Submission Tab
  • ​Mission Center Page

Bundled Feature Page

TikTok Branded Mission - Bundled Feature Page
Source: TikTok

Bundled Feature Page is a section that showcases a brand’s current Branded Missions. It helps to amplify the visibility of the campaign and provides a platform for creators to submit their videos. Users can easily navigate the page to view and participate in the challenges, allowing maximum engagement and exposure. The page typically includes

  • A brief description of the mission
  • Rules for participation
  • Examples of top-performing videos

Brands can customize the page to align with their branding and messaging, providing a cohesive experience for users.

Branded Mission Page

The Branded Mission Page is the central hub where advertisers can set up their Branded Mission campaign, and creators can submit their videos for consideration.

  • ​Branded Mission Details Tab is where advertisers can set up the campaign requirements, including the creative brief, guidelines, and objectives. Advertisers can also choose the target audience, campaign duration, and budget.
  • Branded Mission Submission Tab allows creators to submit videos that meet the campaign requirements. Creators can view the campaign details, including the brief and guidelines, and submit their videos accordingly. The Branded Mission Submission Tab also lets creators view their submission status and any feedback from the advertiser.

Mission Center Page

TikTok Branded Mission - Mission Center Page
Source: TikTok

Mission Center Page is a section in which users can view all available challenges and missions, including Branded Missions. Advertisers can create and manage their Branded Missions through the Branded Mission Details and Branded Mission Submission tabs on the Branded Mission Page, accessed through the Mission Center. The Mission Center allows users to easily discover and participate in brand campaigns while also providing advertisers with a centralized location to monitor and track campaign performance.

Branded Mission specs

How to use Branded Mission on TikTok

Branded Mission on TikTok requires certain specifications and guidelines to ensure a successful campaign. Here are some of the key requirements for advertisers to consider when setting up a Branded Mission:

Branded Mission requirements
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  • Objective: Define the objective of the Branded Mission, such as increasing brand awareness or driving sales.
  • Theme: Choose a theme that resonates with their brand and target audience.
  • Hashtag: Create a branded hashtag for the Branded Mission and encourage creators to use it in their videos.
  • Video length: Set the video length to align with their campaign objective and theme.
  • Creativity: Provide clear guidelines and creative inspiration to creators while allowing them to add their unique touch to the videos.
  • Eligibility: Specify the eligibility criteria for creators participating in the Branded Mission, such as age, location, and follower count.
  • Compensation: Fix the compensation for creators whose videos are selected as In-Feed Ads, such as boosted traffic and a cash payment from TikTok.
  • Example video: Brands must provide at least one example video to illustrate how you want creators to participate in the mission.

Successful stories with Branded Mission


ASOS was the European pioneer brand to utilize TikTok’s Branded Mission with their Halloween campaign #ASOSAlterEgo. Their branded mission page urged users to dress up as their Halloween alter ego and provided them with a branded effect and music to enhance their content creation.

Their successful results come with:

  • 219% increase in relevant engagements with the addition of the Branded Mission
  • 17% increase in relevant video creations. 

Bomb Pop

Bomb Pop partnered with GALE and TikTok to revitalize its nostalgic frozen treat through the #AFlavorForEveryYou Branded Mission. Users showcased their uniqueness using a custom Bomb Pop filter, engaging with the on-screen Bomb Pop spin and sharing their interests. The campaign’s Reach & Frequency Top Feed ads amplified its reach and user-generated content, successfully reintroducing Bomb Pop to a new generation.

The campaign results are:

  • Over 40,600 user-generated video creations
  • 1,200+ Branded Mission submissions
  • 13.2% lift in ad recall
  • 10.5% lift in awareness
  • 37.4 million impressions
  • 11% engagement rate

Furthermore, they hit remarkable a result while pushing Bomb Pop to become the best sales of the Fourth of July.

Final Word

TikTok Branded Mission differs from the hashtag challenge in that it involves a two-way engagement between brands and creators, allowing users to actively create ads for a brand campaign, while brands can crowdsource brand-new creators. Therefore, don’t miss out on leveraging your brand’s campaign with Branded Mission!

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