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Top 9 Benefits of Display Ads That You Should Know in 2024

Google Display ads are regular banner ads that you see online. They work like billboards for your business on the internet. Google uses smart technology to determine the best places to display your ads, ensuring they reach the perfect audience at the perfect time. Here are 9 benefits of using Display ads in your upcoming campaign:

1. Build your brand awareness

While paid Search ads only show up when consumers are actively searching for your product or service, display ads reach consumers even before they realize they need what you offer. This generates initial interest and establishes brand awareness among your intended audience.

To gain new customers, it is essential that they have knowledge about your business. According to Mega Digital, consumers now need to come across a brand 10 times before considering doing business with them, compared to the previous number of 7 a few years ago.

Among different types of digital advertising, display ads are the most popular. Display ads can enable advertisers to reach their customers at the perfect time and place when they need them the most.

2. Create eye-catching and appealing visual image

Create eye-catching and appealing visual image

One advantage of Display advertising is that you can design and customize the ads. Unlike regular text-based PPC ads, Display ads allow for graphics, videos, audio, and your brand’s visual elements. This helps you grab users’ attention and convey your message more effectively and quickly.

3. Target the most relevant audience

When it comes to promoting your small business, targeting the people who are most relevant to your brand is key. With Display ads, you have the ability to segment based on geography, language, interests, gender, device used (i.e. desktop or mobile), and even income — ensuring your ads reach the right audience at the right time in the right place.

Target the most relevant audience

According to a recent survey, 70% of our consumers prefer content and ads that are customized based on their personal interests and shopping behaviors. People are interested in seeing content and ads that are specifically relevant to them. In today’s marketing landscape, consumers have higher expectations for personalization from advertisers.

4. Retarget interested consumers

Retarget interested consumers - benefits of Display ads

Have you ever visited a website, left it, and later noticed an ad from that brand while searching for something else on Google? This is called retargeting, and you can use it with your own Display ads.

One more interesting benefit of Display ads: Remarketing (also known as retargeting).

Display ad retargeting means displaying ads to people based on their previous online activities. This includes showing ads to those who have visited your website but didn’t become customers.

5. Less expensive

When it comes to the Google Display network, the cost per click is generally lower, with an average of less than $1.

Display ads benefits - Less expensive

Compared to other marketing campaigns like native advertising and video, display ads are affordable. There are two types of payment options: Cost Per Impression (CPM) and Cost Per Click (CPC). Both offer flexible payment terms and low costs, making them suitable for small businesses with budget constraints.

Find out more details about Display ads cost, click here:

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6. Optimize inputs for better conversions

With Google’s automated testing, you just need to provide a few inputs, and it will test different combinations to find the best-performing ad for you. This automatic feature is one benefit of responsive display ads.

Based on Google’s data, advertisers experience an average increase of 10% in conversions while maintaining a similar cost-per-acquisition (CPA) when using multiple inputs compared to using a single set of assets.

Advertisers have the flexibility to include up to:

  • 15 images
  • 5 headlines
  • 5 descriptions
  • 5 logos

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7. Adjustable sizes to fit more placements

adjustable sizes to fit more placements - display ads benefits

Responsive display ads are designed to adapt to different ad placements on the web by automatically adjusting their size and format.

This means that your responsive display ad can appear as a text ad within a mobile app, and at the same time, transform into a banner ad on a website. It ensures that your ad fits seamlessly into various placements, reaching your audience effectively across different platforms.

8. Save time

You no longer have to spend a lot of time testing different ads and managing multiple ads for your campaigns.

Instead, you can now concentrate on what really counts: Getting the best performance from your ads.

This is one of the most interesting Display ads benefits.

9. Easy to track performance

easy to track performance

It’s important to track and measure how well your display ads are performing. You can keep an eye on important Google Ads metrics like the number of times your ad is seen and clicked. This is how Google Display ads help advertisers.

With Display advertising, you can easily monitor the number of times your ads are seen and how many users click on them. Since Display ads primarily focus on building brand awareness, the number of impressions your ads receive is the main metric to consider for evaluating success.

Final words

After reading the article, we hope you now know well the benefits of using Display ads. Display ads increase visibility and brand awareness, reaching a wide audience with engaging content. They offer precise targeting, affordability, and performance tracking, making them a valuable tool in digital marketing.

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