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Ride the Wave of 2024 TikTok Trends for Businesses and Creators

With hundreds of TikTok trends happening in the world within one day, how can you keep up and change your content to be on top? Let’s stop and rest for a moment! Mega Digital has come a long way to make sure these 2024 TikTok trends are the long-term ones to stay. So, save these 12 tips to stay ahead of the curve and make a lasting impact on TikTok.

#1 Producing videos sparking joy

As per TikTok’s trend report, this year will be characterized by a surge in positive vibes. Half of TikTok users express that the platform brings them happiness, and over one-third of them believe that brands must “boost their spirits” to inspire them to make purchases. To effectively connect with their audience and thrive on TikTok, creators must tap into this desire for joy and lightheartedness.

Source: TikTok

What TikTok Creators should do

Does your content radiate positivity? While it may not be feasible to infuse every topic with positivity, numerous niches can benefit from the growing demand for lighthearted content. For example:

  • If you specialize in DIY content, inspire your audience to embark on their creative projects and instill a sense of capability within them. 
  • As a beauty creator showcasing makeup tutorials, remind your followers that their beauty shines from within and that they are already stunning as they are.

Let’s focus on spreading optimism and upliftment in your content to take the most out of 2024 TikTok Trends.

#2 Generating short-form learning content

Microlearning will experience a significant increase this year. Notably, 41% of those polled believe that short-form information is excellent for learning about new subjects. Besides, many will be searching for a quick, simple, and efficient approach to increase their skill set as market conditions get more challenging and people’s schedules become busier. Therefore, we can expect short-form learning to take center stage as one of the top TikTok trends 2024.

What TikTok Creators should do

With the informative content, you should divide it into sections, each of which includes some short-form videos, or utilize the carousel format on TikTok as it is easier to include long content. 

Besides, you can create playlists to enhance the viewing experience for your audience, enabling them to explore and engage with your related content seamlessly and continuously, thereby increasing the overall viewership on your channel.

#3 Maintaining audience trust

You’ve probably heard the saying, “TikTok made me buy it” but have you ever wondered why someone might decide to buy anything after seeing a brief video? Well, it all boils down to one straightforward yet crucial factor: trust. 

72% of people who made a purchase or visited a website after using TikTok reported having viewed a review from a creator they trust. To boost sales on TikTok, businesses and creators must establish trust with their audience – no more deceptive advertisements or clickbait content.

What TikTok Creators should do

The audience’s faith in you develops with time, much like the number of your followers. You should constantly keep your audience in mind while you create content. How will your content assist them? While it may be tempting to follow the newest 2024 TikTok trends, you must consider how your content may benefit them if you want to earn your viewers’ trust.

Source: TikTok for Business

#4 Leaning into UGC

In 2024, as the value of audience trust increases on TikTok, brands will face greater challenges in capturing the attention of their customer base. Alternatively, they will need to employ smarter strategies to achieve their goals.

User-generated content (UGC) exists at the intersection of influencer marketing and traditional advertising. While UGC traditionally refers to organic content created by real customers, it has evolved with the emergence of UGC creators. These creators are paid to produce authentic content that brands can leverage on their channels to promote their products.

A notable example is highlighted in TikTok’s 2024 Trend Report, where furniture brand – Fantastic Furniture utilized UGC to execute a campaign that drove higher engagement, generated more revenue, and incurred lower costs compared to a standard advertising campaign.


Come with us to restyle our living room. @fantasticfurniture #Findyourfantastic ad

♬ Waterdrop – Chris Alan Lee

What TikTok Creators should do

View UGC creation, one of the 2024 TikTok Trends, as a chance to tap into a fresh avenue of income. Certain brands are willing to compensate creators with over $250 for a 60-second video to provide context. If you are already engaged in content creation, you have the necessary skill set to transition into a UGC creator. 

#5 Focusing more on TikTok Hashtags

As businesses recognized TikTok’s growing popularity and influence, many joined the platform in the past year. This surge in brand presence has led to a shift in focus toward harnessing the promotional power of TikTok hashtags in 2024. They serve as a way to categorize and organize content on the platform, making it easier for users to discover and engage with specific topics or trends. With more businesses actively participating in these 2024 TikTok trends by incorporating popular hashtags, they can expect to appear more frequently on the For You page of the potential audiences. 

What TikTok Creators should do

You need to stay informed by regularly browsing the “Discover” page, researching relevant hashtags that align with your content niche, and participating in popular challenges. Creating branded hashtag challenges and engaging with the TikTok community through comments, likes, and shares is also crucial. Additionally, you should embrace creativity, experiment with different content styles, and put a unique spin on trending hashtags

#6  Leveraging TikTok SEO

Google’s dominance as the leading search platform could be facing a potential threat. Recent studies indicate that Generation Z is shifting towards social media as their primary search tool. In September 2022, The New York Times reported that young individuals are turning to TikTok to find answers. Besides, 40% of users between the ages of 16 and 24 rely on TikTok or Instagram when seeking information.

Source: Hootsuite

In an era where TikTok has become Gen Z’s go-to search engine, the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be underestimated. While SEO is commonly associated with websites and Google, its relevance extends to TikTok as well. Since TikTok becomes more crowded with creators, utilizing TikTok SEO techniques will be crucial in securing a coveted spot on the For You page and in search results. 

What TikTok Creators should do

To elevate the ranking of your TikTok videos in search results, you must embrace SEO tactics. Understanding your target audience becomes paramount, enabling you to identify the top keywords within your niche and seamlessly incorporate these keywords into the captions, hashtags, and voiceovers. By doing so, you can significantly enhance the likelihood of your content being discovered by the ideal viewership.

#7 Experiencing TikTok’s new features

TikTok is continuously evolving and exploring new possibilities. Throughout 2023, the platform introduced several innovative features, such as TikTok Now, TikTok Stories, and TikTok Script Generator. While some of these features may not endure in the long run, by embracing and testing out these features early on, brands may benefit from an algorithm boost and captivate their audience with unexpected and intriguing content. Therefore, experiencing the new features of TikTok is considered one of the 2024 TikTok Trends.

What TikTok Creators should do

To make the most of TikTok’s new features, here’s what you can do:

  • TikTok Now: Share daily photos and videos that capture your authentic moments to connect with your audience on a deeper level and build a strong community in a fun and engaging format.
  • TikTok Stories: Leverage this feature to provide quick updates and notifications or create funny videos without the need for complex editing. It’s a simple and effective way to keep your audience entertained and informed.
  • TikTok Script Generator: If the scripts don’t meet your expectations or you’re facing a creative block, simply use the script generator tool. Moreover, you can also utilize it when you’re short on time or ideas. It’s a handy resource to help you create compelling content effortlessly.

#8 Micro-communities will become more tightly knit

TikTok stands out from other platforms due to its numerous communities centered around various niche interests. Users on TikTok have a 1.8 times higher likelihood of discovering new topics, recognizing it as the go-to platform for the immersive exploration of newfound obsessions.

Source: TikTok

When individuals engage with TikTok, they seek creators who truly comprehend their unique perspectives and can motivate them to initiate meaningful transformations. Whether it’s mastering Excel like an expert or developing a personalized #sundayreset routine, TikTok catalyzes such changes. As one of the 2024 TikTok Trends, fostering a strong sense of community will be further amplified about its significance, and no niche will be deemed too insignificant.

What TikTok Creators should do

You don’t need to stress about selecting the perfect niche. Whatever your content revolves around, there is an audience out there for it. Instead, center your attention on a topic you excel in or are enthusiastic about exploring. By doing so, you will naturally attract a following. Remember, people are eager to learn and grow alongside you, regardless of the niche. Embrace this opportunity and offer them valuable experiences and knowledge.

#9 Utilizing Duets and Stitches

Duets and Stitches became essential for building communities, friendships, and trends during the pandemic when socializing was difficult. Even though things are more normal now in 2024, Duets and Stitches are still going strong. Brands and creators can use these videos to participate in popular content and elevate independent users they collaborate with.

What TikTok Creators should do

To encourage your followers to participate in this trend, you can create content that is easily duettable or stitchable. Collaborating with other creators and users through duets and stitches can help expand your reach and build connections within the TikTok community. You need to keep updated on the latest popular content and 2024 TikTok trends to effectively join conversations and create engaging duet and stitch videos. 

#10 Prioritizing Local Content

TikTok has recently initiated a limited trial of “Nearby” content in Southeast Asia, enabling users to discover more content from creators and businesses in their local vicinity. This feature presents a valuable opportunity for small businesses to reach a targeted audience within their geographical area and promote their products or services effectively. 

Source: Internet

What TikTok Creators should do

You should share content related to local events, shops, restaurants, and other nearby attractions to enhance your visibility and create a substantial increase in your follower base.

#11 Lengthening the TikTok videos

The Creativity Program Beta, a new revenue mechanism, was introduced by TikTok in February. Many of the program’s qualifying conditions won’t come as a surprise to you if you have already been generating income from your TikTok account using the old Creator Fund. The requirement that your videos be at least one minute long sticks out, though. As a result, TikTokers who want to make money using the app will have to make longer clips.

This is not TikTok’s first time has pushed creators to generate lengthier content. Early in 2023, TikTok raised the platform’s maximum video length to 10 minutes, ostensibly to compete with other streaming services like YouTube.

What TikTok Creators should do

It’s time to try something new! If your TikTok videos have only been 15 seconds long, consider extending video ideas. There is always room to develop more in-depth content, regardless of your expertise. For instance, a beauty-focused TikTok creator may make longer “Get Ready With Me” videos, whilst a fitness influencer could record vlogs that cover a full exercise.

#12 Spending money on TikTok advertising 

TikTok has become one of the hottest marketing platforms for companies and brands because of its increasing popularity and 2024 TikTok Trends. Marketers are constantly seeking optimal returns on their bucks, even in stable economic conditions. That implies that they won’t give up social media platforms like TikTok for advertising. TikTok Advertising spending is anticipated to increase by approximately 47% from 2022 to $8.75 billion in 2024, according to eMarketer. 

What TikTok Creators should do

As UGC takes center stage on TikTok, the traditional paid advertisements are losing their appeal. Instead, brands will focus on promoting content featuring real customers or KOLs and KOCs to build trust with their audience. To maximize your chances of securing a brand deal, it’s essential to refine your content creation skills and create compelling and authentic content.

Bradley Hoos, CEO of influencer marketing agency The Outloud Group, emphasizes that marketers will favor creators who have a proven track record of effectively reaching the desired customer demographics. This ensures that their advertising investments yield optimal results in terms of efficiency.

To secure lucrative brand deals, creators must exhibit their ability to produce content that drives conversions. It’s time to refine skills across various aspects of content creation, including storyboarding, shooting, and editing, to stand out in the competitive landscape.

Final words

It’s time to harness the power of 2024 TikTok trends and propel your business or creative endeavors to new heights. By staying ahead of the curve, adapting to the evolving landscape, and riding the wave of these trends, you can unlock unparalleled opportunities for growth and success on TikTok. So, jump in, embrace the trends, and let your creativity soar in the dynamic world of TikTok.

In addition to the tendencies having a lasting influence, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the best TikTok trends happening.

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