TikTok Creator Marketplace: Gateway for both brands and creators

The TikTok Creator Marketplace (TCM) is where the magic happens! It allows brands to connect with talented creators, fostering diverse and authentic content. In addition, the TCM also serves as a platform for creators to join and make more money through business collaborations. Join us to learn from successful brand partnerships and level up your businesses. 

What is TikTok Creator Marketplace? 

TikTok Creator Marketplace was launched in 2019, giving creators a place to produce and sell their content in partnership with brands. It’s a win-win opportunity for brands and creators to raise their images, increase followers, and promote products or services online. Taking advantage of TikTok’s popularity among the young generation, TikTok Creator Marketplace is evaluated as a connecting portal between brands and promising talents to deliver high-quality campaigns.

Is it worth joining TikTok Creator Marketplace?

The TikTok Creator Marketplace (TCM) holds significant benefits for both brands and creators alike. 

For creators

TCM gives them the chance to gain more followers through a partnership with brands, which leads to increasing income opportunities and expanding networking. In short, TikTok Creator Marketplace serves as a dynamic space where both brands and creators can thrive and achieve their respective goals.

For brands

TCM offers the ability to reach niche audiences, thereby expanding its customer base with a higher likelihood of conversion. Moreover, TCM enhances brand awareness through strategic promotion. Explore more on why brands should use TCM below: 

Expand audience size 

TikTok has become a trendy social media platform, ranking among giants like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. With a massive user base of over 1 billion active users each month, it’s an excellent platform for brands and creators to gain more followers for their profiles. By using TikTok Creator Marketplace and implementing proper influencer marketing strategies, brands will be able to reach a broader audience size. 

Monthly active users of some social platforms

Work with Global Creators 

TCM offers brands a global platform to promote their images by collaborating with numerous creators worldwide. With over 8 million active creators, brands can leverage this diverse pool of talent to enhance their UGC content and reach a broader audience. Also, collaborating and affiliating with multiple creators from different backgrounds will implement more diversity factors into brands’ campaigns. 

Add Creativity to Brands’ Campaigns

TikTok Creator Marketplace boosts brands’ campaign creativity by linking them with a diverse range of content creators who can bring fresh and innovative video ideas to their marketing efforts. Having spent considerable time on TikTok and gained substantial followers, these creators possess an intimate understanding of the platform and its audience preferences. 

TikTok diverse content
Adding diverse content into campaigns helps brands attract more audience

This insight allows them to create content that aligns with brands’ stories, images, products, and services and resonates with their followers. By collaborating with these creators, brands can tap into their creativity and make their campaigns more captivating, relatable, and ultimately successful.

Get Support from TikTok 

Being part of the Creator Marketplace brings exciting brand collaborations and sponsorship opportunities. Brands can receive official campaign support and get access to collaboration tools (Open Applications, TikTok Creator Marketplace Pay) and guidance on producing advertiser-friendly videos. Additionally, the TCM offers the Marketplace Academy for Creators, where you can read successful stories from plenty of creators and experts. 

TikTok Creator Marketplace

Track Data and Performance Effectively 

In late 2021, TikTok introduced an API for its Creator Marketplace, giving brands valuable insights into creators’ statistics, video performance, and audience. With this API, brands can track their campaigns in real-time, adjust as needed, and optimize their ROI using data-driven decisions.

How to use TikTok Creator Marketplace?

Using TikTok Creator Marketplace is a straightforward process that allows brands to find and collaborate with content creators.

Search Filters

TikTok Creator Marketplace is easy to use. After successfully signing up for this collaborative marketplace, brands can use its search filter to choose their favorite creators among many options. The search filter is categorized by: 

  • Topic
  • Region
  • Amount of followers
  • Amount of views 
  • Audience region 
  • Audience gender 
  • Rate of engagement 
TikTok Creator Marketplace Search Filters

With many options being organized smartly, it saves so much time and effort for brands to look for appropriate influencers that match their requirements. 

Creators Metrics 

Not only enables brands to search for their favorite creators smartly, but the TCM also allows them to check creators’ statistics. This helps brands to get deeper insights into how well the creators are doing in terms of: 

  • Average views and likes
  • Growth rates
  • Engagement rates 
  • Example videos 
  • Viewer demographics

By assessing creators’ present and past campaign performance, brands can make wise investment decisions.

Notice: Brands need to keep in mind that they can’t message the creators directly. The TCM requires brands to send invitations or comment on creators’ posts to connect. 

How to Join TikTok Creator Marketplace?

For Brands

TikTok Creator Marketplace makes it easier for brands to join by allowing them to sign in with a TikTok Ad Manager account or quickly sign up for a TCM account. Brands only need to obey the terms and conditions of the platform. 

For creators 

TikTok Creator Marketplace has strict requirements for creators since TikTok wants to protect brands’ benefits. They make sure brands work with top creators who create great content and have a big influence on viewers. This way, brands get the best results from their partnerships.

To be eligible for being part of TikTok Creator Marketplace, creators need to meet the following criteria: 

  • Own an individual TikTok account
  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Have at least 10.000 followers 
  • Post a minimum of 3 videos within the last 28 days
  • Receive over 100.000 likes on your posts within the last 28 days
  • Reside in any country listed in TikTok’s terms and conditions.

How to join?

To become part of the TikTok Creator Marketplace, you must have a TikTok Ad Manager account to log in. However, if you don’t have one, there’s no need to fret! The sign-up process is quick and easy, taking only a few minutes.

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To create your TikTok Creator Marketplace account, simply provide your email address and proceed to the verification step. TikTok will send you a verification email containing a code to complete your registration. 

Once you’ve set a password for your account, you’ll be prompted to fill in the following information to complete your profile: 

create TikTok Ad Manager Account

After adding all the needed information, you are all set up! You can now customize your profile by changing the profile picture, adding company official accounts on other social media sites, and giving a summary of the brand. 

To start connecting with influencers and creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace, you can send them messages and let the conversation begin! The marketplace also allows you to follow creators on TikTok and engage with them through likes and comments. 

Quick Tips

To work with the creators smoothly, consider mentioning the following points when reaching out to them: 

  • Details on your brands and the collaboration
  • Information on your brand’s campaign 
  • Fees range and terms of conditions 
  • Contact information 

How much does the TikTok Creator Marketplace pay?

TikTok Creator Marketplace offers varying prices for each creator based on their impact on the TikTok platform. Below are the estimated prices: 

Influencer TypesAmount of FollowersPrice Per Post 
Nano Influencer 1.000 – 10.000$5 – $25
Micro-Influencer 10.000 – 50.000$25 – $125 
Mid-Tier Influencer 50.000 – 500.000$125 – $1000
Macro Influencer 500.000 – 1MM$1000 – $2000
Mega Influencer 1MM + $2000+

Tips for Working with Creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace

Navigating the TCM can be time-consuming when you have to reach out, negotiate, and manage each creator individually. But fear not! We’ve got 5 powerful tips to help brands collaborate with creators on the TCM more efficiently and effectively: 

1. Clear communication:  Establish open and transparent communication with creators. Clearly outline your expectations, campaign objectives, and creative guidelines from the start.

2. Timely Responses: Respond promptly to queries and messages from creators. This fosters a positive working relationship and keeps the campaign on track.

3. Creativity Freedom: Allow creators to showcase their unique style and creativity within your campaign framework. This encourages authenticity and resonates better with their audience.

4. Constructive Feedback:  Maintain an ongoing feedback loop. Make sure to give constructive feedback and respect the creators’ points of view. This saves time and ensures content quality. 

5. Legal and Guidelines: Clearly define legal aspects, copyright, and usage rights in contracts. Ensure compliance with TikTok’s guidelines and policies.

6. Lucrative offers: Brands can offer commissions on product purchases through creators or establish long-term partnerships, making them brand ambassadors when their objectives align. This collaboration allows creators to earn income and opens the door to potential future offerings as well. 

TikTok Community Guidelines

TikTok Creator Marketplace Limitations 

TikTok Creator Marketplace presents a promising opportunity for brands and creators to forge connections. However, certain drawbacks from the marketplace could pose challenges for brands. Here is the additional information regarding TCM limitations that you might want to check on: 

  • Limited communication: The TCM doesn’t allow brands to communicate directly with creators. To start the conversation, brands need to send an invitation or comment on creators’ posts. This means brands could end up not being able to work with their favorite creators. 
  • Limited collaboration: Due to TCM’s settings, brands can only work with 20 creators per campaign at present. As a result, it limits brands’ ability to produce content for their campaigns, especially those that are large-scale. 
  • Independence management: TCM does not include additional tools or features to support brands in managing creators. Therefore, brands have to spend an extensive amount of time and effort in contacting, negotiating, and overseeing creators. 

Final words

In the evolving realm of digital marketing, TikTok Creator Marketplace plays a vital role in making real connections and innovative collaboration. It changes the ways companies reach their target audiences by partnering with multiple creators. By breaking the gap between brands and creators, TikTok Creator Marketplace has created a lively place where new ideas come up, and people truly become friends. Let’s jump into the TikTok Creator Marketplace and have some fun exploring! 

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