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TikTok Call to Action: Plans for Highest CTR and 25 Best Samples

On TikTok, Call to Action (CTA) is the star of the show. TikTok CTA has an amazing ability to guide audiences, like a friendly usher at a concert, towards the actions you want them to take. Whether it’s clicking a link, making a purchase, or setting up an appointment, the CTA is your trusty assistant. We’re here to show you how to boost your CTR with the top 25 best CTA examples. These CTAs will help you level up your creative advertisement videos, crafted to inspire your viewers to jump into action. So, let’s get started and change your TikTok game!

What is a TikTok call to action?

A TikTok call to action (CTA) is a prompt that encourages the viewer to take a specific action after watching a TikTok video. CTAs can be used to drive traffic to a website, increase brand awareness, generate leads, or boost sales. Here is an example of CTA:


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Why does your TikTok video need a CTA?

Why does your TikTok video need a CTA?

TikTok is a video-sharing platform, so your videos need to be engaging and visually appealing. But that’s not all. You also need to tell viewers what you want them to do after watching your video. That’s where a CTA (call to action) comes in.

Here are some of the reasons why your TikTok video needs a CTA:

  • Tell the viewer what you want them to do: A CTA serves as a guiding beacon, telling them exactly what you expect them to do next, thus simplifying the process and encouraging prompt action. Thus, having no clear Call to Action (CTA) can leave the viewer unsure about the necessary steps after viewing your video.
  • Drive traffic to your website or other online properties: By including a CTA in your TikTok video, you can encourage viewers to visit your website, sign up for your email list, or follow you on other social media platforms. This can help you increase website traffic and grow your online presence.
  • Increase brand awareness: A CTA can also help to increase brand awareness by encouraging viewers to interact with your brand by liking, following, or commenting on the video to share their point of view.
  • Generate leads: If you’re looking to generate leads from your TikTok videos, you can use a CTA to encourage viewers to sign up for a free trial, download a white paper, or schedule a demo. This can help you to build a list of potential customers and nurture them into paying customers.
  • Boost sales: If you’re selling products or services online, you can use a CTA to encourage viewers to buy your products or services. This could include a link to your product page, a discount code, or a free shipping offer.

How to add a call to action on TikTok?

Using CTAs effectively will help you engage your viewers, increase conversions, and make your content more successful. Let’s explore different ways to include CTAs in your TikTok videos smoothly.

Use on-screen text

Adding a CTA as text on your TikTok video is straightforward yet powerful. You can display your message directly in the video to guide viewers on what to do next, like “Follow for more” or “Swipe for a surprise.”

Implementation tip: TikTok’s text feature makes adding your CTA during editing easy.

Try verbal prompts

Sometimes, all you need is to ask your viewers directly to take action. Speak directly to your audience to guide them, like saying, “Tap the ‘Like’ button if you agree.”

Implementation tip: You can record your audio while filming or add voiceovers during editing for verbal CTAs.

Use eye-catching animations

Enhance your TikTok video with attractive animations or graphics that lead to your CTA. These can highlight buttons, arrows, or other elements viewers can interact with.

Implementation tip: Use video editing software or TikTok’s interactive add-ons to incorporate these animations.

TikTok interactive add-ons

Interactive elements

TikTok offers stickers and buttons that serve as interactive CTAs. Place these elements strategically in your video to prompt viewers to engage. You can use stickers like “Share”, “Comment” or “Learn More”.

Implementation tip: Explore TikTok’s library of interactive stickers to find the right one for your CTA.

Storytelling CTAs

Make your CTA a natural part of your video’s story. Craft an engaging story or scenario that leads to the action you want your audience to take. This makes the transition from content to action seamless.

Implementation tip: Plan your video content carefully to ensure the CTA fits well with your story.

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Countdown timer

Create excitement by including a countdown timer in your video. This builds anticipation for an upcoming event, product launch, or announcement. Viewers are more likely to engage if they know something exciting is about to happen.

Implementation tip: Make use of TikTok’s countdown timer feature to build anticipation.

Collaborative CTAs

Involve your viewers with collaborative CTAs that encourage user-generated content. Ask them to share their experiences or creative interpretations related to your content.

Implementation Tip: We suggest using TikTok Branded Mission or TikTok Branded Hashtags to facilitate collaborative CTAs.

TikTok call to action with branded mission

Incorporating CTAs into your TikTok videos is a smart move that can greatly boost your engagement and conversions. Experiment with these different approaches to discover what resonates best with your TikTok audience, and watch your engagement soar. TikTok offers a creative platform, and by mastering CTAs, you can maximize your impact and build a strong connection with your viewers.

25 best examples of TikTok call to action

Encourage Engagement and Interaction

When it comes to encouraging engagement and interaction on TikTok, cleverly crafted Call to Action (CTAs) can work wonders. Here are some effective CTAs that not only promote audience engagement but also gather valuable user-generated content:

“What’s your favorite [niche] tip? Share it in the comments below!”

  • Use: Promote audience engagement and gather user-generated content.
  • Implementation: Ask viewers to share their favorite tips related to your niche or industry in the video’s comments section. Or invite viewers to contribute their wisdom related to your niche or industry in the video’s comments section, all while adding a personal touch through a voiceover.

“Can you relate to this [niche] experience?”

  • Use: Foster a sense of connection and engagement.
  • Implementation: Share a relatable experience within your niche and ask viewers if they can relate by posing this question.

“What [niche] question do you have for me?”

  • Use: Promote engagement and gather questions from your audience.
  • Implementation: Ask viewers to submit questions related to your niche, which you can then address in future content.

“Leave a comment below if you want me to make a video about [niche topic].”

  • Use: Gauge audience interest and content preferences.
  • Implementation: Invite viewers to suggest topics within your niche that they’d like to see in upcoming videos.
"Leave a comment below if you want me to make a video about [niche topic]." - tiktok call to action

“Tell me in the comments what you found when this happened to you.”

  • Use: Promote engagement and gather user experiences.
  • Implementation: Pose a relatable question in your video and ask viewers to share their responses in the comments.

“Share if this happened to you in the comments.”

  • Use: Encourage viewers to share relatable experiences.
  • Implementation: Share a relatable or funny situation and ask viewers to share similar experiences in the comments.

Encourage Action

If you want your viewers to take specific actions, such as clicking a link, subscribing, or signing up – use big/interactive elements so that users can easily click on them. These CTAs can be highly effective:

“Click here for more.”

  • Use: Encourage viewers to access additional content or information.
  • Implementation: Add an on-screen text or an arrow pointing to the link or website you want viewers to visit.
tiktok call to action to encourage real action

“Subscribe for updates.

  • Use: Prompt viewers to subscribe for ongoing content.
  • Implementation: Mention that subscribers receive regular updates or exclusive content, encouraging them to subscribe.

“Sign up now!”

  • Use: Drive viewers to take immediate action.
  • Implementation: Provide a clear link or website where viewers can sign up for your newsletter or service.

“Get started today.”

  • Use: Prompt viewers to take immediate action.
  • Implementation: Use this CTA to encourage viewers to start using a product or service right away.

“Watch ’til the end!”

  • Use: Keep viewers engaged throughout your video.
  • Implementation: Tease a compelling ending or reveal, encouraging viewers to watch the entire video.

“Turn on notifications.”

  • Use: Ensure viewers receive alerts for your new content.
  • Implementation: Remind viewers to enable notifications for your TikTok account.

Promote Offers and Discounts

When it comes to promoting offers and discounts on TikTok, it’s not just about presenting the deal; it’s about engaging your audience and making the offer feel exciting. To achieve this, try different types of interactive add-ons designed specifically for offers and discounts. These creative CTAs go beyond the traditional approach and are tailored to capture your viewers’ attention and prompt them to take action.

“Save big by signing up.”

  • Use: Promote exclusive offers for subscribers.
  • Implementation: Mention that subscribers receive discounts or special deals, incentivizing them to sign up.

“Tap for a special offer.”

  • Use: Highlight exclusive discounts or promotions.
  • Implementation: Invite viewers to tap on the screen to reveal a special offer or code.

“Don’t wait, shop now!”

  • Use: Drive viewers to make immediate purchases.
  • Implementation: Showcase a product and prompt viewers to make a purchase through a provided link.

“Join our challenge!”

  • Use: Engage viewers in a themed challenge or contest.
  • Implementation: Announce a challenge or contest and ask viewers to participate.

Tease and Build Anticipation

Building anticipation for future content can keep your audience eagerly waiting for what’s next. For long content (more than 60 seconds), Mega Digital suggests dividing the content into 2 or 3 series to increase the anticipation of viewers. This strategy can be incredibly effective in maintaining engagement and interest. By leaving your audience in suspense and curiosity, they are more likely to return for the subsequent parts, boosting your view counts and overall engagement.

“Follow for part two tomorrow.”

  • Use: Build anticipation for upcoming content.
  • Implementation: Tease part two of a story or series and inform viewers when to expect it.

“Swipe right for a surprise.”

  • Use: Entice viewers with a surprise or reveal.
  • Implementation: Suggest viewers swipe right or continue watching to see an exciting or unexpected moment.

“See more on our website.”

  • Use: Drive traffic to your website for additional content or products.
  • Implementation: Mention the website link and encourage viewers to visit for more details.
tiktok call to action to tease and build anticipation

“Follow me to unlock exclusive content”

  • Use: Incentivize viewers to take action for special access.
  • Implementation: Offer exclusive content or behind-the-scenes footage and ask viewers to unlock it.

Encourage Sharing and Engagement

Encouraging viewers to engage with your content is essential for building a vibrant and responsive audience. While the basics of asking questions and suggesting tagging friends are valuable, adding incentives like gifts or special offers can take your interaction to the next level. Let’s dive into these CTAs:

“Ask a question.”

  • Use: Posing a question gives the viewer time to reflect and make the right decision.
  • Implementation: Ask viewers a thought-provoking question in your video and encourage them to respond in the comments.

“Tag a friend who needs this.”

  • Use: Boost video reach by leveraging user networks.
  • Implementation: Suggest viewers tag a friend in the comments who might benefit from or enjoy your content.

“Ask viewers to get in touch.”

  • Use: Don’t leave your viewer wondering how to contact you.
  • Implementation: Prompt viewers to reach out or inquire further through a provided contact method.

“Request your favorite demo.”

  • Use: Short-form videos always leave something to be desired, so give a demo option for more in-depth viewing.
  • Implementation: Mention that viewers can request a demo to explore your product or service further.

“Follow me to go on this journey together.”

  • Use: This creates a feeling of being part of something.
  • Implementation: Use this CTA to invite viewers to join you on a journey or follow along with your content.

Final word

If you know how to choose a CTA that fits your audience and can motivate viewers to take action, TikTok Call to Action can be a game-changer. When crafting your TikTok CTA, keep it clear, concise, and aligned with your video’s message. Your campaign’s ultimate aim is conversions and business success. Try our strong CTA to guide viewers toward becoming valued customers or clients!

If you’ve tried every CTA, but your TikTok ads are still struggling to convert, it’s essential to recognize that the issue might extend beyond just the Call to Action. For a more in-depth analysis of why your TikTok ads might not be converting as expected, I recommend checking out the article “6 Warning Signs of Your TikTok Ads Not Converting? How to Fix It.” This article provides valuable insights and solutions to enhance your ad performance and drive better conversions.

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