Dive Deep with TikTok Audience Insights for Smarter Marketing

Understanding your audience is crucial for crafting successful TikTok campaigns. TikTok Audience Insights is a powerful tool within TikTok Ads Manager that sheds light on user demographics, interests, and behaviors. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to access and leverage this valuable resource.

What is TikTok Audience Insights Based on?

TikTok Audience Insights pulls data from several sources to create its reports:

  • All TikTok data (Paid & Organic): This incorporates data from users who have engaged with both paid advertisements and organic content. It encompasses user behavior on the app, the information users choose to provide, and device information.
  • User behavior: This involves analyzing user actions such as video views, comments, shares, clicks, and app usage time. These metrics provide businesses with valuable insights into how users interact with content and navigate the TikTok platform.
  • User-provided information: This includes data users enter when creating a profile, like age, gender, and location (but it’s important to remember not everyone fills this out). It adds a more specific demographic layer to understand who your audience is.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to take note of the following:

take note of the following about tiktok audience insights
  • Audience Insights provides aggregated information, which doesn’t reveal individual user data.
  • Data insights are based on users who have been active in the last 30 days.
  • Small categories (less than 3% of users) are grouped under “Others”, and categories with less than 1,000 users are committed.

By analyzing all these sources, TikTok Audience Insights paints a comprehensive picture of who your potential audience is, what their interests are, and how they engage with the platform. This information is crucial for tailoring your content, targeting ads effectively, and ultimately reaching the right people on TikTok.

What does TikTok Audience Insight Include?

TikTok Audience Insights packs a significant punch when it comes to understanding your target audience. Here’s a breakdown of what it includes:

  • Demographics: This is where you can provide more specific information for your audience persona. It includes:
    • Age: You can choose from 5 options: 18 – 24, 25 – 34, 35 – 44, 45 – 55, and 55+.
    • Gender: There are 3 options for you to choose from: All, Male, and Female. “All” is the default option if you don’t need to select a specific gender for your audience.
    • Location data (country, region, city level): TikTok Audience Insights allows you to choose a maximum of 5 countries/regions for filtering.
    • Language: Language is based on the language the user has selected in the app.
    • Device types (iOS/Android, price range).
Demographics TikTok Audience Insights provides
  • Interests:
    • Content categories: Discover the passions that fuel your audience’s engagement, be it the hilarious world of comedy, the infectious energy of music, or the educational allure of knowledge-based content.
    • Sub-categories: Go beyond broad categories. Explore specific niches within their interests, like fitness routines, travel hacks, or DIY crafts, to truly speak their language.
    • Trending topics & hashtags: Tap into the current buzzwords and themes your audience engages with, ensuring your content remains relevant and discoverable.
  • Behaviors:
    • App usage: Understand how often your audience opens the app and how much time they spend immersed in the TikTokverse.
    • Video engagement: Analyze likes, comments, shares, and views to pinpoint content formats and topics that resonate most deeply.
    • Content types: See what kind of content they interact with most – live videos, challenges, tutorials – to refine your strategy and keep them hooked.
Interests and Behaviors TikTok Audience Insights
  • Content performance:
    • Existing content insights: Analyze the performance of your current videos, identifying top performers and areas for improvement.
    • Format & topic effectiveness: See how different TikTok ad formats and topics fare with your audience, giving you data-driven guidance for future content creation.
    • Audience demographics of followers: Uncover the characteristics of your existing fanbase, allowing you to double down on what attracts them and expand your reach to similar audiences.
  • Competitive analysis:
    • Audience overlap: Identify how your audience aligns with your competitors’ followers, revealing potential blind spots or untapped audience segments.
    • Content & audience insights: Analyze your competitors’ top-performing TikTok ad content and their audience demographics, gleaning valuable strategies and understanding their strengths and weaknesses

How to Access Audience Insights

Here’s a step-by-step guide to accessing Audience Insights:

  • Step 1: Accessing the tool
    • Log in to your TikTok Ads Manager.
    • Hover over “Reporting” on the top menu bar.
    • Select “Audience Insights” from the dropdown menu.
  • Step 2: Choose the Audience Insights tab
    • Potential audience: This tab showcases pre-campaign insights for the entire TikTok platform. Use filters to explore demographics like age, gender, location, device, and interests. This helps you understand the general audience you might reach with your campaign.
    • Reached audience: This tab unlocks post-campaign insights. Analyze the demographics and interests of users who engaged with your campaigns across different ad groups and ads. This analysis facilitates the fine-tuning of your targeting and messaging strategies based on authentic performance data.
Audience Insights tab

5 Ways to Use Audience Insights to Refine Your TikTok Marketing Strategy

Navigating the dynamic trends and diverse audiences requires understanding who your audience is and what resonates with them. That’s where TikTok Audience Insights comes in.

Here are 5 ways to leverage this powerful tool and refine your TikTok marketing strategy:

5 Ways to Use Audience Insights to Refine Your TikTok Marketing Strategy
  • Planning with Audience Insights: Leverage Audience Insights to enhance your campaign planning phase by utilizing diverse filters to explore comprehensive audience information.
    • Uncover valuable details such as the top 10 interest hashtags within your TikTok audience, and segment users based on interactions with hashtags, creators, and videos.
    • Gain insights into those who have interacted with your previous content or uploaded lists, enabling you to refine your approach.
    • Segment audiences based on language, country, and even device price, providing a robust foundation for strategic campaign planning.
interest tab
  • Audience validation and understanding: Use Audience Insights to answer crucial questions about your audience.
    • This high-level snapshot helps advertisers quickly comprehend demographics, behaviors, and interests targeting.
    • By validating through qualitative and quantitative data, advertisers can confirm the presence of their target audience on TikTok.
    • This validation empowers you to communicate more confidently and potentially inspire new ad creatives based on deeper audience knowledge.
  • Targeting and creative inspiration: Audience Insights is a source of inspiration for refining targeting and creative strategies.
    • Discover new audience segments beyond traditional targets by exploring surprising or unexpected interest categories. For example, the data reveals that the beauty advertiser’s audience has additional interests like apparel and accessories or in-app games, targeting these categories may lead to new avenues for scaling your campaigns.
  • Content planning: By aligning content planning with top-performing hashtags and interest categories, advertisers can enhance the relevance and visibility of their campaigns.
    • Incorporate these insights into your campaign targeting, theme planning, or video content creation. For instance, the beauty advertiser discovering their “eyebrow audience” may strategically use top hashtags like #eyebrowmakeup to effectively reach and engage this specific audience segment.
  • Measuring and evaluating your campaign: The Reach Audience section serves as the ideal platform to scrutinize the data related to the audience that engaged with your advertising campaign. Utilize Filters to specify the criteria you wish to examine, such as Placement, Targeting, and Buying Type.
    • Filtering the reached audience in TikTok Audience Insights: Within the Campaign Name search box, use the dropdown menu to search and opt for the campaign name/ID, ad group name/ID, or ad name/ID that you intend to filter and analyze for insights.
campaign name in reached audience in TikTok Audience Insights
  • Selecting the campaign:
    • On the right-hand side, locate a box labeled “Total Cost”.
    • Click on it, and a dropdown menu of metrics will appear, allowing you to choose from options such as Impressions, Clicks (Destination), Conversions, CTR, CPC, and CPM.
metrics of tiktok audience insights
  • Choosing the appropriate metric: Additionally, you have the option to determine the time, limiting the data and facilitating the identification of insights.
change the timeframe

By using Audience Insights strategically, you can create highly targeted and impactful TikTok ad campaigns, connecting with your ideal audience and achieving your marketing goals. Here are 3 tips to use it efficiently.

3 tips to use TikTok Audience Insights effectively for the advertising campaign

A pre-launch phase is crucial for ensuring a successful TikTok ad campaign. Here are some key things to consider:

3 tips to use tiktok audience insights

Tip 1. Ensure Pre-launch Carefully

  • Define your goals: What do you want to achieve with your campaign? Brand awareness, website traffic, app downloads, or conversions? This will guide your overall strategy.
  • Know your audience: Who are you trying to reach? Be specific about demographics, interests, and behaviors. Utilize audience insights and consider creating lookalike audiences to expand your reach.
  • Craft compelling creatives: Short, engaging videos are key. Focus on storytelling, trending sounds and effects, and highlighting the value proposition. Experiment with different formats like In-Feed Ads, Spark Ads, etc.
  • Set up conversion tracking: Ensure you can measure the success of your campaign. Connect your website or app to the TikTok Ads Manager and define conversion events.

Tip 2. Using a TikTok Ads Agency Account to target all market

Every personal account advertisement will often have a longer approval time, a higher chance of being suspended or lacking advertising function, etc. It would be best if you started using a TikTok agency account to avoid issues related to ads not delivering or TikTok ads account suspended,… 

Furthermore, the TikTok Ads Agency Account offers access to restricted regions, for example, the United States, Europe, Canada,… potentially helping if your target audience lies there and individual accounts face limitations.

We’d recommend advertisers contact a trusted TikTok partner, like Mega Digital, to get a free trial of TikTok Ad Agency account and steer clear of potential scams. We will bring on board our knowledge and experience to creative flaws contributing to performance issues.

Tip 3. Tracking and Optimization

Here are some key steps to ensure you’re maximizing your results:

  • Optimize your bids and budget: Utilize automatic bidding strategies like “Target Cost” or “Optimized CPM” based on your goals. Adjust your budget allocation across ad groups based on performance.
  • Track and analyze results: Monitor key metrics like impressions, clicks, engagement rate, and conversions. Regularly analyze data to identify areas for improvement and adjust your campaign accordingly.
  • Stay up-to-date: Keep an eye on new trends, challenges, and features on TikTok. Adapt your campaigns to stay relevant and engaging for your audience.

Wrap up

Using TikTok Audience Insights to gain a thorough understanding of customer insights proves highly beneficial when crafting compelling content tailored to your potential audience, ultimately saving your resources. Incorporating these insights into your TikTok ad strategy can optimize outcomes and uncover innovative approaches for scaling your campaigns. If you wish to save time and achieve the best results, seeking expert help is advisable. Mega Digital is willing to leverage our knowledge and experience to optimize your TikTok ads.

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