Why is your TikTok ad account suspended? Agency tips to resolve

Your campaign was well-received and got a significant increase in website traffic and sales when it suddenly notified ‘your account has been suspended’. In this case, how would you react? This is a common issue for many TikTok advertisers, yet there are no warning signs. As a result, it is critical to determine the cause of the suspension and take appropriate action to resolve the problem. So, if you don’t want to get your TikTok ads account suspended, read this now!

Why is your TikTok ad account suspended?

TikTok Ads Account Suspended Screenshot

If your TikTok ad account has been suspended, it’s usually due to repeated offenses. In such cases, TikTok Ads Manager will notify you with a message stating “your account has been suspended,” or your advertising status will display as “suspended.” This means that all your running ads will be paused, regardless of their performance.

There are a few reasons that can lead to the suspended stage:

  • Ads policy violations
  • Users’ reports
  • Brand Piracy
  • Spam/Unusual Behaviours
  • Landing page issues
  • Payment issue

1. Ads Policy Violations

Usually, TikTok ad accounts are suspended due to policy violations about: 

  • Products or services 
  • Ad creatives, including text, background music, caption, or even voice-over of the video

TikTok has strict regulations on the types of products appearing on this platform. So, advertisers and businesses need to keep a few things in mind to avoid getting banned by violating these TikTok policies.

Prohibited products or services:

  • Animals and animal parts
  • Adult sexual products, services, and entertainment 
  • Casinos and gambling games 
  • Cigarettes and tobacco products 
  • Counterfeiting and intellectual property violation
  • Drugs and paraphernalia 
  • Police/military supplies and equipment 
  • Political issue
  • Unacceptable Business Practices like unwarranted claims, forgery, identity theft,…
  • Inappropriate Businesses, Products, or Services like abortion, funeral, hazardous chemical products, pre-natal sex determination,…
  • Weaponry and weapon items
Prohibited products or services - TikTok account suspension

The first time you attempt to advertise a prohibited product or service, TikTok may send you a notice, and they will flag your account. However, for subsequent violations, they won’t approve your ad campaign, block ads, and eventually ban your account.

Ad creative violations

Common mistakes that many advertisers and businesses make to cause content violations:

  • Spelling, language, and ad text-related errors
  • Sensitive images 
  • Before-After state comparison 
  • Exaggerating product use/features
  • Using images/logos/video that violates trademark & copyright policies
  • Blurry, unclear images
  • Cut out text that leads to misinformation
  • Impossible low price
  • Ads language mismatch
  • Error using hashtags in Spark Ads 
  • Malicious behaviors or intent in ad creation (containing prohibited languages or behavior)
  • Gross indecency of target countries

If malicious behaviors or intent are suspected during ad creation, TikTok can also suspend your account immediately. Depending on the severity and frequency of the violations, your ad account may be flagged, partially restricted, or disabled.

Check out our TikTok Ad Review checklist to avoid getting ad accounts suspended.

2. Users’ reports

TikTok Ads relies on user reports to identify and address any violations of its policies, including those related to advertising. Users can report ads that they find inappropriate or offensive, and TikTok may review these reports and take action if necessary.

If TikTok receives multiple user reports about a specific ad or advertiser, they may investigate and review the ad content and the advertiser’s account. If they find that the advertiser has violated any of TikTok’s advertising policies, they may suspend or ban the advertiser’s account.

For Fintech companies, TikTok has introduced an AUE policy (After-Use Experience) concerning financial-related content. This means that if customers report your ads for misleading financial information or misinterpretation after interacting with your product or service, TikTok will suspend your ads. In other words, TikTok takes post-interaction feedback from users into account, and if they feel deceived or misled in any financial context, action will be taken against the ads.

3. Brand Piracy

Brand Piracy - TikTok account suspension

Brand piracy refers to using a brand’s intellectual property, such as trademarks or copyrighted materials, without the brand owner’s permission. Specifically, containing images of logos, labels, text content, or landing pages containing the names of famous foreign brands in the market (Adidas, Nike, Puma,….).

Especially if TikTok detects that your products are counterfeit versions of renowned businesses or if you use words like ‘fake’, ‘duplicate’, ‘dupe’,… in your advertisements. Your ads will certainly be taken down.

4. Spam/Unusual Behaviors

Unusual behaviors when advertising on TikTok

One of the most concerning actions that cause suspension is when ads engage in suspicious and unusual behavior to gain an advantage over competitors. There are multiple actions that TikTok identifies as ‘unusual behavior’ like:

  • Spamming: Posting the same ad multiple times on the same platform or creating multiple accounts to post the same flawed ad on different accounts or channels.
  • Fake engagement: Paying for fake likes, comments, and shares to create an artificial boost in engagement for an ad.
  • Inappropriate targeting: Targeting ads toward groups that are not relevant to the ad content, such as targeting children with inappropriate or adult-themed ads.

These behaviors not only violate ethical and legal standards but can also harm an advertiser’s reputation and diminish the effectiveness of their advertising efforts.

5. Landing page issue

Landing page issue leads to ads account suspension
Source: TikTok Business Center

Advertisers tamper with or change the landing page, which is not consistent with the content or violates TikTok policies after the ads start to deliver.

TikTok often strictly censors landing pages (Landing Pages) during advertising. If the landing page you choose to advertise on violates one of the following errors:

  • Non-functional landing page:

The landing page is out of date, under construction, has misleading or false information, is not mobile-friendly for the user, or automatically downloads documents to users’ phones, etc.

  • Landing page containing prohibited content:

This involves including restricted or prohibited products, words, and images that violate TikTok’s policies, such as nudity, hate speech, or violence. Advertisers and businesses must also ensure that the language or content on the landing page is approved by the target country and complies with its cultural norms.

  • Lack information:

Information like company name, company address, types of business licenses, display local currency prices, terms, and conditions, delivery information, privacy policy, etc.

  • Landing pages are subject to the Privacy Policy:

Landing Pages that collect sensitive personal information will not be approved by TikTok. This information includes personal identification, financial insurance, network identity, biometrics, and medical health.

If you violate the advertising policy for the landing page, your TikTok Ads account will be flagged before getting suspended.

6. Payment issue

Some common payment issues that can lead to account suspension include:

  • Insufficient funds: If your account balance is too low, your ads may be paused, and your account may be suspended until you add more funds.
  • Payment method decline: The problem of unsuccessful ad payment can happen if your credit card has expired or if there is an issue with your billing information. To avoid this issue, make sure to keep your payment information up-to-date and ensure that your billing information is correct.
  • Suspicious activity: TikTok may suspend your account if they detect suspicious activity, such as fraud or a high chargeback rate. Therefore, advertisers should exclusively use legitimate TikTok payment methods and refrain from engaging in any activity that might be seen as fraudulent. Should your account be suspended due to suspicious activity, you must collaborate with TikTok’s support team to promptly investigate and resolve any issues.

In general, to prevent payment issues from occurring, it’s important to monitor your account activity closely, keep your payment information up-to-date, and ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account to cover the cost of your ads.

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What happened when your TikTok Ad Account was suspended?

  • While suspended, all associated advertising is removed. It can be reactivated after the suspension is lifted.
  • Suspended ad accounts are unable to change their account information.
  • Suspended accounts can’t create, contribute, or withdraw money.

How to unsuspend a TikTok Ad account?

TikTok offers a customer support system that businesses can contact if their advertising account has been suspended. TikTok advertisers can appeal the suspension, and TikTok staff will either reconsider the decision or ask to make modifications so that the ads comply with TikTok ad policy. 

  • Step 1: Access TikTok Ad Manager.
  • Step 2: On the upper right side of the Dashboard, click on Question Mark and select Customer Support.
  • Step 3: Click on Account Review to see the options.
TikTok Suspension Appeal
Source: TikTok Ads Manager
  • Step 4: Click on the Ads Account Suspension Appeal 
  • Step 5: Fill in the required information and then Submit to appeal your suspension. Typically, the user will receive a response to the appeal within a few business days.

Make sure to submit the appeal ticket as soon as possible because TikTok typically does not evaluate appeals filed 180 days after suspending the account. They may extend the time limit for appealing the suspension in certain exceptional circumstances.

Submit appeal ticket
Source: TikTok Ads Manager


TikTok is advising users against registering new advertising accounts due to an unresolved account suspension issue when appealing a ticket. If you create a new account, it will impact the assessment process for the suspension appeal.

How to prevent TikTok Ads account being suspended?

As a leading TikTok Agency, we recognize the critical importance of maintaining a secure TikTok Ads account for your business. To empower your advertising endeavors, we’ve curated a set of recommended options to keep your TikTok Ads account in excellent standing while achieving optimal results:

1. Familiarize Yourself with TikTok’s Advertising Policies

Knowledge is your best defense! Take the time to thoroughly review and understand TikTok’s advertising policies. Becoming well-versed in their guidelines ensures your ads comply with their standards, reducing the risk of suspension and boosting your campaign’s effectiveness.

2. Utilize Legitimate Payment Methods

Ensure a smooth financial journey by exclusively using authorized and legitimate payment methods for your TikTok Ads campaigns. Avoid any association with fraudulent or suspicious payment practices, providing a sense of security for both you and TikTok.

3. Keep Payment Information Up-to-Date

Stay on top of your payment game! Regularly update your payment information within your TikTok Ads account whenever changes occur. This proactive step prevents payment complications and demonstrates your commitment to compliance.

4. Monitor Your Chargeback Rate

Vigilance is key! Keep a watchful eye on your chargeback rate, as elevated levels may raise suspicions of fraudulent activity. Promptly address any potential issues to uphold the integrity of your account and maintain a positive advertising experience.

5. Comply with TikTok’s Terms and Conditions

Stay within the lines! Adhere strictly to TikTok’s terms and conditions when crafting and running ads. By doing so, you’ll steer clear of any content that may be misleading, inappropriate, or in violation of their guidelines, safeguarding your account from suspension risks.

6. Use a TikTok Ads Agency Account

For enhanced protection and priority treatment, consider using a TikTok Ads agency account – an optimal solution for a smoother advertising journey. As an account authorized by TikTok’s official partners, it comes with exclusive features and advantages, making your campaigns less prone to suspension.

With this account, your ads receive a layer of verification from TikTok, elevating your advertising game and ensuring a seamless experience. However, it’s crucial to note that even with this advantage, adhering to TikTok’s policies remains paramount.

Use TikTok Agency account to avoid suspension problem

At Mega Digital, we offer an exclusive TikTok Ads Agency Account with a unique allocated unspent balance feature that sets us apart. Our direct authority from TikTok allows us to swiftly distribute any remaining budget from your suspended account to a new one, so you can continue your campaigns without delay or wasteful appeals.

You can check out Mega Digital’s TikTok account by clicking the button below!

How did our experts deal with TikTok ads suspension?

Our successful case with suspension errors

FashionFiesta, a renowned fashion retailer, is running a TikTok advertising campaign highlighting their latest summer collection. Mega Digital created a series of captivating videos featuring models showcasing the trendy clothing line.

In one of the videos, FashionFiestal included a snippet of a viral dance challenge that unintentionally involved a sensitive cultural reference. While this inclusion was accidental and not meant to offend, the TikTok community perceived it as culturally insensitive.

TikTok users swiftly voiced their concerns, expressing their discontent through comments, reports, and social media sharing. The situation escalated as the ad gained traction and criticism.


  • Ad Campaign Halted: TikTok responded by suspending FashionFiesta’s advertising account, effectively pausing the campaign. This led to an immediate halt in their promotional activities.
  • Public Backlash: The ad’s unintended insensitivity triggered significant backlash across various social media platforms. FashionFiesta faced criticism for what was perceived as a lack of cultural awareness.
  • Brand Reputation Damage: The incident negatively impacted FashionFiesta’s brand reputation, eroding consumer trust and potentially affecting their long-term market standing.
  • Financial Loss: The suspension not only meant a loss of investment in the campaign but also potential revenue from increased sales.

How to fix it:

Mega Digital’s recommendations

Mega Digital advises you to be aware that TikTok is currently implementing strict scanning measures, so it’s important to take certain precautions to prevent account suspension. To do this, you should modify your creative content, and change your browser if TikTok suspends your domain.

When running ad campaigns, starting with one campaign, one ad group, and two to three distinct creatives is recommended. This will help you avoid account suspension. After three days, you can create one or two more campaigns with two or three ad groups and videos. It’s important to avoid duplicating or altering any campaigns to ensure that they remain steady.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your campaigns comply with TikTok’s advertising policies and avoid any issues that could lead to account suspension. Remember to review TikTok’s policies thoroughly and regularly to ensure your campaigns remain compliant.

Final Word

The advertiser must review the TikTok terms and conditions before starting campaigns to avoid getting the TikTok ads account suspended or banned. Remember to change the creative ideally 1x every 7 days or minimally 1x every 2 weeks for better results and improved delivery rate. Don’t let these issues hinder your project, and save our ebooks for full solutions on how to tackle TikTok ads issues now!

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