What is TikTok Agency Account? Should we need one?

If you have heard about TikTok Agency Account somewhere and you keep wondering what is TikTok agency account? Why do advertisers or businesses need this type of account? Then, this blog is born for you. Let’s take a look through everything you need to know about this account!

What is a TikTok Agency Account?

What is TikTok Agency Account?

The TikTok Agency account is a Business account provided by TikTok for their official partners. The most significant difference between this type of account and an individual one is the advertising ability. While TikTok individual accounts have limits in the targeting options, payment methods, ad formats, etc., an agency account doesn’t.

In detail, these are the advantages and disadvantages of the TikTok agency accounts.


  • Targeting 55+ countries (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, etc.)
  • Unlimited ads budget spending
  • Access to all TikTok ad formats
  • Update new TikTok policies immediately
  • Direct support 24/7 by TikTok partners
  • Ads review by TikTok

Exclusive benefits by TikTok Partners – Mega Digital:

  • Reallocate ads balance to a new account immediately if your account gets suspended
  • Execute and manage your TikTok advertising campaigns by Mega Digital’s experts


  • You can only create a TikTok Agency account via TikTok official partners
  • You must top up your ad balance through the agency to run ads

Who should use TikTok agency account?

Who should use an agency account?
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TikTok agency accounts are ideal for businesses, brands, and individuals looking to take their presence on the platform to the next level. Here are some examples of who should use a TikTok agency account:

  • Customers from countries are limited to setting up and using TikTok Ads accounts (e.g., Pakistan, Iraq, Morocco, etc….).
  • MMOs, drop shippers, or SMEs who want to target the worldwide market.
  • Advertisers have difficulty with TikTok account issues like suspension, delivery status, payment issues, etc.
  • Customers want to optimize performance ads with beta features and optimize retargeting campaigns.

What is the difference between a Personal and Agency Account?

In addition to supporting special features, agency accounts have more outstanding advantages than personal accounts.

FeaturesRegular AccountAgency Account
EligibilityAccess for all users and quickly set up accounts.Only available to approved clients of agencies.
Access to Advanced FeaturesLimited access to features such as custom audiences and in-depth analytics.Full access to advanced features and tools
Issues SupportFile appeals on Customer Support and wait 24-48 hours for feedback.Immediate support from the agency and get priority from TikTok.
Streamlined Account ManagementLimited ability to manage multiple accounts.Ability to manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard.
Target rangeLimited in the ad setups.Can target up to 55 countries.
Payment methodOnly accept credit card paymentsAccept a variety of payment options.
Creative SupportSelf-optimized ad campaigns.Agency support to run ad campaigns.

Great news for advertisers facing common challenges with TikTok ads, such as suspensions or underperforming campaigns!

Mega Digital provides comprehensive support to all clients utilizing our TikTok Agency account. One exclusive advantage we offer is the ability to reallocate balances between accounts in case of suspensions. This feature ensures that if one account encounters a suspension issue, the remaining balance can be moved to another account, maintaining your advertising efforts seamlessly.

6 whitelisting features when using the TikTok agency account

6 whitelisting features when using the TikTok agency account

Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)

Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)
Source: TikTok Ads Manager

Using a “Campaign Budget Optimization” feature, you may manage your spending at the campaign level rather than the ad group level. Instead of setting up each ad group separately, you can use this feature to apply a single set of budget optimizations to all ad groups that are a part of your campaign.

Benefits of Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) feature

  • Set a campaign budget with flexibility in how that budget is spent across ad sets.
  • Get the most results possible from your campaign at the lowest cost.
  • Simplify campaign setup and reduce the number of budgets you must manually manage.

How does it work?

To create a campaign with CBO, you will need to set up your campaign within the following criteria:

  • Advertising Objective: Video View, Traffic, Catalog Sales, Lead Generation, Community Interaction, App Promotion, Website Conversions, and Reach
  • Scenarios: 
    • Bid Strategy: Lowest Cost and Bid Cap
    • Budget Mode: Daily Budget and Lifetime Budget
  • Delivery Type: Standard 
  • Split Test: Not supported 

Display Card

TikTok Display Card - whitelisting feature in Agency account
Source: TikTok

Display card allows advertisers to upload a customized card design, or generated card design. Advertisers can extract key elements from the creative and landing page based on a vertical template solution, to better show additional info about the ads to further engage with users.

Benefits of Display Card Feature

  • Showcase your product & brand information with customized visuals.
  • Communicate special offers, such as discounts and incentives, during significant events and the shopping season.
  • Accentuate your brand’s appeal using characters, key game scenes, registrations, app features, etc.

How does it work?

  • Customized Solution: Showcase your product or brand with your customized graphic card.
  • Template Solution: Available for US/UK/AU/CA for Retail & E-commerce, Fashion & Accessories, and CPG verticals. Generate a Display Card design via the template tool based on your creative, ad caption, and landing page information.

Dynamic Showcase Ads

TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads
Source: TikTok Ads Manager

TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads (DSAs) are customized video ads. They’re created in real time based on an ad template. This template is filled with product information from a product catalog that’s regularly updated. DSAs are TikTok’s version of Dynamic Product Ads.

Benefits of Dynamic Showcase Ads feature

  • Create efficiencies: With DSA’s automated ad creation system, you can craft thousands of bold and beautiful ad units simultaneously.
  • Increase Reach & Scale: DSA allows you to create custom video ads for every product in your catalog – enabling you to serve a broad audience.
  • Boost ROI: DSA can help find new customers and also prompt existing customers to take action- supporting both upper and lower-funnel goals

For example, you’re running an online clothing store, and a user visits your website, browses through winter jackets, and then leaves without making a purchase. With Dynamic Showcase Ads, you can retarget this user with a personalized ad that showcases the exact winter jacket styles they viewed earlier. This level of personalization increases the chances of the user returning to your website and completing the purchase, ultimately boosting your sales and ROI.

How to set up Dynamic Showcase Ads?

  1. Upload catalog: Via manual product or scheduled feed upload
  2. User event postback: Post back View Content Add to Cart, and Purchase events, with the content_id to TikTok. Upload ad templates or use the Dynamic Video Generator to create your videos.
  3. Set up tracking & Measurement: Click & import tracking URL and UTM via Deeplink or URL. or click on event source to catalog.

Note: Create your campaign by selecting either prospecting (App or M-Site) or retargeting (App only).

Please wait 48 hours before turning on the campaign after the catalog is uploaded to the account for review.

Customers file

On TikTok Ads Manager, you can upload your own Customer File to create a Custom Audience. TikTok offers the ability to upload Customer Files using Mobile Ad Identifier (MAID) and accepts both Apple Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) and Google Advertising ID (GAID). 

Imagine you have a mobile gaming company that has a list of previous customers who have downloaded your games but haven’t made in-game purchases recently. To re-engage these users and encourage them to make in-game purchases, Customer File will help you retarget by setting up an ad campaign and ad delivery to provide detailed performance metrics for the ad campaign, allowing you to track conversions, engagement, and ROI. Also, you can use these insights to optimize your advertising strategy further.

How to set up Customers File?

  • Supported file formats: .csv or .txt format (zip file is not supported).
  • Size: Up to 1GB.
  • Accepted IDs:
    • ​Apple IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers).
    • ​GAID (Google Advertising ID).
  • Accepted hash:
    • MD5 Hashed.
    • ​SHA256 Hashed.
    • ​”Original” (unhashed/raw) value. If providing unhashed/raw values (which will be hashed automatically), the file’s content before hashing must contain consistent capitalization – either all uppercase or all lowercase. ​IDFA and GAID data can be combined in the same file, each entry on a separate line. Only matched data will process; all other data will be ignored – including column headings/names or other unmatched data.

A deep link is a URL that directs users to a specific page on a website or mobile application, such as a form, a product page, or another significant page that the advertiser selects. Deep Links are used in TikTok app advertising to redirect consumers who have already downloaded the advertiser’s app directly to a specific piece of content there.

So basically, when users click “Shop Now” in your ad, a deep link takes them directly to the shoe collection inside the app, making it super easy for them to find and buy the shoes they saw in the ad. It’s like a shortcut to the good stuff!

  • Shorten the journey of Tiktok users to eCommerce sites
  • Improve customer retention and engagement
  • Boost marketing: target customers and upsell, help improve ROI
How TikTok Deeplink works

Purchase Intent

Purchase Intent Targeting is a new targeting capability that leverages offsite and onsite user behavior to indicate purchase intent better. This feature leverages ‘in-market audiences’ who are users actively researching or purchasing one specific product or service category. Purchase Intent Targeting makes identifying and targeting customers most likely to purchase.

Benefits of Purchase Intent

  • Optimize purchase conversions: Easily target users who are at the end of the buying funnel and most likely to convert
  • ​Optimize spending by reducing setup and optimization costs: It requires less manual optimization since it targets the most relevant audiences from the start and provides greater accuracy to help increase overall ROAS
  • ​Reach customers with the right message at the right time: Tailor your marketing based on where customers are in their journey and present the right message at the right moment to those most likely to purchase their products and services

How to set up a Purchase Intent Feature?

  1. ​Log in to TikTok Ads Manager and select Campaign in the top navigation bar.
  2. ​Select Create to go to the campaign creation page.
  3. ​Select Auction as the Buying Type. Choose between Conversion or Catalog Sales as the Advertising Objective.
  4. ​In Placements, choose Select placement and ensure only TikTok is selected by checking the box.
  5. ​In Interests & Behaviors, click Include people with the following interests, and select Purchase intention.
  6. ​In the Search interests field, choose relevant interests to your audience.
    • Note: We recommend only selecting the category that your product belongs to and its parent category if the audience is not broad enough.
  7. ​In Device, toggle on Targeting expansion. This helps to broaden the target audience and optimize performance.

Final Word

TikTok agency account is a powerful tool that can help businesses, brands, and individuals establish a more robust platform presence and achieve their marketing or advertising goals more effectively. With advanced features, expert support, streamlined account management, and access to the platform’s in-house creative team, a TikTok agency account is ideal for those looking to take their presence on the platform to the next level.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, contact Mega Digital today to learn more about our TikTok agency account services. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals on this exciting and dynamic platform.

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