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Mastering TikTok Promotion Techniques: 4 Unique Features

Are you relentlessly relying on organic reach for your TikTok content? It’s time to reconsider. With TikTok promotion, you can extend your reach beyond your organic network on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. In this blog post, Mega Digital will delve into the ins and outs of the TikTok promotion feature, providing you with all the information and 4 unpredictable features you need to maximize its potential. 

What is TikTok Promotion?

TikTok promotion is a tool for advertising on TikTok that helps to boost visibility and engagement through marketing tactics to reach a wider audience and achieve specific goals. 

By utilizing the promote feature on TikTok, you can analyze various campaign metrics, such as: 

  • The number of video views.
  • The number of likes, comments, and shares.
  • The number of website visits.
  • Demographics and age range of users who interact.

How does TikTok Promote work?

What does promote do on TikTok? Well, with the TikTok Promotion, you can do many things, including unlock many benefits tailored to your specific goals and target audience. Here are some advantages you can enjoy with TikTok Promotion:

  • Amplify your audience reach
  • Effectively target specific user demographics
  • Attract a wave of new followers
  • Boost engagement with increased likes, shares, and comments

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Is it worth paying for TikTok Promotion?

As is always, success in expanding your brand through video promotions is not guaranteed in Marketing. But the TikTok promotion feature stands out with the following:

  • TikTok Promotion in-app integration
  • Precise targeting options
  • Creative tools
  • Algorithmic integration
  • Cost-effectiveness

Running a TikTok promotion campaign costs less money than usual, but is TikTok promotion worth it? Yes, definitely. It offers a convenient, effective, and budget-friendly way to reach a broader and more engaged audience on the platform. With TikTok promotion, you can easily refine your business and brand identity by leveraging the platform’s promotional features. 

What are TikTok promotion rules?

In TikTok promotion campaigns, you can only promote public videos with original or commercial sound. Copyrighted sounds are not eligible for this feature. 

In addition, TikTok promotion rules are the guidelines you need to follow to ensure your promoted content meets the platform’s standards. Here are some critical TikTok promotion rules to keep in mind:

  • Stay in the TikTok Zone: Follow the Ad Review Checklist to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience on the platform. Things you need to avoid are nudity, hate speech, violence, and other prohibited content.
  • Keep it Real, Keep it Transparent: Authenticity is the secret ingredient to success. Be true to yourself, your brand, and your audience. Misleading or deceptive promotion is not allowed. Be transparent about what you’re promoting and why.
  • Age Restrictions: Some content may not be suitable for all age groups. If your promotion is targeted at a specific age group, apply appropriate age restrictions to make sure it reaches the right audience.
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property: You must have the necessary rights and permissions to use any copyrighted or trademarked material in your promoted content. Avoid using someone else’s work without permission or claiming it as your own. Respect the intellectual property of others and give credit where credit is due.

To learn how to create videos that help you connect with your audience and grow as a content creator on TikTok, visit Creator Portal.

It’s essential to review TikTok’s official promotion guidelines and policies to ensure compliance and avoid any penalties or account restrictions like suspension, delivery, or approval issues.

How to set up a TikTok Promotion campaign?

With a well-executed TikTok Promotion campaign, you can unlock new levels of brand awareness, engagement, and business growth. Here’s how to set up a new video campaign to promote an organic video and analyze its performance:

Identify Organic TikTok Videos

Choosing the right video is a critical first step in launching a successful TikTok promotion campaign. Here’s how to identify the perfect organic TikTok videos that align with your objectives:

  • Ensure that the chosen video is original, publicly available content without copyright infringements. 
  • Prioritize videos that have demonstrated organic success and effectively showcase your brand’s authenticity. 
  • Leveraging your most popular content, specifically the one with the widest reach and highest engagement.
Way to find your best TikTok videos with TikTok Promotion
Analyzing your best video will help increase views, website traffic, and follower growth.

To find your best TikTok videos, just follow these steps:

#1: Tap on the hamburger menu (the 3-line icon) in the top-right corner of your TikTok profile

#2: Click on either Creator Tools and then Analytics.

#3: Click on the Content tab to dig into the analytics for your TikTok videos.

#4: Find your top-performing TikTok content based on views, reach, watch time, and engagement.

Choose a Goal

Customize your tiktok ads campaigns
Choose the right goals; then your campaign will easily gain success

Once you have identified organic TikTok videos, the next step is to determine the goals for your TikTok campaign. Consider the following three scopes to guide your decision-making:

  • Increase video views
  • Drive more website visits
  • Gain a larger follower base.
  • More messages from new customers
  • Get more people to view your profile

Choose the goals that align with the video content and CTA so that it receives the highest result possible. 

Set Up Your Campaign

To set up your campaign, you have two options: use the Promote button on a post or go through TikTok Business Suite.

Using TikTok Promote button

To initiate your campaign using the Promote button, you have two options available.

Option #1: 

  • Tap on the three dots located in the bottom-right corner of your video screen. From there, you can begin setting up your TikTok promotion.
  • Tap the Promote button to begin setting up your campaign, starting on the “What is your goal?” page.
Way to set up your TikTok Promotion
Tap on the three dots icon
Way to set up your TikTok Promotion
Choose Promote

Option #2: Tap on the hamburger menu, choose Creator Tools, then Promote. Next, choose the video you wish to promote and select your goal.

Way to set up your TikTok Promotion
Tap on the hamburger menu
Way to set up your TikTok Promotion
Choose Creator tools
Way to set up your TikTok Promotion
Click on Promote

This method allows business account holders to conveniently access the TikTok promotions directly through their account settings. After that, TikTok offers boosting options to help achieve your marketing goals. Originally, TikTok Promote offered three primary targeting options: video views, website visits, and TikTok follows. However, with the latest update on February 8th, 2023, TikTok has expanded its feature set to provide creators with additional ways to enhance their videos:

  • More profile views: goal to increase visits to your TikTok page.
  • More messages: goal to encourage increased interaction with users on the app.
  • Location: targeting option, allowing brands to reach their desired audience more effectively on the platform.

Finally, here’s how your promoted video will appear on the For You Page (FYP) of your target audience.

The CTA button will correspond with your selected boosting options

Analyze the Performance 

You need to check its performance during and after you run your promoted TikTok video campaign. Monitor the performance of your promoted TikTok video campaign by accessing the analytics. Tap the three dots on the post, select “Analytics,” and review the following metrics:

  • Views: Number of times the video played, including loops.
  • Likes: Total number of likes received.
  • Comments: Overall comment count.
  • Shares: Number of times the post was shared.
  • Total play time: Cumulative watch time.
  • Average watch time: Average viewer engagement.
  • Watched the full video: Number of complete views.
  • Reached audience: Total unique viewers.
  • Video views by section: Traffic sources, like For You, followers, hashtags, etc.
  • Video views by region: Audience breakdown by location.

Why is your TikTok promotion not approved?

While creating a TikTok promotion campaign, you will likely encounter cases of being rejected. Because every promoted video goes through a review process before appearing in users’ feeds. If your campaign is not approved, it could be due to lots of reasons like:

  • Inappropriate content or imagery
  • Copyright infringement
  • Misleading claims or information
  • Low-quality ads
  • Ad creative inconsistency
  • Restricted or prohibited products/services

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TikTok Promotion Tips

#1 Analyze the performance of your promoted videos

Estimate the views, comments, shares, and watch time of your promoted videos to understand their impact compared to non-promoted ones. Using the analytics tracked from promotion, you can easily define a successful strategy with a more detailed target audience, optimal time, and content.

#2 Experiment with diverse campaign objectives

With TikTok Promotion, you can experiment with different campaign objectives to measure video performance and optimize your strategy accordingly. Try various objectives like increasing views, driving website visits, or growing your follower base.

By analyzing the results, you can refine your approach and focus on the goals that yield the best results. TikTok Promotion allows for flexibility and data-driven decision-making, helping you enhance your TikTok marketing effectiveness.

#3 Explore TikTok’s automated audience targeting

When aiming to gain new followers on TikTok, you can leverage the platform’s auto audience selection feature to gauge its effectiveness. While manually choosing your target audience involves exploring a specific group, testing TikTok’s audience targeting capabilities allows you to identify various audience segments and track which group yields the highest conversion rate.

This allows you to gain insights into the TikTok algorithm‘s selection process, providing valuable data to expand your presence on the platform. It’s an opportunity to experience and comprehend the algorithm’s potential, empowering your growth on TikTok.

Final Word

Embrace the power of the TikTok Promotion feature to gain a competitive edge. Leverage the trend to enhance brand visibility, attract new followers, and expand brand awareness. If you want to level up your TikTok game and unleash the true potential of your brand, then try TikTok Advertising – the upgrade of TikTok Promotion. With TikTok Advertising, you can have more options in choosing TikTok ad types, advertising objectives, and target settings that align with your campaigns. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity – it’s time to take action and unlock the full potential of TikTok for your business.

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