Understand & Connect with Customers in Niche TikTok Communities

Do you own a business that advertises and sells on TikTok but is struggling to find the right insights for your customers? Do you want to know what trends your target customers are interested in and excited about? If you have these concerns, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you how to use niche TikTok communities to connect with potential customers on TikTok and increase your sales.

What are Niche TikTok Communities?

TikTok’s “For You” algorithm segments users into Niche TikTok communities, with:

  • “Niche” refers to a specific subsection within a broader category. Imagine a large circle representing all TikTok users. Niche communities would be smaller circles within that larger one, each representing a particular interest.
  • “Community” refers to groups that are bound by a common passion or theme. People within a niche community actively engage with each other’s content through comments, likes, and creating related content themselves.

Therefore, TikTok Niche Communities can be understood that are groups of users on the platform who are connected by a shared interest, hobby, or specific focus. These communities often revolve around a particular hashtag or trend that acts as a gathering point for content and interaction.

What are Niche TikTok Communities?

For example, #BookTok, #ArtTok, etc., whether you’re aware of it or not, you also belong to several specialized groups on TikTok.

Why are TikTok Niche Communities Important?

Niche communities on TikTok hold significant value for marketers and businesses due to several key reasons:

TikTok Niche Communities are Important
  • Discovery of New Trends: By staying updated on niche communities, businesses can identify emerging trends and interests within their target market. This allows them to adapt their strategies and potentially capitalize on new opportunities.
  • Targeted Engagement: Unlike broader platforms where content gets scattered, TikTok’s algorithm excels at identifying and segmenting users into niche communities. This allows businesses to tailor their message to a highly relevant audience. Furthermore, viral content from these groups can spill over to wider audiences, influencing mainstream culture.
  • Stronger Connections: Niche communities often foster a close-knit atmosphere. Users share common interests, leading to a higher chance of trust and receptiveness towards content that aligns with their specific needs.
  • Influencer Marketing Potential: Niche communities often revolve around established creators who act as trusted authorities within their field. Partnering with such influencers allows brands to leverage their credibility and reach a dedicated audience effectively.
  • Content Authenticity: Niche communities encourage creators to express themselves authentically within their area of expertise. This authenticity resonates better with the audience compared to generic marketing messages, fostering a more organic brand perception.

In the past, only a few people decided what’s hot and what’s not. However, Gen Z is turning away from everyone being the same and embracing individuality. Every person’s opinion counts in shaping and advancing the culture. Because of this change, specialized groups on TikTok are highly valuable for marketers and businesses in all fields.

How can Brands Tap into Niche TikTok Communities?

When delving into niche TikTok communities, brands must tread carefully to avoid coming across as insincere or opportunistic. Here are 5 essential strategies for brands looking to tap into TikTok’s niche communities effectively:

  • Finding the Niche: While the previous section explored how to engage with established niche communities, discovering your ideal niche on TikTok is another crucial step. Here’s a roadmap to guide you in this process:
    • Analyse your existing strengths and passions to identify potential niches.
    • Research trending hashtags, sounds, and videos to find suitable communities.
    • Analyzing potential niche with the following factors: Audience size, Engagement level, Competition.

Note: You can consult a stay-and-play framework to identify communities to engage with, both in your brand’s domain as well as outside of it:

stay-and-play framework for tiktok niche communities
  • Stay: Establishing familiarity fosters belief and trust
    • Remain active in communities relevant to your brand (e.g., #techtok for tech brands)
    • Nurture your existing audience (loyalists of your brand)
    • Emphasize category, cause, and shared interests
  • Play: Engaging with new communities enhances cultural resonance
    • Explore unexpected and emerging communities—such as participating in discussions on #gamertok as a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) brand.
    • Expand your reach to attract new audiences.
    • Highlight cultural values and innovative approaches.

For both “stay” and “play” communities, it’s important to delve into broader macro-communities as well as niche micro-communities. 

  • Find the Synergy: After finding the niche, it’s important to assess the alignment between your brand and the community’s interests. Seek out collaborations that make sense organically.
    • For instance, if you’re a telecoms company, exploring partnerships with Vanlife creators or Urban Explorers could yield fruitful results. However, venturing into communities like Witchtok might not resonate well with your brand’s identity.
  • Champion Alternative Perspectives: Embrace the opportunity to amplify voices that are often underrepresented within mainstream media is a smart strategy. Collaborating with creators who bring diverse perspectives to the forefront can not only enrich your brand’s content but also demonstrate a genuine commitment to inclusivity.
    • For example, Gymshark’s partnership with creator Fats Timbo, which showcased disabled athletes in a digital series, providing much-needed representation within the fitness community.
  • Authenticity is Key: Authenticity stems from understanding and embracing the community’s values, trends, and language. Don’t just push products. Become a part of the conversation. Partner with niche creators who understand the community’s language and humor. Let them craft content that feels natural within the community. By forging your own path within the culture, you can distinguish your brand from competitors and foster genuine connections with TikTok users.
  • Embrace the Trends: Niche communities thrive on best TikTok trends and challenges. Participate in relevant trends with a creative twist that aligns with your brand. This increases TikTok engagement rate and brand recall.
  • Consider Long-Term Partnerships: Building lasting relationships within TikTok’s niche communities requires more than just one-off collaborations. Consider investing in ambassadorships or long-term partnerships to demonstrate your brand’s ongoing commitment to the community. By becoming a consistent presence, you can solidify your authenticity and cultivate trust among community members.

In conclusion, tapping into TikTok’s niche communities offers immense potential for brands to connect with highly engaged audiences. However, success hinges on authenticity, respect, and a genuine commitment to championing diverse voices and perspectives. By embracing these principles, brands can forge meaningful connections that resonate with TikTok users on a profound level, driving both engagement and brand loyalty in the process.

5+ Popular Niche Communities on TikTok

While trends shift quickly on TikTok, several niche communities consistently thrive due to their dedicated audience and potential for brand partnerships:


TikTok niche communities - foodtok

This massive community revolves around all things food-related. From expert chefs showcasing culinary creations to home cooks sharing delicious recipes, #FoodieTok offers a diverse range of content. Top hashtags include:

  • #Foodtiktok: 8.3M posts
  • #tiktokfood: 3.5M posts
  • #foodtok: 2.6M posts
  • #foodreview: 1.5M posts
  • #recipe: 3.3M posts

Brands in the food and beverage industry can leverage this community to:

  • Promote new products or recipes: Partner with creators to develop unique recipe challenges or food trends featuring your brand’s offerings.
  • Reach a targeted audience: Foodies are often highly engaged and receptive to brands that align with their interests.


TikTok niche communities - booktok

Literature enthusiasts have found a haven on TikTok. Book recommendations, reviews, and discussions flourish within this community. Top hashtags include:

  • #booktok: 30M posts
  • #bookreview: 540.5K posts

Publishers, bookstores, and even authors themselves can benefit by:

  • Partnering with bookstagrammers (book reviewers) to promote new releases.
  • Sponsoring creative challenges like book character cosplays or adaptations.
  • Engaging in discussions and responding to audience queries.


TikTok niche communities - diytok

This community is a haven for crafters and creative minds. DIY enthusiasts share project tutorials, hacks, and home improvement tips. Top hashtags include:

  • #diy: 21M posts
  • #doityourself: 451.8K posts
  • #diyproject: 1.4M posts

Brands related to crafting supplies, tools, or home improvement materials can:

  • Partner with creators to showcase the use of their products in DIY projects.
  • Sponsor creative challenges that encourage viewers to utilize their brand’s materials.
  • Offer exclusive tutorials or workshops led by DIY experts.


TikTok niche communities - gamingtok

 #GamingTok stands out as a vibrant community pulsating with millions of passionate gamers. This niche offers fertile ground for brands seeking to connect with a highly engaged audience. Top hashtags include:

  • #gamingontiktok: 10.8M posts
  • #mobilegames: 414.8K posts
  • #WhatToPlay: 1.9M posts

Gaming companies and related brands can:

  • Partner with popular gamers to promote new releases or host gameplay sessions.
  • Sponsor gaming challenges or tournaments to generate excitement and engagement.
  • Develop creative ad campaigns that resonate with the gaming community’s interests.


TikTok niche communities - SustainabilityTok

Businesses can’t afford to ignore the booming #SustainabilityTok community. Gen Z, a generation known for prioritizing environmental action, actively shapes this space. Their focus on sustainability directly impacts their purchasing decisions, making them a crucial target market. #SustainabilityTok not only educates viewers about ethical practices but also holds businesses accountable for their environmental impact. Top hashtags include:

  • #ecofriendly: 589K posts
  • #Sustainability: 383.5K posts
  • #lowwaste: 24.3K posts

Sustainability companies and related brands can:

  • Sharing practical tips for reducing waste, adopting sustainable habits, and advocating for environmental protection.
  • creative solutions to reuse items, upcycle materials, and promote mindful consumption.
  • Holding businesses responsible for their environmental impact.
  • Partner with creators to showcase sustainable products and their benefits.
  • Support informative videos about environmental issues and solutions relevant to your industry.
  • Participate in discussions and relevant trends.
  • Host workshops or AMAs featuring sustainability experts.
  • Encourage user-generated content showcasing sustainable practices with your brand.


TikTok niche communities - fashiontok

#FashionTok has become a vibrant online space where fashion enthusiasts gather to share trends, express personal style, and discover new ideas. This community pulsates with creativity, offering a unique landscape for brands to connect with a passionate audience. Top hashtags include:

  • #outfits: 2.9M posts
  • #OOTD: 19.4M posts
  • #fashion: 54.6M posts

Fashion brands can: 

  • Partner with fashion influencers to showcase new collections and styles in engaging ways.
  • Utilize the platform to share the story behind your brand, highlighting design inspiration and ethical practices.
  • Encourage viewers to share their outfits featuring your brand using specific hashtags or challenges.

These are just a few examples, and the landscape of niche communities on TikTok is constantly evolving. By staying updated on trends and understanding the unique characteristics of each community, brands can leverage the power of niche marketing to connect with a highly engaged audience and achieve their marketing objectives.

Tips to Use Niche TikTok Communities Effectively

Niche communities on TikTok offer a powerful platform for targeted engagement and audience growth. Here’s a breakdown of effective tips to maximize your presence within these communities:

Tip 1: Take Your Shoes Off at the Door

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of engaging with TikTok’s niche communities is respecting their space and culture. It’s essential to adhere to their rules and norms. Leave your ego at the door, prioritize authenticity over self-promotion, and ensure that your brand adds value to the community without overstaying its welcome.

Tip 2: Become a Valued Contributor

Don’t just promote yourself. Share informative or entertaining content relevant to the niche. This establishes you as a knowledgeable and engaged member.

Furthermore, you should:

  • Respond to comments
  • Participate in discussions
  • Collaborate with other creators
  • Build relationships fosters a sense of community and encourages interaction with your content.

Tip 3: Operate in the Culture, Not the Category

To resonate with TikTok’s younger demographic, it’s essential to break free from traditional marketing norms and immerse yourself in the cultural nuances of each niche community.

Tip 4: Use Hashtag Smartly

Absolutely, using hashtags strategically is vital for maximizing reach within your niche community on TikTok. Here’s how to incorporate smart hashtag practices:

  • Hashtag Research: Explore popular hashtags within your niche. Utilize relevant hashtags to increase the discoverability of your content by users searching for that specific niche.
  • Mix of Popular & Niche Hashtags: Don’t solely rely on the most popular hashtags. While they offer high visibility, the competition can be fierce. Include a healthy mix of popular hashtags relevant to your niche and less competitive ones with a dedicated following. This increases the chances of your content being discovered by users actively searching for your specific niche.
  • Trending Niche Hashtags: Keep an eye out for trending hashtags within your niche community. By incorporating these trending hashtags, you can gain exposure to a wider audience within your niche who are actively engaging with current trends.
  • Create Branded Hashtag Challenge: Branded Hashtag Challenge (HTC) is a type of TikTok ad that builds brand recognition and increas you need to contact authorized partners of TikTok such as Mega Digital for support booking slot with TikTok.

Tip 5: Expanding Your Reach

While niche communities offer a strong foundation for audience growth, maximizing your reach requires venturing outside your immediate circle. Here are additional strategies to broaden your reach on TikTok:

  • Balance Niche & Broader Content: While niche-specific content is crucial, occasionally create videos with broader appeal that can resonate with a wider audience. This can include evergreen topics, popular trends outside your niche, or informative content with mass appeal.
  • Leverage Stitch & Duet Features: Utilize the “Stitch” and “Duet” features to collaborate with creators outside your niche. This allows you to tap into their audience and gain exposure to new viewers.
  • Explore the “For You” Page: The “For You” page curates content based on your watch history and interests. Engage with content outside your niche that appears interesting. This informs the algorithm about your broader interests and might surface your content to users with similar viewing preferences.
  • Collaborations: Partner with influencers outside your niche but with a target audience that aligns with your brand or content style. This can significantly increase your reach and expose you to a new audience segment.
  • TikTok Ads: Consider utilizing TikTok’s advertising platform to target a wider audience with your content. Paid advertising allows for specific TikTok Ads targeting options based on demographics, interests, and behaviors, ensuring your message reaches the right viewers. Let’s explore and expert 11 TikTok Ads types with our ebook below.

Final word

Mastering niche communities on TikTok unlocks a treasure trove of engaged viewers and potential brand loyalty. Tailored content, strategic hashtags, and active participation foster a strong foundation within your specific interest. Let your personality shine through, get those creative juices flowing, and leverage our top 11 TikTok Video Ideas to captivate your audience article to give your content an ultimate chance to soar to extraordinary heights.

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