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9 tips to catch up with Black Friday on TikTok Mega Sales 2023

As the holiday season approaches, the anticipation for Black Friday, one of the year’s biggest shopping events, begins to rise among shoppers. In this whirlwind of sales and discounts, TikTok emerges as a dynamic marketing platform that can significantly elevate your Black Friday campaigns. With its massive user base and unparalleled engagement rates, TikTok offers a unique opportunity to amplify your brand’s reach and impact during this shopping extravaganza. Let’s dive into the world of TikTok marketing for Black Friday and unravel 9 tips to make the most of this holiday season!

Why is TikTok important for Black Friday Sales?

The diversity and relevancy of the content available on TikTok are major factors in its popularity among teenagers and young adults. 42% of TikTok users say they use the app to find new things, and 30% keep up with the newest products and trends. As a result, TikTok serves as a fantastic marketing tool for both large and small companies looking to launch new products and services or promote special deals like Black Friday.

TikTok users' preference

The user base is another factor that makes it a good choice for Black Friday marketing on TikTok. More than 60% of users on TikTok are from Generation Z. As members of the “digital native” generation, they are sharp at discovering products. According to 61% of Gen Z, discounts and coupons can motivate them to try a new product. To make it more clear, it was discovered that 88% of TikTok users shopped during Black Friday 2021 and were prone to spend more in the following year.

Another benefit is that TikTok makes it simple for consumers to share their favorite purchases. UGC is ideal for building trust, which will lead to an increase in sales. Your revenues could soar if you successfully market to your original TikTok audience.

For the above-mentioned reasons, TikTok is the perfect fit for your brands to start promoting deals and coupons for this Black Friday Sale Season.

8 tips to stay on top with Black Friday on TikTok

TikTok Marketing plan for Black Friday

So, how to get started with the Black Friday campaign on TikTok? What should you do first? Thankfully, TikTok has many functions optimized for selling and marketing products on its platform. You could check out some of our advice for TikTok marketing tips and best ad examples to operate on TikTok all year around. Or get all these 9 tips to boost your TikTok sales in the Black Friday season!

#1 Use the Black Friday hashtag for your caption

Hashtag is one of the most influential factors that work so well on TikTok. It is somewhat like the Google Search system, which shows users the content if they actively search or follow relevant hashtags on TikTok. Therefore, containing Black Friday’s hashtags in the caption will get your videos to high-quality users who have engaged with a specific objective in mind. 

By positioning yourself in the path of these active users, you can trick the TikTok algorithm into considering your video to be highly engaging, which will get you more viewers. The key to do right now is choosing the ideal hashtag. Make sure your hashtag includes fitting terms and is simple to find. You can combine both short-tail and long-tail keywords to target as many customers as possible. 

Example: Use #BlackFridayDeals (1.2B views) to promote products to viewers who are interested in purchasing deals. And utilizing the 60.2 million viewers of #makeupdeals to cater to users who enjoy shopping for cosmetics.

Mega Digital suggests some specific hashtags that have large followings and are perfect for sales on Black Friday:

TikTok Black Friday's hashtags

#2 Don’t forget TikTok SEO to make your product visible

Optimizing your content for search is a game-changer, especially when it comes to maximizing your Black Friday campaign’s impact. With the recent introduction of TikTok Shop in the US market, the platform has evolved into a significant hub for holiday shopping.

Tricks to do TikTok SEO keywords

Leverage TikTok’s search capabilities by incorporating relevant keywords, trending hashtags, and catchy descriptions in your videos. Align these elements with the essence of your Black Friday offerings to ensure your products are prominently featured and easily discoverable. With TikTok’s expanding e-commerce features, mastering TikTok SEO can considerably enhance your brand’s visibility and ultimately drive more traffic and conversions during this bustling shopping season. Stay tuned to unravel more strategies to amplify your Black Friday marketing on TikTok!

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#3 Opt for niche products catering to target audience

TikTok top trending products by seasons

As you gear up for Black Friday on TikTok, precision is key. Tailoring your product selection to resonate with your specific target audience can significantly elevate your campaign’s success. Niche products designed for a particular demographic or interest group can capture attention more effectively.

Consider the preferences, needs, and interests of your target audience. Align your Black Friday offerings with these insights to curate a selection of products that truly appeal to them. Understanding your audience and presenting them with trending products can lead to higher engagement, conversions, and a successful Black Friday marketing spree on TikTok.

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#4 Offer privileged purchase options and discount vouchers

TikTok campaigns for Black Friday are a terrific way to gift your audiences with discounts and coupons. You may boost that perceived value by establishing exclusivity for your TikTok audience. Give special early access to deals to your TikTok audience as a reward for completing challenges or doing additional tasks.

Include a discount code in your video and caption, such as “TikTok20%Off”. Tracking this can help you determine where your sales are coming from and also interact with your users.

Example: Walmart with the #DealDropDance

Walmart with the #DealDropDance
Source: TikTok

The #DealDropDance hashtag challenge has raised enthusiasm for Walmart’s Black Friday special offers. For a chance to win a $100 Walmart gift card, users were encouraged to post a video using the hashtag #DealDropDance, which generated over 2B hits in less than a week, while the content received more than 700M total impressions.

#5 Make use of UGC for Black Friday

Nothing is more effective and influential than UGC content on TikTok. That’s because 92% of customers are looking for reviews and recommendations from existing customers. Moreover, 87% of brands are using UGC to share authentic content with their consumers. Promoting participation in contests and giveaways is an excellent approach to getting UGC for Black Friday. Collaborating with an influencer to spread the word will have even more of an impact.

Don’t get too immersed in promoting your deals and coupons while forgetting that TikTok is a content playground for users. There are some popular types of content that you can apply to your videos in the Black Friday season, like shopping hauls, tips & tricks, Q&A, before & after, etc. Haul videos, for example, where a favorite creator gives product comparisons and breakdowns, can help audiences feel more confident in their purchase decisions.

Including giveaways in your videos is also a great way to attract customers. A nice prize plus an interesting competition form is the core of a successful selling trick. Ensure that your award is something for which participants will want to compete. Your audience can participate in the activity by filling out a form or tagging others. Building a strong brand-audience relationship is paramount; fortunately, TikTok provides an array of tools to facilitate just that. Features such as TikTok Pulse and TikTok Creative Challenge offer a dynamic platform for brands to connect with their audience while making a substantial impact genuinely.

@the_xebec GIVEAWAY: New Challenge. The Comments with no replies will be entered into our giveaway to win a free Tri-Screen! Closes 11/18 #giveaway #blackfriday ♬ THATS WHAT I WANT – Lil Nas X

Black Friday in 2022 is nowhere similar to 2023’s Black Friday; therefore, it is necessary that you make new and updated content tailored only for this season. Catching TikTok trends is a superb method to guarantee that your content is always fresh. TikTok has a Discovery section that includes all the happening trends with hashtags and sounds. Use popular hashtags, include popular sounds in your TikTok video, or even create your own original sound to stay unique. 

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#7 Work with KOC/KOL/influencers

Working with influencers can help you to track down both UGC content and going viral objectives. TikTok influencers always have a loyal fanbase ready to buy the products that they recommend. And they also know exactly what to do to make it out on the trending sections. For instance, brands can cooperate with influencers to make a shopping list including all items and deals for audiences interacting with the video. 

This campaign’s key factor is choosing the most suitable influencer. You can make use of TikTok Creator Marketplace and remember to choose the influencers that connect with the audience in your niche to target the most out of them.

Example: To promote its Black Friday sale, Ulta Beauty hired TikTok star @mikaylanogueira, who has 14.6 million followers, to produce make-up content like tutorials and product demos.

Ulta Beauty on Black Friday
Source: TikTok

#8 Utilize the built-in shopping features of TikTok

TikTok’s long-awaited in-app purchasing function has now been smoothly linked with Shopify, allowing users to purchase items featured in the videos they watch. This feature facilitates the process of turning interest into conversion. E-commerce sellers are all aware that the fewer barriers buyers face before making a purchase, the more likely it is to turn to sales. 

Even if your Black Friday sale offers a great deal, there’s a potential that many consumers won’t hesitate to skip it because they’re not yet ready to leave TikTok. This Shopify integration is major news since it allows all those users to access your deals while still on TikTok. In addition to labeling products in videos, brands can design a small storefront where users can make purchases.

Or make it more seamless, let’s use TikTok Shop! Sync your Shopify catalog effortlessly, and utilize TikTok shopping ad bundles to promote your product range to diverse potential customers effortlessly.

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#9 Get worldwide with TikTok Ads

Explore 11 TikTok Ad Types

When it comes to captivating a global audience, TikTok dropshipping ads are your go-to strategy. Have a thrilling game or a shopping app for promotion? Run In-Feed Ads seamlessly blending with a user’s personal feed, creating awareness and driving those much-desired app downloads. For your brand’s unbeatable Black Friday deals, opt for the TopView Ad – capturing 100% of user attention the instant they open TikTok on this Black Friday. Additionally, consider TikTok Catalog Listing Ads to showcase a range of products within your collection effectively. Don’t hesitate to implement TikTok add-ons for special effects like countdown, promotions, etc.

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Upgrading to a TikTok Ad Agency account is a game-changer, especially during holiday seasons like Black Friday. It offers unparalleled advantages for businesses aiming to expand their reach across international markets and utilize a variety of ad formats. From engaging In-Feed Ads to impactful TopView Ads and efficient Catalog Listing Ads, the TikTok Agency account provides a comprehensive toolkit to elevate your marketing strategies and maximize success during this crucial shopping period.

TikTok is fast-paced, making pre-planning content a bit of a headache. Missing the timing of a trend can be pretty obvious and awkward. For swiftly rising trends, the key is to hop on them promptly. As you spend more time on the platform, you’ll grasp which short-lived trends have staying power. If you’re not yet a TikTok expert, no worries. We’ve compiled proven formulas that consistently work. These trends revolve around crafting a hook that grabs users’ attention and halts their scrolling.

Black Friday Hauls

Craft a video of a shopping spree, either online or in your physical stores. Transition to showcasing the haul of new goodies. Detail the discounts, bundles, and special offers.

Hashtags to consider: #blackfridaydeals #blackfriday2023 #haul #christmashaul #shoppinghaul

Must-Know Deals

Curate a video spotlighting your brand’s enticing deals. For an extra touch of authenticity, highlight complementary offers from your collaborative partners. Let’s build that sense of community! And don’t forget to make your ads appealing with TikTok interactive add-ons for superior placement for promotions.

Hashtags to consider:  #blackfriday2023 #blackfridaydeals #christmasgiftideas #giftguide2023


Treat yourself AND earn bonus @pc_optimum points with this month’s top beauty offers at Shoppers Drug Mart! #ShoppersBeauty #canadiandeals #pcoptimum

♬ original sound – shoppersbeauty

Unboxing Adventures

Especially effective if it’s “oddly satisfying” or ASMR-inspired. Mention that the product was snagged during a Black Friday deal.

Hashtags to consider: #unboxing #blackfriday2023 #ASMR


Been searching all over for this series and finally!!! Space Adventure Sonny Angels🪐🌌🚀 ⋆。゚☁︎。⋆ #spaceadventure #sonnyangels #sonnyangelunboxing #sonnyangeltok #sonnyangelsusa @sonnyangel.usa

♬ original sound – Han ༘⋆✿

Get Ready With Me (GRWM)

Make Black Friday a part of your “Get Ready With Me” routine with a “GRWM: Black Friday edition.” Display your array of Black Friday deals, mixing them with non-sale items or going all-out on sale items. Whether it’s clothing, makeup, beauty, or accessories—flex your creativity!

Hashtags to consider: #outfit #winter (or relevant season) #grwm

Join Me on a Shopping Spree

For brick-and-mortar stores, give viewers a virtual shopping experience. Begin with a time-lapse of your journey from the street to your store. Slow down as you explore and pick up products and deals. Showcase the process of adding items to your basket while highlighting in-store attractions.

Hashtags to consider: #comeshopwithme #mallshopping #shoppingaddict


I was not expecting all that from Five Below 😳👏🏼💸 #fivebelow #fivebelowfinds #comeshoppingwithme

♬ original sound – cortneydryden


What’s the best way to announce Black Friday sales?

Utilize email marketing to reach your existing customer base, employ social media marketing with engaging visuals and videos to capture a wider audience, collaborate with influencers for added visibility, run targeted paid ad campaigns, and optimize your website with Black Friday keywords for improved SEO. Additionally, consider pre-sale events, limited-time offers, and push notifications to create a sense of exclusivity and urgency. Engage with customer feedback, measure campaign performance, and tailor your strategies for maximum impact. A cohesive and well-executed multi-channel approach will drive anticipation and engagement for your Black Friday promotions.

When should I start promoting Black Friday sales?

Emailing beforehand, especially if you’re launching early deals in September or October. Prepare your audience mentally and set the buying mood in advance. However, the emails right before Black Friday are pivotal. Sustain the momentum through Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday by sending promotional emails.

Ebook TikTok Holiday 2023: How to drivve engagement and sales

Black Friday TikTok is easy!

TikTok is a fantastic platform for engaging with users and igniting their passion for your brand. Black Friday and TikTok are the ideal combinations to gain attention and entice customers with fantastic discounts. Doing this lets you break through the clutter during this hectic time and establish a genuine connection—for Cyber Monday and beyond.

Don’t miss the opportunity to save time and promote your products quickly for your mega sales this year. Contact Mega Digital now!

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