12 Best Brands on TikTok: Discover the strategy to be successful

TikTok serves as a creative hub for not only content creators but also brands to express their identities and engage with consumers. Brands will be able to communicate more effectively and gain customer insights for branding and sales initiatives thanks to TikTok. Check out the 12 best brands on TikTok with outstanding campaigns!

Best Brands on TikTok in Sport and Fitness Industry

Gymshark, Nike, and Adidas are top sports and fitness brands on TikTok due to their ability to showcase their products, engage with their audience, and create a sense of community through unique and innovative content. Let’s see what their strategies are!

#1 Gymshark

One of the best brands on TikTok is Gymshark, a fitness apparel company based in the UK. With nearly 5 million followers and 70 million likes, Gymshark has become a leading brand in the fitness and activewear space on the platform. 

Influencer Collaborations

Gymshark has mastered the art of influencer collaborations on TikTok. They have worked with a wide range of TikTok creators, from fitness gurus to fashion influencers, such as Holly H, Nabela Noor, and Demi Bagby, to showcase the brand’s apparel and promote their message of body positivity and self-confidence. 

Gymshark best brands on TikTok
Source: TikTok

By partnering with popular influencers, Gymshark is able to expand their reach and connect with new audiences.

User-Generated Content

They encourage their followers to create videos featuring their products, which are then shared on the brand’s official account. This creates a sense of community around the brand and allows Gymshark to display their products more genuinely.

Inspirational Content

Gymshark’s content is not only focused on showcasing their products but also on inspiring their followers to live a healthy and active lifestyle. They create motivational and inspirational content that encourages users to work towards their fitness goals, with the message that Gymshark’s products can help them get there.

#2 Nike

Nike, with almost 4 million followers and 12.5 million likes, is the coolest brand on TikTok due to their influencer partnerships, authentic and relatable content, and creative campaigns: 

Influencer Partnerships

Nike has partnered with several high-profile TikTok influencers to promote their products. This includes partnering with popular TikTokers such as Addison Rae and Lil Nas X, who have millions of followers on the platform. These influencers create engaging content featuring Nike’s products, which helps to increase brand awareness and reach.

Authentic and Relatable Content

Nike features athletes and normal people using their products in a variety of settings, which helps to showcase the versatility and functionality of their products. They also share content that highlights their brand values, such as diversity and inclusivity, which resonates with younger audiences.


More Precision 🎯 More Gavi 👾 Flying disks is the test. #Gavi is up to the challenge in the #Phantom Link. #football

♬ original sound – Nike

Creative Challenges

Nike has implemented several creative challenges on TikTok that have gone viral on the platform. For example, they launched the “MagicBoots” challenge, where fans were urged to showcase a football trick whilst wearing their Nike boots. This type of content not only showcases their products but also encourages user participation and engagement.


‘I’m just too quick for him!’ 😉⚡️👟 What would you do with #MagicBoots ? @nike #cfc #chelsea #tammy #abraham #nike #fyp

♬ “WOAH!” – Cashino

#3 Adidas

Adidas has garnered a significant following on TikTok with more than 4.5 million followers and 28.6 million likes, making it a top-performing brand in the sportswear industry on the platform. Their achievements on the platform can be traced back to several factors:

Engaging and Fun Content

Adidas’ primary target demographic is young individuals who like outdoor activities and are involved in sports. Consequently, they create fun and entertaining content around everyday life to attract audiences and encourage them to use the product more.

Showcasing their Brand Values

Adidas uses TikTok to showcase their values as a brand that commits to sustainability, diversity, and inclusivity. Besides, they promote content related to social causes through their marketing campaigns. For example, Adidas cooperated with Parley for the Oceans to raise awareness about the negative impact of plastic waste on marine life. They launched a range of sustainable products made from recycled plastic. 

Then, they utilized their social media channels to promote environmental initiatives and encourage consumers to make more sustainable choices.

adidas parley
Source: TikTok

Behind-the-Scenes Access

Adidas uses TikTok to provide behind-the-scenes access to their product launches and events. This creates a sense of exclusivity and makes their audience feel like they are part of the brand’s inner circle.

Best Brands on TikTok in Cosmetic Industry

Rare Beauty, Fenty Beauty, and The Ordinary have all established a strong presence on TikTok by crafting captivating videos that connect with their target audience. Their consistent efforts have enabled them to engage with their followers on a deeper level, leading to increased brand loyalty and awareness. Read on to learn more about their specific strategies on TikTok.

#4 Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty is a beauty brand launched by Selena Gomez in 2020 that has significantly impacted TikTok with over 2.9 million followers and 42.4 million likes. They are one of the best beauty brands on TikTok due to their empowering and authentic messaging, showcasing their product range through tutorials and product reviews, and participating in viral trends:

Empowering and Authentic Messaging

Rare Beauty uses their platform to spread positive messages about self-acceptance and inclusivity. This type of messaging resonates with a younger audience who values authenticity and empowerment.


On a nice romantic date with myself, dont text #rarebeauty #selenagomez

♬ original sound – Rare Beauty

Showcasing their Product Range

Rare Beauty uses TikTok to showcase their product range through tutorials and product reviews. They create content that highlights the unique features of their products and demonstrates how to use them effectively. This type of content is highly informative and valuable to their audience.


You asked. We listened. Three NEW SHADES of the best-selling Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Stick just dropped @sephora, @spacenk and rarebeauty.com 👏🏻👏🏽👏🏿 The new additions: BRIGHT SIDE – soft tan with cool undertones GOOD ENERGY – medium brown with neutral undertones ON THE HORIZON – deep bronze with golden undertones #rarebeauty #bronzer #creambronzer #brandnew #newshades #bronzerhack #bronzerroutine

♬ original sound – Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty actively participates in viral trends on TikTok, such as the “What’s in my makeup bag” and “Get ready with me” challenges. This allows them to engage with their audience and increase brand awareness.

#5 Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty, a leader in the cosmetics industry, has claimed the top spot as one of the best TikTok brands. They have successfully engaged Gen Z and Millennial audiences on the platform, resulting in a large following of over 2 million and 40.5 million likes. Their triumph on the platform can be credited to various factors:

Diversity and Inclusivity

Fenty Beauty has always been known for its commitment to diversity and inclusivity, which is reflected in their TikTok content. They showcase a wide range of skin tones and types in their makeup tutorials and often collaborate with TikTok creators from diverse backgrounds.

Fenty Beauty Best Brands on TikTok in Cosmetic Industry
Source: TikTok

Educational and Informative Content

Fenty Beauty’s content strategy on TikTok is centered around education and information. They create informative tutorials that teach users to achieve different makeup looks using their products. They also use TikTok to introduce new products and shades, creating hype and anticipation among their followers.


@katiehub.org’s lashes are HELLA lashing wit our NEW #HellaThiccMascara 👁️🔍😜 Tap into our filter to see your eyes transform, with every coat✨✨ Pull up to ya nearest @sephora or @ultabeauty cuz our volumizing mascara is NOW available in-stores too!! 🖤

♬ Rap to This Beat – Michael Brooke

Authenticity and Transparency

Fenty Beauty’s commitment to authenticity and transparency is also reflected in their TikTok content. They often showcase behind-the-scenes looks at their product development process and highlight the diverse team behind the brand. This creates a sense of trust and authenticity with their followers.


That #FENTYGAMEFACE never fumbles! 💯🏈 Start the play with a layer of #HYDRAVIZOR to tackle any SPF worries 🌞 Then, touchdown on #PROFILTRFOUNDATION for that fresh AF, soft matte flex 💪🏿💪🏾💪🏽 #GAMEDAY is just 6 days away, so re-up on the essentials now to prep for the big day at the 🔗 in bio, @sephora, @sephoracanada, and #sephoraxkohls 🏆

♬ original sound – Fenty Beauty

Engaging Hashtag Campaigns

Fenty Beauty has also launched several successful hashtag campaigns on TikTok, including #TheNextFentyFace. These challenges encourage user-generated content (UGC) and create a sense of community around the brand.

Engaging Hashtag Campaigns of Fenty Beauty
Source: TikTok

#6 The Ordinary

To name the beauty best brands on TikTok, you can’t miss The Ordinary. It is one of the best brands on TikTok for skincare that has gained a significant following on TikTok (nearly 650k followers) through its unique marketing strategy. Here are a few ways The Ordinary has marketed itself on TikTok:

Educational Content

The Ordinary has created a series of educational videos to explain the science behind skincare ingredients and how they work. This has helped to demystify skincare and make it more accessible to consumers.

User-generated content 

The Ordinary encourages users to create their own content using their products and share it on social media. As a result, their audience engagement has increased and a feeling of community has been built around the brand.

the ordinary user-generated content
Source: TikTok

Product tutorials

The brand has also created tutorials to show users how to use their products effectively. This has aided in raising brand recognition and motivating customers to try their products. Overall, by creating informative and engaging content, The Ordinary has been able to build a loyal following and establish themselves as a leading skincare brand on the platform.

Best Brands on TikTok in Food and Beverage Industry

Dunkin, Oreo, and Redbull have successfully caught the interest of TikTok users in the food and beverage industry through their unique and amusing content that perfectly reflects their brand image. Keep reading to discover the specifics of their TikTok strategies.

#7 Dunkin

Dunkin is a popular coffee and donut chain that has become a massive success on TikTok. With over 3 million followers and 23.5 million likes, the brand has effectively leveraged the platform to promote products, engage with the audience, and showcase brand values through the following strategy:

Authentic and Relatable Content

Dunkin shows a genuine connection between Dunkin staff and customers, as well as user-generated content that creatively emphasizes the brand’s goods. With this strategy, they are positioned as a brand that is approachable and enjoyable, and it helps them forge a strong connection with their consumers.

Creative and Timely Campaigns

Dunkin is highly aware of the latest trends on TikTok and is quick to jump on them with creative campaigns. For example, they launched the “Charli Cold Brew” campaign with popular TikToker Charli D’Amelio, who filmed herself going to various Dunkin locations and placing orders, usually getting a cold brew. This campaign quickly went viral, boosting Dunkin’s cold brew orders by 45% and increasing app downloads by 57%.

Source: Mega Digital

Brand Values

Dunkin’s content on TikTok also showcases the brand’s values, such as community involvement and sustainability. 

For example, they launched the #DunkinOrder challenge encouraging users to showcase their unique Dunkin order, which helped to foster a sense of community and connection among Dunkin fans.

Dunkin best brands on TikTok in F&B industry
Source: TikTok

#8 Oreo

Oreo is a beloved cookie brand that has achieved great success on TikTok, with nearly 2 million followers and 19 million likes. They have effectively leveraged the platform to become a must-mention brand when discussing the best food brands on TikTok. 

Let’s look at some of the strategies Oreo has implemented to market themselves effectively on TikTok.

Creative Content

Orea creates entertaining videos that pair their familiar products with young personalities. Oreo’s short, snappy recipe videos on TikTok remind fans of their childhood. Oreos also develops a more personal social media grid by blending DIY recipes with more expert ones. 

User-Generated Content

They create challenges and contests encouraging users to showcase their creativity and love for Oreo cookies. For instance, to promote their new Mega Stuf cookie, they started the #WhatsYourStuf TikTok campaign in January 2020. The campaign had 4.2 billion views, and the ingenuity of TikTok’s predominantly Gen-Z audience aided Oreo in meeting its main aim of “communicating the brand’s playful purpose through on-target activations”.

Oreo UGC
Source: TikTok

Brand Values

Oreo’s content on TikTok also showcases the brand’s values, such as inclusivity and diversity. For example, they launched a campaign to celebrate Pride Month, featuring a rainbow Oreo cookie and a donation to the organization. This type of content resonates with younger audiences who value socially responsible brands.

#9 Redbull

Red Bull is one of the best brands on TikTok for energy drinks, with approximately 8.5 million followers and 141.8 million likes.

Sports and Adventure Content

Redbull showcases extreme sports and adventure activities by featuring breathtaking footage of athletes performing incredible feats, such as snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing. This type of content appeals to a younger audience that values adrenaline and excitement.


and *that* is Red Bull Foxhunt 😏    you can watch the full edit on our Red Bull Youtube channel 📺   #redbull #givesyouwiiings #redbullfoxhunt #bike #mtb

♬ original sound – Red Bull

Music Content

Red Bull incorporates music into their TikTok content. Specifically, they feature well-known artists performing in Red Bull-sponsored events or showcase music-related content such as dance videos, live performances, and festivals. This type of content appeals to music lovers and helps to expand the brand’s reach further.

Brand Values

They showcase the brand’s values, such as pushing boundaries and living life to the fullest. For example, they launched the #givesyouwings challenge, which encourages users to showcase their own unique talents and accomplishments. This type of content resonates with a younger audience who value brands that inspire and empower them.

Best Brands on TikTok in Luxury Industry

Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Dior are considered the best brands on TikTok in the luxury industry because they have effectively utilized the platform to showcase their luxury products and build brand awareness through creative and high-quality content that aligns with their brand identity. Check out their strategies below!

#10 Louis Vuitton 

Louis Vuitton, a prominent brand in the luxury fashion industry, has become a significant presence on TikTok with 8.6 million followers and 53.4 million likes. To gain these results, they conducted the following marketing strategy:


Louis Vuitton’s content on TikTok is known for being visually stunning and creative. They showcase their latest fashion collections in unique and imaginative ways, such as using stop-motion animation or featuring high-profile models in their videos. This type of content appeals to a younger audience who value creativity and uniqueness.

Behind-the-Scenes Content

Louis Vuitton also showcases behind-the-scenes content on TikTok, giving their audience a glimpse into the creative process behind their latest collections. This type of content helps to build a closer connection between the brand and the audience, as it humanizes the brand and showcases dedication to their craft.

Luxury Lifestyle Content

Louis Vuitton features their products in aspirational ways. This includes featuring their products in exotic locations, with high-end models or celebrities, and in carefully crafted scenarios that convey a sense of luxury and exclusivity. 

For example, their TikTok videos may show their designer handbags carried by models walking through the streets of Paris or used as a chic accessory for a high-end event. This type of content not only highlights the quality and style of their products but also reinforces their brand image as a symbol of luxury and sophistication.

#11 Gucci 

With 3 million followers, the high-end Italian company Gucci is by far one of the best brands on TikTok, indicating that the TikTok community connects with Gucci’s strategy for using the platform for marketing. Gucci’s tips for its enormous success on TikTok include:

Creative and Eye-Catching Content

Gucci’s content on TikTok is known for being visually stunning and creative. They showcase their latest fashion collections in unique and imaginative ways, such as using bold colors, interesting camera angles, and unique editing techniques. This type of content appeals to a younger audience who value creativity and uniqueness.


Twisting together heritage codes. #adidasxGucci #Gucci

♬ suono originale – Gucci

Community Building

Gucci has also used TikTok to build a community of followers passionate about fashion and creativity. They regularly engage with their followers by asking for viewers’ input on new collections or hosting contests and challenges encouraging user-generated content. By fostering a sense of community and interaction, Gucci has built a loyal following on TikTok.

community building of Gucci
Source: TikTok


Gucci features a diverse range of models and creators in their TikTok content, promoting inclusivity and celebrating different cultures and identities.

#12 Dior 

With a following of 4.9 million and nearly 35 million likes, Dior has established itself as one of the top brands on TikTok. Their success on the platform can be attributed to their effective marketing strategies, which include the following tactics:

Unique and Creative Content

Dior showcases their latest fashion collections innovatively, using augmented reality (AR) filters and motion graphics.


“The #DiorAddict reveals new shades with dazzling shine and four iconic new cases. Iconic and radiant like Jisoo“ highlights @Peter Philips Creative and Makeup Director for Dior Makeup.   #DiorBeauty #DiorMakeup #DiorAddict

♬ son original – Dior

Behind-the-scenes Content

To offer a peek into the world of high fashion, Dior has shared exclusive behind-the-scenes content on TikTok, building brand loyalty and creating a stronger connection with their audience.


Come behind the scenes with Orelsan for the #GrisDior campaign. #DiorBeauty #DareInGrisDior #DiorLaCollectionPrivee

♬ original sound – Dior


Dior creates a sense of exclusivity by showcasing their high-end products and luxury lifestyle. They also create content that features celebrities and high-profile individuals wearing their latest fashion collections. This creates a sense of aspiration among their audience and increases the perceived value of their products.

Final Word

These 12 best brands on TikTok in this article are a great resource for ideas to build up your own branding account or want to generate sales for one specific campaign. TikTok is a playground to showcase your authenticity and creativity, so don’t hesitate to express yourself and do everything to the fullest!

If you want to improve your TikTok strategy, you can also check out our 5 effective strategies that go viral to find the one that suits your brand the best.

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