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[NEWS] Changes to our TikTok advertising service pricing from Mar 17, 2023

With Q1/23 nearing its end, we were fortunate to be named the fastest-growing TikTok agency and stood among the top 3 TikTok agencies in the region. This achievement cannot be possible without the support of our customers, and we feel like being in the position that we are, it’s time to give back something!

Understanding our fee structure

The total cost of our advertising fees can be broken down into 3 parts, as standard with almost every other advertising service provider, which includes:

  • Transaction fee/Payment processing fee: a percentage of the transaction value charged by 3rd party payment service provider.
  • Service fee: a percentage of the advertising amount that we charge for providing our services.
  • Tax: an amount payable to local government authorities due to public display of commercial messages or any other advertisement campaign. (Learn more)

Other than our service fee, the transaction fee and tax are mandatory

What’s new?

After careful consideration, tons of math work, and consulting with some of our customers. We are in a position where we think newcomers should be much more comfortable with our pricing.

During the 30-day trial period

Trial Fee

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Post-trial period

After Trial Fee

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Is there a catch?

Up to now, we have been covering transaction fees for payments from $2,000 as stated in our payment policy, and unfortunately, we cannot fully cover this from now on. This allows us to lower the entry barrier to sellers and advertisers new to TikTok while keeping our service uptime and quality unchanged.

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