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Everything about TikTok Crypto and Tips for Cryptocurrency promotion

Good news for crypto brands! There’s a cool beta program on TikTok that removes the old restrictions. Mega Digital is here to guide you through TikTok crypto and explain the new beta program. We’ll also share easy tips for promoting crypto on TikTok and tell you about ad types that work for your brand. Plus, we have a bonus for you: a list of 15 favored crypto hashtags and the top 5 TikTok crypto influencers you should follow. Let’s get started and explore the possibilities!

What is TikTok Crypto?

TikTok crypto is a community of people who use TikTok to create and share content about cryptocurrency. So “What is TikTok cryptocurrency?” – Cryptocurrency is a type of digital money that uses a special technology called blockchain. When we talk about TikTok crypto, we’re also talking about the group of TikTok users who are interested in cryptocurrency, along with the hashtags, trends, and challenges related to crypto on TikTok.

Nevertheless, TikTok enforces specific regulations concerning cryptocurrency, encompassing sponsored content and advertisements across different placements. Encouragingly, there’s promising news for cryptocurrency advertisers on TikTok! A beta program is currently undergoing testing in the US and Canada. Should it receive a widespread rollout, this initiative could significantly streamline the platform experience for crypto advertisers, easing their navigation and operations. Keep scrolling for further insights into this program.

What makes the beta program matter to TikTok crypto users?

TikTok is a popular social media platform with lots of different users. With TikTok, crypto companies can connect with a large and diverse audience, expanding their reach in the digital space. Here is why TikTok and its beta program matter to TikTok crypto users:

Marketing opportunities

TikTok is beta testing a program to allow crypto ads means that crypto companies can now run ads on TikTok. This opens up new marketing and advertising possibilities, letting these companies showcase their services and engage with people interested in cryptocurrency.

Also, it helps both TikTok and crypto companies understand how well crypto-related content and ads perform on the platform. This testing phase is crucial for adapting strategies and understanding user dynamics.

Connecting with younger users

TikTok has many young users. Allowing crypto-related content means crypto companies can connect with a younger audience, introducing them to the cryptocurrency world and potentially sparking their interest in investing.

Evolving industry landscape

TikTok’s inclusion of crypto-related content signals a shift in how social media views cryptocurrency. It reflects the changing nature of the crypto industry and its growing acceptance on mainstream platforms.

Regulatory credibility

By partnering with approved regulatory bodies for the cryptocurrency program on TikTok, the platform ensures that participating crypto companies are regulated and meet specific standards. This adds credibility and trust to the crypto advertising space.

Value of education

TikTok crypto isn’t just about marketing; it’s also an opportunity for education. Users can learn more about cryptocurrency, gaining insights into its complexities and potential opportunities. This educational aspect contributes to demystifying crypto for a broader audience.

What types of Crypto ads are allowed and prohibited on TikTok?

In July 2021, TikTok banned all cryptocurrency and financial services content. But now, with its new beta program in the US and Canada, all registered crypto companies are approved by regulatory bodies to run ads promoting cryptocurrency to all TikTok users over 18.

The current approved regulatory bodies are:

  • US: Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)
  • Canada: Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC)

These registered entities are allowed to create ads on TikTok to promote their services and discuss cryptocurrency investments. Given the novelty and volatility of this currency, there is a cautious approach to such promotions. So what should we do here if other countries, except the US and Canada, want to promote their cryptocurrency? Let’s build organic content based on the following table.

Allowed on TikTokProhibited on TikTok
– Educational content
– Explain blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts.
– Direct promotion of specific crypto assets.
– Industry news and updates
– Discuss developments in the crypto space.
– Financial advice or recommendations.
– General discussion and analysis
– Foster open dialogue about the industry.
– Claims of guaranteed returns or “get rich quick” schemes.
– Promoting NFTs
– Share info about NFT projects without promoting individual purchases.
– Content suggesting market manipulation or pump-and-dump schemes.
 – Testimonials or endorsements from celebrities or influencers.

Although TikTok’s PR spokesperson mentions that these crypto companies can still share organic content about cryptocurrency on their TikTok feeds, they currently cannot run paid advertisements. TikTok is exploring the possibility of modifying its platform to enable these companies to run paid ads in the future. Until then, let’s learn how to promote cryptocurrency on TikTok with our tips and experiences!

Mega Digital’s tips to promote cryptocurrency on TikTok

Save 15 TikTok Crypto hashtags achieved billions of views

Using hashtags to promote cryptocurrency on TikTok can be a bit tricky due to the platform’s restrictions. Even though hashtags can help you reach a broader audience, there are certain terms related to crypto that TikTok straight-up bans and others fall into a grey area, potentially limiting how many people see your content.

Here’s a simple guide on using hashtags for promoting crypto on TikTok:


  • Use general finance and investing hashtags: #finance, #investing, #financialfreedom, #stockmarket, #investingtips.
  • Focus on blockchain technology: #blockchain, #web3, #dapps, #defi, #smartcontracts.
  • Employ educational hashtags: #learncrypto, #cryptobasics, #bitcoin101, #cryptoexplained, #whatisblockchain.
  • Create your niche hashtags: #yourbrandnamecrypto, #cryptocommunity, #yourspecifichashtag.
  • Combine relevant hashtags: #finance #crypto #investing #learncrypto.


  • Include terms implying financial advice: #getrichquick, #moon, #lamborghini, #financialadvice.
  • Use hashtags associated with scams or pump-and-dump schemes: #cryptosignals, #10xgains, #easymoney, etc.

Here are 15 TikTok crypto hashtags that achieved billions of views:

 15 TikTok crypto hashtags that achieved billions of views

Quick note:

  • TikTok’s algorithms change, so stay updated on banned or restricted hashtags.
  • Don’t rely only on hashtags for reach; create high-quality, engaging content.
  • Transparency and responsible crypto education are vital for building trust and avoiding breaking platform rules.

Follow 5 best TikTok crypto influencers

tiktok crypto influencer

TikTok crypto influencers often have deep knowledge and expertise in the cryptocurrency space. Also, top influencers in the crypto community on TikTok have gained credibility and trust among their followers. And here is your top 5 best TikTok crypto influencers you should follow:

Crypto Market Reviews (@cryptoprojects)

  • Follower: 1.3M
  • Like: 16.5M

If you’re heavily invested in crypto and want to stay informed, relying on a trustworthy source is crucial. @cryptoprojects is run by an experienced trader and investor who offers detailed coverage and valuable insights into both existing and new crypto projects.

On TikTok, @cryptoprojects discusses various tokens and coins like Grimace Coin, Talent Coin, PeaSwap, Litedex, and provides updates on the Leviathan Protocol and Y-5Finance. If you’re keen on earning while engaging with crypto, check out his video on Idle Cyber.

Cryptokang (@cryptokang.reborn)

  • Follower: 384K
  • Like: 3M

Cryptokang, known for his awesome Instagram presence, is now making waves on TikTok, gaining many new followers. His videos on cryptocurrencies are some of the most liked on the platform.

If you’re thinking about diversifying your crypto portfolio, don’t miss his videos on the latest tokens and protocols. He also covers less-known tokens, making watching his videos like unwrapping a surprise egg—full of interesting info you might not have heard before.

What sets @cryptokang.reborn apart? Besides his crypto insights, he brings a lot of humor. Whether he’s discussing serious investments or something unrelated to crypto, his wit will have you laughing out loud.


  • Follower: 860k
    Like: 9.5M

CRYPTO / NFT on TikTok quickly showcases the newest crypto and NFT projects in straightforward videos. Remember that it’s a promotional channel, so use the recommendations cautiously.


♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

Wendy O (@cryptowendyo)

  • Follower: 268K
  • Like: 3.1M

Wendy O simplifies cryptocurrency for you. As a digital marketing strategist, she’s skilled at breaking down complex topics for the crypto crowd. Check out her content on Bitcoin, trading insights, and technical analyses. Stay updated with daily crypto and NFT news – because understanding crypto shouldn’t be complicated!

Crypto Cita (@cryptocita)

  • Follower: 752K
  • Like: 14.2M

Crypto Cita, aka Alina Pak, makes crypto fun and easy to grasp. She shares funny and insightful takes on crypto mining, trading, and the basics of cryptocurrency. Whether you’re new to crypto or an experienced investor, her videos have engaging content and clever advice on investing and the latest industry trends.

List out countries where you can advertise cryptocurrency on TikTok

Cryptocurrency advertising on TikTok has rules you need to follow. The platform has policies and guidelines and must align with local laws in the target markets. There’s a beta test in the US and Canada that could ease some restrictions for registered crypto advertisers with approved regulatory bodies. However, this doesn’t mean it’s allowed everywhere TikTok operates. The countries you can target depend on where you registered your TikTok for Business account, and not all placements are supported in every country.

The rules may vary based on your specific situation and goals. For accurate and updated information on crypto advertising on TikTok, it’s best to consult TikTok’s support team or TikTok agency partner, such as Mega Digital. We will assist you in making optimal decisions for your ad campaigns, maximizing results, and minimizing the chances of ad blocking or financial lockouts.

Supercharge your cryptocurrency ads hassle-free! Tap into our ad account rental service now for dedicated account management and content moderation teams, minimizing the risk of suspension or review. Don’t miss out—register for a free consultation today and elevate your advertising game!

Also, here are our updates on countries generally allowing promoting cryptocurrency-related content:

Generally Allowed:

  • United States: Educational content about blockchain is okay, but promoting specific coins or trading platforms is not.
  • United Kingdom: Similar to the US, teaching about crypto principles is fine, but directly promoting specific currencies or investments is not allowed.
  • Canada: Educational content is fine, but promoting projects or investments needs caution and specific licenses.
  • Australia: Teaching about cryptocurrency is generally okay, but there are rules for promoting investments.

Partially Restricted:

  • European Union: Rules vary across EU countries. Some allow educational content with disclaimers, while others don’t allow promoting crypto to regular investors.
  • Singapore: Promoting crypto investments needs strict licensing. Educational content and blockchain discussions are allowed with caution.
  • China: Cryptocurrency advertising is strictly banned in China.

Generally Prohibited:

  • Vietnam: All forms of crypto advertising are banned.
  • Iran: Cryptocurrency transactions and ads are illegal.
  • Egypt: Promoting crypto is legally unclear and might face regulatory action.


  • This is a partial list, and rules can change fast. Always research specific restrictions in the country you’re targeting.
  • Focus on educational content about blockchain technology and avoid directly promoting specific assets or giving investment advice.
  • Consult legal and financial experts to ensure your advertising follows regulations and minimizes risks.
  • For safe crypto promotion on TikTok, be transparent, educate your audience, and comply with changing rules. Avoid anything risky or misleading.

Map your marketing plan before rolling out

top 4 tiktok crypto marketing strategies

Running ads for cryptocurrency on TikTok can be a challenging but rewarding strategy to reach new and engaged audiences. However, you need to be aware of the policies and regulations that apply to crypto advertising on TikTok and the best practices and tips to create effective and engaging crypto ads. Here are some suggestions for running ads for cryptocurrency on TikTok:

Stay informed:

  • Check TikTok’s latest policies and guidelines to ensure transparent and honest promotion.
  • Comply with local laws regarding crypto advertising in your target markets.
  • Reach out to TikTok’s support team or your account manager for guidance.

Explore Beta program:

  • TikTok is testing a beta program to simplify crypto advertising for registered companies.
  • Apply if eligible through your TikTok for Business account or account manager.

Leverage influencers:

  • Collaborate with crypto influencers to create engaging content and drive traffic.
  • Use tools like GrowthChain or TikTok Creator Marketplace to connect with relevant influencers.
  • Ensure influencers disclose partnerships according to TikTok’s policy.

Educational content:

  • Provide valuable information about cryptocurrency to cater to TikTok’s learning-oriented audience.
  • Utilize hashtags like #TikTokcrypto, #Cryptoeducation, or #Cryptotips.

Entertaining approach:

  • Make your crypto content fun and appealing with humor, music, filters, effects, or challenges.
  • Participate in viral trends or create your own hashtag challenges for increased engagement.

Final words

TikTok crypto is an extremely attractive field for viewers on TikTok. TikTok crypto is not just for fun – it can be a place to get information, learn, be entertained, and even get inspired about cryptocurrency. It’s also a way for people who like cryptocurrency to connect with others and maybe even find new investors. But don’t forget always to check TikTok’s policy and guidelines. Don’t hesitate to learn even more about marketing your crypto brand! Contact Mega Digital today for the best support!

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