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How much does YouTube Ads Cost in India? [Updated 2024]

To estimate the YouTube ads cost in India, you need to understand how the platform calculates your advertising expenses. Mega Digital has collected the most up-to-date and comprehensive data available on YouTube ad costs in India. Read the article for more details and valuable insights.

How much is the average YouTube Ads cost in India?

In India, the average costs for different types of YouTube Ads vary based on several factors. From the ad style, assignment, to the business, the typical YouTube advertising cost for each view (CPV) ranges from ₹0.82 to ₹2.47. You will pay between ₹824 and ₹2500 for every 1000 views on your video.

Here is a general breakdown of the average costs for various types of YouTube Ads:

YouTube Skippable in-stream ads cost

The average skippable in-stream ads cost can range from ₹8.33 to ₹24.98 per view, depending on factors such as the target audience, ad duration, and competition within the specific industry.

YouTube Skippable in-stream ads cost

YouTube Non-skippable in-stream ads cost

Non-skippable in-stream ads typically have a higher cost, ranging from ₹12.49 to ₹42.63 per view, due to their mandatory viewing nature, which ensures increased ad visibility.

YouTube Non-skippable in-stream ads cost

YouTube Bumper ads cost

The average cost for bumper ads in India can range from ₹8.33 to ₹20.82 per view, offering businesses an affordable option for delivering concise yet impactful messages.

YouTube Bumper ads cost

YouTube Overlay ads cost

The costs for overlay ads are often dependent on the specific ad content and viewer engagement, with average prices ranging from ₹4.16 to ₹16.65 per engagement.

YouTube Overlay ads cost

YouTube Display ads cost

Essentially, overlay ads step in to monetize any remaining impressions at a significantly reduced cost. In India, YouTube display ad CPMs range from ₹10 to ₹35. It’s important to note that display ad CPMs can fluctuate outside this range as they depend on various factors.

YouTube Display ads cost

YouTube Ads cost in India by industry

Below is a table presenting Youtube Ad campaign cost in India categorized by industry.

IndustryAver. YouTube Ads cost (₹)Aver. CPC (₹)Aver. CPA (₹)
E-commerce4500 – 650030 – 40700 – 900
Education3000 – 500025 – 35600 – 800
Health and Wellness6000 – 800040 – 50800 – 1000
Technology5500 – 750035 – 45750 – 950
Travel and Tourism3500 – 500030 – 40650 – 850
Food and Beverage4000 – 600025 – 35700 – 900
Finance and Insurance7000 – 900045 – 55850 – 1100
Real Estate5000 – 700035 – 45750 – 950
Automotive6500 – 850040 – 50800 – 1000
Entertainment and Media4500 – 600030 – 40700 – 900

Understanding these variations is crucial for businesses to allocate their advertising budgets effectively and optimize their ad strategies for better returns on investment.

How does YouTube ad pricing work?

YouTube’s pricing model, just like Google, uses cost-per-click and cost-per-view. You pay when viewers watch your entire ad or click on it, with the payment method determined by the ad type you choose.

To determine the YouTube Ad price in India, several key metrics play a vital role in understanding the pricing structure.

  • CPC (Cost-per-click): Measures the cost for each click, revealing the expense of driving traffic.
  • CPV (Cost-per-view): Calculates the cost per view, showing the expense for each watched ad.
  • CPM (Cost-per-thousand-impressions): Assesses the cost for 1000 ad impressions, indicating reaching specific viewers’ expense.
  • Bidding Strategy: Choice of manual or automated bidding affects budget and cost per acquisition.
  • Quality Score: Ad relevance and quality impact performance and cost, with higher-quality ads achieving better placement and lower expenses.

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Factors influencing YouTube Ads cost in India

Aside from several area and nature of the advertisement affect the price of YouTube advertisements, such as the length of the video, ad placement, bidding strategy, etc., some external factors below can also impact your YouTube Ads cost in India.

Targeting options

The specific audience demographics, interests, and behaviors you choose to target can impact the cost of YouTube ads. More refined and specific targeting may result in higher ad costs due to increased competition for those audiences.

Factors influencing YouTube Ads cost in India

Seasonal fluctuations in consumer demand and preferences for certain products or services can impact ad costs. During peak seasons or specific events, the competition for ad space may increase, resulting in higher costs for YouTube ads.

Ad placement and timing

The placement of your ad on YouTube and the timing of your ad campaigns can affect costs. Premium ad placements or specific time slots may incur higher pricing due to increased visibility and competition.


The cost of YouTube ads in India is heavily influenced by industry-specific dynamics. High competition within sectors like e-commerce often drives up ad costs as businesses vie for visibility and market share. Industries involving high-value transactions, such as finance and insurance, incur elevated ad expenses due to the need for extensive market exposure and building trust among customers.

Factors influencing YouTube Ads cost in India industry

A case study and their success stories

Client Name: X Apparel

Campaign Goal: X Apparel, a well-known fashion brand in India, aimed to boost brand recognition and boost sales with an efficient YouTube ad campaign that reduces costs.


  • Maintaining a cost-effective advertising strategy while maximizing visibility.
  • Establishing a strong online presence within the competitive fashion industry.
  • Reaching a specific demographic of urban millennials and fashion enthusiasts effectively.


X Apparel collaborated with Mega Digital to design and implement an impactful YouTube ad campaign. The key strategies included:

  • Targeted advertisement: Tailored ad content to resonate with the preferences of urban millennials and fashion-conscious consumers.
  • Optimized ad formats: Used skippable in-stream ads and sponsored cards to ensure cost control and maximum reach.
  • Strategic budget allocation: Careful management of the budget to achieve an optimal balance between ad visibility and cost efficiency.
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization: Regularly analyzed campaign performance to make necessary adjustments for improved results.


  • Cost-effective approach: With an average cost of ₹12.49 per view, their campaigns successfully reduced the cost by 60%.
  • Increased brand visibility: X Apparel’s YouTube ad campaign garnered significant attention, effectively reaching the desired target audience across various demographics.
  • High engagement and conversions: The campaign led to a notable increase in website traffic and conversions, resulting in a substantial return on investment for X Apparel.
  • Enhanced market positioning: X Apparel solidified its position as a leading fashion brand in the Indian market, establishing a strong online presence and a loyal customer base.

By partnering with Mega Digital, X Apparel reduced its YouTube ad costs by 60%. This successful teamwork helped them reach their intended audience and grow their business significantly. It shows how smart online marketing can make a big difference in the competitive Indian fashion industry.

Final words

In conclusion, understanding the variations of YouTube Ads costs in India is crucial for businesses aiming to make the most of their advertising investments.

Whether you’re a small business or a large company, YouTube offers diverse opportunities to connect with your target audience effectively and drive growth. Keep optimizing and experimenting to find the right balance for your brand, and may your YouTube Ads campaigns in India be both cost-effective and successful.

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