4 Methods From Banned to Unbanned TikTok Account

Has your TikTok been unexpectedly sealed off due to an account ban? Unfortunately, TikTok employs numerous types of bans that can severely affect account performance. Therefore, it’s important to identify which ones you’re encountering before trying to solve it. Navigating the complexities of a banned TikTok account might seem like an uphill battle, but fear not, let Mega Digital guide you through how to unbanned your TikTok account. Whether your ban stemmed from an innocent mistake or a technical glitch, we’re here to unveil the steps toward unlocking your TikTok creativity once again.

How many types of TikTok bans?

Before delving into the causes behind TikTok unbanned accounts, let’s break down the various types of TikTok bans so you understand what state your account is in.


This is like a silent ban. TikTok quietly limits your content’s visibility without notifying you directly. Your videos won’t pop up on other users’ “For You” pages”  but it’s still visible to you as the creator. This is a big deal for influencers and brands relying on TikTok for their livelihood. 

TikTok Shadowbans can happen for reasons like spammy behavior, minor guideline slips, or even TikTok’s algorithm mistakenly flagging specific topics.

Temporary Ban

Unlike shadowbans, temporary bans are pretty straightforward. You’ll receive a notification if you get hit with a temporary ban. Some temporary bans restrict specific activities, like posting, commenting, messaging, or viewing.
This ban usually comes after breaking TikTok’s rules, but it’s not forever. It typically lasts 24 to 48 hours, depending on the severity of the violation.

Temporary Ban, a type of TikTok bans

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Underage Ban

An underage ban on TikTok refers to the platform’s enforcement of its minimum age requirement policy. This one is for users under 13 (or 14 in some places). Their accounts can face permanent deletion after 113 days. If you’re managing professional TikTok accounts, this usually isn’t a concern. But if an underage ban seems like a mistake, you can try appealing to reinstate the account.

An example of underage ban on TikTok

Permanent Ban

This one’s for serious, repeated rule-breakers. A permanent ban means no more TikTok access, period. In severe cases, TikTok even blocks the user’s device to stop them from creating new accounts. TikTok rarely reverses permanent bans, so your best shot is if it was a mistake. In that case, you can appeal through the TikTok mobile app.

What happens if your TikTok account gets banned?

Typically, an account faces a ban when numerous users report its content for violating community guidelines.

What happens if your TikTok account gets banned?

Then, TikTok reviews the reported content – not every video get concluded violates the guidelines. If a video raises concerns, TikTok’s usual approach involves removing that video before resorting to an account ban. However, if multiple videos on your profile are reported, TikTok might take more serious actions.

Why is your TikTok account banned?

Your TikTok account might be banned due to various reasons such as: 

  • Violations of Community Guidelines: TikTok has specific guidelines that cover various aspects of content, behavior, and interactions. If your videos or comments go against these guidelines, your account might be banned.
  • Copyright Infringements: TikTok takes copyright violations seriously and may suspend accounts that consistently use copyrighted content without permission. So, repeatedly using copyrighted music or materials without proper authorization can lead to a ban. 
  • Harmful or Illegal Activities: TikTok aims to create a safe and positive platform for users. Engaging in harmful or illegal activities such as promoting drug abuse, self-harm, or dangerous challenges can result in a ban. 
  • Spam and Misleading Content: TikTok seeks genuine interactions, which means if you keep sharing spammy, misleading, or clickbait content that messes up the user experience, TikTok might suspend your account. 
  • Underage Users: If your account indicates that you’re underage and do not meet the platform’s minimum age requirement, your account may have an underage ban as TikTok requires users to be at least 13 years old.
  • Multiple Violations: A history of violating TikTok’s rules, even after warnings or temporary suspensions, can result in a permanent ban. The severity of the violations plays a role in the decision.

Banning is enforced to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all users and to ensure that the platform’s rules and standards are upheld. Let’s check out 4 methods to get your TikTok account unbanned! 

4 Methods to Get TikTok Account Unbanned

#1 Initiate an “Appeal” from Your Banned Account

If you believe that your video was wrongly removed, you have the option to appeal TikTok’s decision. This can be done by clicking on the notification or the specific video itself. Unfortunately, some users have found that even if their video removal was a mistake, the account strike remains.

Initiate an "Appeal" from Your Banned Account

Here’s another way to request account recovery through the appeal process:

1. Open TikTok.

2. Tap the Inbox icon to access notifications.

How to Get TikTok Account Unbanned

3. Locate the system notification regarding the ban and tap “Appeal” to initiate the account recovery process.

#2 Utilize the “Report a Problem” Feature

For a straightforward approach to appeal and reverse a banned account, TikTok’s Support Tickets feature comes in handy. Follow these steps:

1. Open TikTok.
2. Tap your profile icon to access your profile.

Learn the steps to recover your banned TikTok account and regain access

3. Click the three-line menu on the top right.

Discover the methods to reverse a TikTok account suspension and restore your profile.

4. Choose “Settings and Privacy.”

Find out how to lift the ban on your TikTok account and resume posting

5. Under “SUPPORT,” tap “Report a Problem”.

Uncover the strategies for getting your banned TikTok account back in action

6. Tap the writing board icon on the top-right corner.

How to report a problem

7. This takes you to the “Your Feedback” page. Tap the compose icon on the top right.

Share feedback to unbanned TikTok account

8. Craft a personalized message, sharing your situation and appeal in detail. If you have relevant media, attach photos or videos that support your request.

Report TikTok to unbanned account

9. Tap “Report” to submit your appeal.

While you can expect a response from the help desk within 1 to 3 days, it’s possible that the wait might extend (sometimes significantly). Be patient and persistent – if you have legitimate reasons to regain access to your account, assistance will come your way.

#3 Contact TikTok’s support team through Email

To enhance your chances of regaining access to TikTok, you can opt for an email approach. Compose a message and send it to [email protected] and/or [email protected].

For creators, there’s an additional avenue – a dedicated team that collaborates with TikTok’s creative community. Depending on your location, here are the email addresses to consider:

Remember, it’s crucial to maintain a polite and concise tone when explaining the reason behind your TikTok ban. If your account was mistakenly flagged, providing supporting evidence can expedite the resolution process.

#4 Utilize the “Share Your Feedback” Form for an Appeal

The “Share Your Feedback form provides a direct channel to communicate any issues or concerns related to your account or user experience with TikTok’s team. This platform allows you to connect with TikTok Help specifically to address your suspended or banned account. Here’s how to proceed:
1. Visit the Share Your Feedback page.

How to use "Share Your Feedback" Form
2. Enter your email in the provided field.

4. Choose “Account ban/suspension” from the Topic drop-down menu.

Learn the Steps to Recover an Unbanned TikTok Account

5. Under “Tell us more”, select the option that best fits your situation: Livestream, banned account (not age-related), banned account (age-related), or other.

  • In the message box, craft a detailed and personalized explanation of the issue and your desired resolution. If you have relevant photos or videos to support your case, you can upload them.
  • Be sure to check both declaration statement checkboxes to confirm your agreement. 

6. Finally, hit “Submit” to finalize the process.

Keep in mind that it might take a few days before you receive a response from TikTok Help. Don’t lose hope if you don’t see immediate action or response right after submitting.

Final Word

Getting your TikTok account unbanned requires a systematic and proactive approach. By understanding the types of bans and utilizing recovery methods, you can successfully restore your presence. Whether through appeals, support features, or emails, there are options to explore. Avoid these mistakes by staying informed about the platform and the trends of 2023 that can enhance your videos. Don’t let minor content errors hinder your performance. Explore “12 tips to stay ahead of the curve and leave a lasting impression on TikTok” now!

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