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TikTok Comment Not Showing: Understand Issues and Solutions

Having trouble with your TikTok comments? You’re not alone. Many users have been experiencing issues lately, and it’s become quite a head-scratcher. If you’ve noticed that your comments are acting strangely – such as taking ages to load, disappearing, or just not showing up, don’t worry – you’re in the right place. We’re here to help you unravel the mystery of why TikTok comment not showing and provide solutions to get things back on track. Let’s dive in and resolve together!

#1 Violation of Community Guidelines

Inappropriate content such as hate speech, harassment, or explicit language in your TikTok comment may lead to it not being displayed due to platform guidelines.

Violation of Community Guidelines

For instance, if you leave a comment using offensive language or engage in cyberbullying, TikTok’s algorithms may detect it and prevent the comment from showing.

How to Fix:

Before posting a comment, ensure it adheres to TikTok’s guidelines. Use respectful language and avoid any type of offensive content. 

#2 Reported Comments

If other TikTok users find your comments inappropriate or in violation of the guidelines, they can report them. TikTok may temporarily hide reported comments while they review the content.

How to Fix:

To avoid having your comments reported, make sure they align with TikTok’s guidelines. By crafting comments that respect the platform’s standards, you not only prevent them from being flagged or removed but also contribute to maintaining a respectful and positive atmosphere within the TikTok community. 

#3 Technical Issues on TikTok’s End

At times, TikTok itself may experience technical difficulties that affect the visibility of comments. These issues are usually temporary and get resolved by the platform’s technical team.

How to Fix:

If you suspect a technical issue on TikTok’s end, consider checking TikTok’s official social media accounts for updates. These platforms often provide information about ongoing technical problems and expected resolution times.

If you’ve attempted the suggested solutions without success, don’t worry. You can escalate the issue to TikTok’s support team directly through the app.

  • Open your TikTok account.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines to access the menu.
  • Go to Settings and Privacy.
  • Scroll down to find “Report a problem” under the SUPPORT section.

Submit a report regarding the problem you’re facing, allowing TikTok’s support team to assist you further.

#4 Shadowban for Spammy Behavior

Engaging in spammy behavior, such as leaving identical or repetitive comments on numerous videos in a short period – can also trigger a shadow ban on TikTok. This means your comments won’t be visible to others, as TikTok’s algorithm may consider your actions as spam.

How to Fix:

To prevent a shadowban, avoid leaving the same comment on multiple videos within a short time. Instead, engage genuinely with the content and leave thoughtful comments. 

#5 Video Restrictions

In some cases, video creators might disable comments on their videos. This could be due to various reasons, such as preventing spam or managing the tone of the comments section.

How to Fix:

If you’re the video creator and wish to enable comments, review your video’s content to ensure it meets TikTok’s guidelines. If you’re a viewer, respect the creator’s decision to disable comments and engage with their content in other ways, such as liking and sharing.

By understanding these reasons and their corresponding solutions, you can troubleshoot why your TikTok comment not showing and take appropriate steps to address the issue. If the problem persists, consider reaching out to TikTok’s support for further assistance.

#6 Slow Loading due to High Volume

In cases where a video receives an overwhelming number of comments, the comments section may load slowly, causing delays in displaying comments. Imagine a popular dance challenge video that accumulates thousands of comments within minutes, making it difficult for the platform to show all comments instantly.

How to Fix:

If you notice slow loading, be patient and give time to load the comments fully. You can also try refreshing the video or returning to it later when the volume of comments has decreased, making it easier for the app to load them quickly.

#7 Technical Glitches

Temporary technical glitches can occur on any platform, including TikTok, causing comments not to show up. These glitches might be due to issues with the app, your device, or the platform’s servers.

How to Fix:

If you suspect a technical glitch, try closing the TikTok app and reopening it. You can also restart your device to ensure a fresh start. 

Once more, TikTok suggests clearing your app cache. Cache data consists of temporary files that the app stores. When you clear this cache, the app will retrieve data directly from TikTok’s servers, resulting in a refreshed experience. TikTok itself recommends this solution for troubleshooting various bugs, including comment display issues.

y technical glitches can occur on TikTok

To tackle the problem of comments not showing, consider clearing the TikTok cache by following these steps:

  • Open the TikTok app.
  • Tap the three-line icon located at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Select “Settings and Privacy.”
  • Scroll down and find “Free up space” under the “Cache & Cellular Data” section.
  • Tap “Clear” to remove your TikTok cache.
  • By performing this cache-clearing process, you may be able to resolve the issue of comments not appearing on TikTok videos.

#8 Private Account Settings

If you’re a content creator or influencer on TikTok and notice a lack of comments on your posts, it’s worth checking your privacy settings. It’s possible that commenting on your account has been private or specific filters are in place that are preventing users from expressing their opinions.

How to Fix:

If you want your comments to be visible to a wider audience, consider changing your account settings to public. This way, anyone who views the video will see your comments, whether they follow you or not. However, be mindful of your privacy preferences.

Comment setting on TikTok

To review and adjust your privacy settings on TikTok, follow these steps:

  • Open TikTok and navigate to your Profile.
  • Tap the Options tab located in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  • Access the Privacy tab from the options menu.
  • Under the Safety section, tap on “Comments
  • Now, you can configure who is allowed to post comments on your videos and set up comment filters.

How to see the comments on TikTok #tiktok #lol #learnontiktok

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By fine-tuning these settings, you can ensure that your comments section is appropriately managed while encouraging meaningful engagements from users on your posts.

#9 Internet Connection Issues

Poor internet connectivity can lead to comments not loading properly. If your internet connection is unstable, comments may take longer to appear or not show at all.

How to Fix:

Ensure you have a stable internet connection before using TikTok. Connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network or use mobile data to ensure smooth loading of comments. 

If you’ve configured certain internet settings, they might restrict the flow of data between the app and the server.

For iPhone users:

1. Open Settings.

2. Tap on Mobile Data.

3. Select Mobile Data Options.

4. Turn off Low Data Mode.

For Android users:

1. Open Settings.

2. Go to Network & Internet.

3. Tap on Data Saver.

4. Turn off Data Saver mode.

Once done, recheck your TikTok comments to see if they’re now appearing. By deactivating these settings, you’ll allow a smoother data transfer within the app.

#10 Commenting Too Fast

Leaving comments rapidly on multiple videos in a short span can trigger TikTok’s anti-spam measures. This might result in temporary restrictions on commenting.


if you don’t like me just say so


How to Fix:

To resolve this, you’ll need to refrain from commenting for the next 24 hours. Give it some time, and your commenting capability will be restored.

After that, take your time between comments to avoid being flagged as spam. Engage in meaningful interactions rather than overwhelming the platform with rapid comments. 

Additionally, you can switch between cellular data and Wi-Fi to see if the comments load properly. On iPhone, use the Control Center, and on Android, use the Status Bar to toggle between these options. You can also disable Data Saver mode directly from these menus.

Wrap up

Hope this post has shed light on why your TikTok comment not showing and offered effective solutions to address the issue. Now is the moment to harness the power of this incredible feature to propel your video toward virality and enhance traffic through TikTok comments. Through active engagement in the comments section, you can supercharge your business outcomes and boost sales on TikTok.

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