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Google Ads for Dentists: How to Get More Leads for Dental Clinic?

Imagine your dental clinic popping up on the first page of Google when someone searches for dental services nearby. With Google Ads for dentists, you can make this a reality. It’s a top-notch marketing strategy to attract high-quality clients and grow your clinic. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to implement a Google Ads strategy for your dental practice. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use Google Ads to get more clients for your clinic.

Why Google Ads for Dentists?

Google advertising presents great opportunities for success due to Google’s overwhelming dominance in about 75% of online searches, surpassing competitors like Bing and Yahoo in search engine market share.

Reason #1: Draw in Your Ideal Patients

When you advertise dental on Google Ads, your ads reach potential patients who are actively searching for the services you provide.

Reason #2: Quick Results

Google Ads allows you to set up a campaign and begin receiving clicks within hours of launching your ads. We’ve assisted numerous clients in setting up new campaigns, with some receiving their first patient inquiries on the same day!

Why Google Ads for Dentists?

Reason #3: Minimal Risk

Many dental practices mistakenly believe that running successful Google Ads campaigns requires a significant investment. However, you can start with a modest budget. Google Ads doesn’t have a minimum spending requirement, and you only pay when potential patients click on your ads.

Now that you grasp the benefits of investing in Google Ads, it’s time to take action! Here are 10 steps to create a profitable Google Ads campaign that enhances your visibility in search engines, attracts qualified patients, and boosts your bottom line.

How Do Google Ads for Dentists Work?

When you create Search ads on Google, you bid on keywords to target your audience. Higher bids and more relevant ads rank higher.

For example, if you offer dental implants in Cleveland, bidding on “dental implants Cleveland” can help clients find you. Google prioritizes ads based on relevance and past browsing history. The top four paid ads appear above organic search results, and higher bids increase your chances of clicks. See an example of ads for “dental implants Cleveland” below.

How Do Google Ads for Dentists Work?

Which Ad Type is Best for Dentists?

There isn’t a single “best” ad type for dentists on Google Ads, but rather a combination of options that work best together depending on your goals and target audience. Here’s a breakdown of some popular ad types and how they can benefit dentists:

1. Search Network Ads (Highly Recommended)

  • Perfect for: Targeting people actively searching for dental services in your area.
  • How it works: Your text ads appear on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) when users search for relevant keywords like “dentist near me” or “[dental procedure] cost”.
  • Benefits for Dentists: Highly targeted, reaches high-intent users actively considering dental work, allows for showcasing specific services, and highlighting unique selling points.
Search Network Ads (Highly Recommended)

2. Call Only Ads (Great for Conversions)

  • Perfect for: Encouraging immediate calls from potential patients seeking emergency appointments or consultations.
  • How it works: Clicking the ad directly dials your practice phone number from the user’s mobile device.
  • Benefits for Dentists: Drives phone calls, ideal for urgent care or consultations, simplifies the user journey for immediate action.
Call Only Ads (Great for Conversions)

3. Local Services Ads (Great for Conversions)

  • Perfect for: Highlighting your practice at the very top of Google search results in a prominent display with contact details and star rating.
  • How it works: Your practice information appears above traditional PPC ads and organic listings when users search for dentists in your area.
  • Benefits for Dentists: Attracting people with a strong intent to schedule appointments, unlike some other advertising methods that might reach a broader audience with less immediate interest.

Top Google Ads Keywords for Dentists

General Search Terms (High Volume, Medium Competition)

  • dentist near me
  • dental clinic [your city]
  • teeth cleaning cost
  • best dentist in [your city]
  • emergency dentist
Top Google Ads Keywords for Dentists

Procedure-Specific Keywords (Medium Volume, Medium Competition)

  • teeth whitening near me
  • dental implants cost
  • wisdom teeth removal cost
  • dentures cost
  • [procedure name] dentist [your city] (e.g., cosmetic dentist, pediatric dentist)

Problem-Focused Keywords (Medium Volume, Medium Competition)

  • chipped tooth dentist
  • toothache relief
  • dental anxiety treatment
  • [dental problem] dentist (e.g., root canal dentist, gum disease dentist)

Long-Tail Keywords (Lower Volume, Lower Competition):

  • [procedure name] for [target audience] (e.g., same-day dental implants, sedation dentistry for children)
  • best dentist for [specific need] (e.g., best dentist for dentures, gentle dentist with evening hours)
  • [your unique selling point] dentist [your city] (e.g., financing available dentist, bilingual dentist)

Additional Tips from Mega Digital:

  • Consider Reviews: Sprinkle in some keywords related to positive reviews, like “dentist with excellent reviews” or “top-rated dentist”.
  • Highlight Specialties: If your practice focuses on specific procedures (e.g., orthodontics, oral surgery), incorporate those terms into your keyword mix.
  • Negative Keywords: Block irrelevant searches to avoid wasted ad spend. For example, “dental school” or “DIY teeth whitening”.

How to Create a Google Ads for Dentists Campaign?

Step 1: Choose your business

Create a Google Ad account, then scroll to the bottom of the page and opt for “Switch to Expert Mode”.

Suppose you’re entirely new to Google Ads; in that case, you can select “Get more visits to your physical location”.

For the next step, ensure that you have already created a Google Business Profile for your business.

If you have already set up a Google Business profile, you can choose your business from the list provided and proceed by clicking “next”.

Step 1: Choose your business

On the following page, you will be prompted to select your website or business profile if you do not have a website. In today’s modern era, it’s safe to assume that you will have a website for your dental practice. 😊

Choose your website and proceed by clicking “next”.

select your website or business profile

After selecting your website and clicking “next”, you will be presented with both a mobile and desktop version of your website. If everything appears to be in order and it is indeed your website, simply proceed by clicking “next”.

presented with both a mobile and desktop version of your website

Step 2: Write your advertisement

In your search ad, use 3 headline spaces to highlight what sets your dental practice apart. Incorporate keywords for better results.

For instance, emphasize awards or 5-star reviews to attract attention. Offer first-time discounts to entice new clients.

Use the 2 description sections to showcase your dental office’s benefits and provide incentives for potential clients to contact you.

Ensure the call button and location are checked to maximize visibility and provide multiple contact options.

Write your advertisement

Step 3: Choose Keywords

With most of the setup complete, the next step is to choose the keywords for your campaign.

Continuing with the previous example, select keywords that align with the goal of your campaign, which is client acquisition.

  • Choose keywords such as:
  • dentist
  • dental check up
  • dental clinic
  • dentist office
  • family dentist
  • walk-in dentist (if this is something you offer)
  • cosmetic dentist
  • emergency dentist

Once you’ve selected your keywords, proceed by clicking “next”.

Choose Keywords

Step 4: Select What Cities See Your Dental Ad

Google simplifies the next step.

You’ll need to decide where your potential customers are likely to come from, based on your knowledge of your business.

A straightforward way to determine this is by reviewing your records to identify where most of your current customers reside. You’ll want to target these locations for advertising, and perhaps expand slightly beyond if you anticipate customers are willing to travel.

You’ll have 2 options for choosing where your ads are displayed:

  • Advertise near an address: Use the miles bar to select the desired radius for advertising.
  • Advertise in specific zip codes, cities, or regions: Choose this option to target specific areas.
Select What Cities See Your Dental Ad

Step 5: Choose Campaign Budget

With Google Ads for dental clinic, you have the flexibility to choose a budget that suits your needs, ranging from $5 to $5,000 per day.

Start with a budget that ensures at least 5-10 clicks per day, such as $20, and monitor results for three to four weeks. Make sure your receptionists are aware of the Google Ads campaign to track how new clients found your dental practice.

Choose Campaign Budget

Step 6: Review and Save

Well done!

If you’ve reached this stage and find yourself on the review page, you’ve successfully crafted your inaugural Google Ads Campaign for your dental practice.

Take a moment to review your ad for any typos, ensure your budget is set appropriately, and double-check the wording.

Once you’re satisfied that everything is in order, go ahead and submit your ad!

Upon submission, you’ll need to add a credit card for your ad to start running. Simply input your credit card details, and you’re good to go! New calls can start coming in as soon as the same day you launch your campaign!

Review and Save

Do you want your advertisements to stand out? Let Mega Digital lend a hand by creating tailored campaigns for your business. As a Google Premier Partner, we have exclusive access to Google’s tools, like Looker Studio (currently the sole agency in Asia with such access). With this privilege, we can monitor real-time data and industry trends, assisting you in running campaigns that generate the highest returns while keeping costs optimized.

Dentist and Dental Services Search Ads Benchmarks

According to data from Dental Design, while Dentists and Dental Services face higher costs per click, the good news is that those clicks tend to be more valuable as they convert into patients at a higher rate compared to other industries.

Cost per Click (CPC)

Dentists and Dental Services have a higher than average CPC compared to other industries at $6.69. This means it costs more, on average, for each person to click on your ad.

Click-through Rate (CTR)

Dentists and Dental Services have a lower than average CTR compared to other industries at 5.34%. This means a smaller percentage of people who see your ad will actually click on it.

Conversion Rate

Despite the lower CTR, Dentists and Dental Services have a higher than average conversion rate at 10.40%. This means a higher percentage of people who click on your ad will convert into a new patient (booking an appointment, calling your office, etc.).

A Google Ad for Dentists Example

Let’s look at the image below.

It shows the top advertisement displayed when searching for “dentists New York City”.

A Google Ad for Dentists Example

The primary advertisement features an intriguing subject line that offers two enticing benefits for potential clients.

  • The phrase “Top Rated Dentist in NYC” implies to potential clients that this dental practice is the best available option.
  • The headline also includes a compelling call to action (CTA) that motivates new patients to click on the ad.

Below the main ad copy, there are two additional CTAs displayed as sitelink extensions in Google Ads. These CTAs are labeled “Contact us” and “Schedule Appointment”.

Sitelink extensions provide potential clients with more opportunities to explore and pique their interest in your website. A well-crafted Google Ad often includes these sitelink extensions.

Wrap up

Google Ads for dentists is the best way for dentists to advertise online. It helps dentists reach the right people, is not too expensive, and brings in qualified new patients. With Google Ads, dentists can get more people to notice them online and get more patients, making their business better.

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