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Top 21 Google Ads Agencies Q3/2024: Budget, Business Size Comparison

Are you looking for the top Google Ads agencies to achieve brilliant success in 2024? Look no further! Our list showcases the top 19 agencies that excel in delivering outstanding results. From advertising campaigns to budget optimization, these agencies have the skills and experience to take your business to new heights. Let’s discover now!

Top 21 best Google Ads agencies

Google Ads is one of the most effective online marketing channels and the cost for it is not low. So make sure that you don’t waste money on inefficient Google Ads campaigns. But how could you utilize your budget? Check out the list of the 19 best Google Ads marketing companies that will help boost your advertising campaigns, based on evaluation criteria such as budget, services offered, and case studies.

1. Mega Digital

Mega Digital - the best Google Ads agency

Mega Digital is the leading Google Premier Partner and TikTok agency in the APAC region. They provide digital marketing solutions and advertising on Google, along with Google Ads Management Service.

So what benefits can a leading Google Premier Partner offer? Firstly, you do not need to worry about setting up campaigns on Google Ads. With Mega Digital’s services, you are offered tailored advertising solutions to specific needs. I.e. their services are customized to align with clients’ goals.

Mega Digital Services

In a notable case study conducted by Mega Digital, AI Futurist, a brand fervently dedicated to exploring the boundless potential of Artificial Intelligence to provide global innovation, convenience, and outstanding customer experiences, faced the challenge of limited revenue and minimal market visibility. To revitalize their Google Ads campaign, they collaborated with Mega Digital, achieving impressive results: A cost-per-click of $0.78, a conversion rate of 12.58%, and a remarkable 2.8 times return on ad spend.

2. Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Advertising is also proficient in assisting with Google Ads. As a Google Partner, they work closely to execute your advertising plans and make an impact on your customers.

With their expertise, Disruptive Advertising has helped numerous companies optimize their ads. By utilizing your target audience, limited budget, and machine learning, they boost the efficiency and growth of your Google Ads campaigns.

3. NinjaPromo

NinjaPromo Google Ads agency

NinjaPromo offers extensive expertise in fintech, blockchain, and software industries. They apply their experience to successful Google Ads strategy development for brand promotion. This marketing agency provides a range of PPC services so as to attract loyal customers.

Ninja Promo’s services:

  • Account setup and management
  • Strategy development, monitoring, and execution
  • Audience spotting and optimization
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Ad copies optimization and improvement
  • Reporting and data analysis

NinjaPromo’s ad specialists utilize advanced targeting and bidding options to reach potential customers. Furthermore, they use tools such as Google Ads Editor and Google’s Reach Planner to track ad performance and forecast the traffic generated from Google Partner websites.

4. Thrive

Thrive Digital Marketing Agency

Thrive Internet Marketing is an online marketing agency. They provide a diverse range of services, including PPC campaigns. As a Google Partner, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency stands as a trusted company in PPC campaigns.

They are well-known to E-Commerce businesses with a team of PPC experts excelling in setting up Google Shopping ads. Additionally, their certified Google Ads specialists conduct thorough PPC audits to drive traffic to your landing page.

5. Moburst

Moburst Google Ads agency

In 2013, two marketing experts established Moburst. Back then, mobile marketing services were not commonly executed by agencies. However, their exceptional results in Israel caught the attention their clients, leading to their expansion into the United States within a year.

Moburst services

With their extensive knowledge of Google algorithms, Moburst helps you find the right users in the most cost-effective way, ensuring a high return on investment (ROI). Notably, they also have experience in app store optimization and leveraging various mobile ad networks, including Google.

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6. Lyfe Marketing

Lyfe Marketing

LYFE Marketing is a social media management company based in Atlanta. They specialize in creating advertising campaigns to increase leads and sales for their clients.

As a Certified Google Partner, LYFE Marketing offers services to generate traffic and conversions using Google Search Ads, Google Remarketing Ads, and Google Shopping Services. Their comprehensive services include campaign strategy, ad creation, and reporting.

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Lyfe services

In terms of pricing, LYFE Marketing charges a $500 per account set-up, while their monthly PPC ad starts at $650. Considering their services, they are particularly well-suited for small businesses seeking Google advertising solutions.

7. JumpFly

JumpFly Smart Digital Marketing

JumpFly has a team of 40 employees (34 of whom are Google certified specialists). They are one of the leading digital advertising agencies that specialize in PPC account setup and management for Google Ads.

One of the benefits of working with JumpFly is that they are flexible with contracts. Instead, they’re happy to offer month-to-month contracts. 


8. Ernst Media

Ernst Media Google Ads agency

Ernst Media is a one-stop digital marketing agency that has 15+ years of experience. They can help you gain results across every PPC channel. Besides, they offer you free setups with flexible price structures.

As a Certified Google Partner, they offer services as search ads, display ads, and shopping ads. They invest in optimization and focus on continual testing. This means that each week your ad performance is better than the week before.

Ernst Media services

9. Volume Nine

VolumeNine Google Ads agency

Volume Nine is a Google PPC agency that specializes in social media and SEO. They help you create and manage Google Ads campaigns. From ad copies to calls to action, they’ll ensure that you get more traffic and conversions as well.

Their first goal is to understand your expectations towards your Google Ads campaign. In other words, they’re ready to identify keywords that buyers will use when searching on Google. They can also help you set up Google Analytics so that you can track the performance of your campaign.

VolumeNine services

10. Evestar


Evestar is an E-Commerce marketing agency famous for its diverse marketing services. They offer email marketing, SEO, branding, ad creative, influencer marketing, and Google Ads. The agency was founded by Lolita Petrossov, a professional in growth digital marketing and E-Commerce.

Evestar services

Evestar collaborated with Noli, a prominent activewear company in order to establish a strong presence on Google through smart shopping campaigns. As a result, this strategic approach reached a remarkable sales increase of nearly 300%.

11. Cleverly

Cleverly Google Ads agency

Cleverly basically specializes in running Google Ad campaigns that successfully convert website visitors into paying customers. The agency constantly stays ahead of the competition while implementing techniques to save money. Besides, they create attractive ad copies to maximize click-through rates. They also assist in developing high-performing landing pages.

Cleverly services

Cleverly offers a dashboard to monitor key metrics such as overall spending, cost per click, and number of conversions. Additionally, their experienced members work to cover various aspects, including keyword research, competitor analysis, and retargeting ads.

12. Kompetent Digital

Kompetent Digital

Kompetent Digital is a digital media company that helps businesses build a strong online presence and increase their target audience. They also specialize in creating engaging content and implementing effective marketing strategies. Moreover, they make decisions based on data from their technology partners.


  • Google Ads agency account for rent
  • TikTok Ads agency account for rent
  • Twitter Ads agency account for rent
  • Digital marketing consultant

With many years of experience in the industry and a team of creative experts, Kompetent Digital promises to boost your advertising campaigns.

13. SmartSites


SmartSites was established by two brothers more than 10 years ago. During their 10+ years in business, they’ve helped clients around the world drive more traffic to their websites.

Apart from their expertise in SEO and web design, they excel in managing PPC campaigns for businesses. E.g. they achieved a remarkable 543% increase in total traffic and a significant growth of over 60% in conversions when working with NJ Lux Real Estate.


SmartSites services Google Ads agencies

As a Google Partner, their team of PPC experts can help you to build a data-driven strategy. They also offer other services including advanced bidding, market segmentation, remarketing, and real-time reporting. 


ON Digitals

ON DIGITALS is a marketing agency located in Vietnam. Their goal is to offer a variety of digital marketing services so as to boost clients’ online presence. They also use the latest industry trends to ensure that your brand stands out in the market and reaches the potential audience.

When you choose ON DIGITALS as your Google PPC agency partner, you gain access to clear communication, regular reporting, and measurable growth throughout the entire process. 


  • Google Advertising service
  • Website design
  • Facebook Advertising
  • PPC marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • E-Commerce design

This Google advertising company also brings a new perspective in how to implement Google Ads for businesses. Therefore, this new approach will save you time, money and effort. In addition, you can also opt for other services such as website design or SEO. 

15. Spinx Digital

Spinx Digital Google Ads agencies

Spinx Digital is a marketing agency focusing on web design and advertising. They follow the “connect, create, and evolve” process with every client, aiming to achieve the following objectives:

  • Form a long-term connection between the brand and its target audience.
  • Develop creative solutions with a technical approach.
  • Apply frequent changes in strategies.

Spinx frequently works to set itself apart through its expert offerings which include:

  • Enterprise CMS solutions
  • Strategy and planning
  • Website solutions
  • Digital marketing

16. Tinuiti

Tinuiti Google Ads agencies

Tinuiti is a marketing agency with a strong partner network, managing media funds totaling $3 billion for their clients. In fact, Tinuiti’s success can be partly attributed to their program called Mobius. It provides intelligent insights and optimized marketing strategies.

In addition to their core digital marketing services, Tinuiti offers advertising management, mobile app marketing, and streaming.

17. SocialBee


SocialBee is a social media management agency that also offers Google Ads services. By using an ad package, an account manager will prepare a tailored digital marketing strategy for your business. Then, you have full control over ad creatives to maintain your brand identity. 

In addition to ad copies, they provide monthly ad reports to track growth metrics. With experts in various digital marketing areas, they also offer SEO, social media marketing and more. The ads management service starts at $299 per month and includes a 30-day refund guarantee.

18. Hello Seed

Hello Seed Google Ads agencies

Hello Seed is a Google Ads agency for smaller businesses. They specifically offer data analysis and algorithmic automation to create unique Google Ads campaigns for their clients.

As a Google Partner, they can also help businesses develop Google Shopping, Google Search Ads, and Remarketing Ads. 

19. Push Group

Push Group Google Ads agencies

If you’re a start-up or small business hoping to scale quickly, you can also check out Push Group. They have been Google’s recognized Partner over the past 12 years. They have won the award for Google’s Highest Customer Satisfaction in EMEA. What’s more, they have access to the latest resources and work directly with the search engine. Therefore, you’ll also get access to the latest features and tools.

20. Jellyfish

Jellyfish top google ads agencies

Jellyfish aims to assist brands in establishing a strong digital presence through services such as digital strategy, conversion optimization, paid media, video production, and email marketing.

Having collaborated with renowned clients including eBay, Disney, Spotify, Slack, Samsung, Uber, and, Jellyfish boasts an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Featured Customers.

One notable success story involves their work with Sunfoil Sunflower Oil, South Africa’s cricket competition title sponsor. Despite being primarily associated with sports, Sunfoil Sunflower Oil sought to broaden its image, and Jellyfish implemented various strategies across social media, websites, Google Display Network (GDN), YouTube, and email to achieve this.

Jellyfish has established partnerships with major companies like Google, Meta, Salesforce, and Amazon. In addition to offering Google Ads services, they provide clients with services such as strategy development, market intelligence, data collection, training, and more.

21. MuteSix

MuteSix top google ads agencies

MuteSix is a specialized online advertising agency focusing on direct-to-consumer (DTC) digital marketing. Their array of services includes Amazon Ads, Google Ads, paid search, content creation, copywriting, and graphic design.

Let’s look at the outcomes, as actions speak louder than words – MuteSix:

  • Achieved 40 billion impressions for clients in 2021.
  • Generated over $1.5 billion in direct revenue from ads for clients.
  • Assisted clients in increasing revenue by an average of 50% within a year.
  • Helped over 30 clients secure venture capitalist (VC) funding after joining forces with their agency.
  • Some of their prominent clients include Butter Cloth, Pluto, Burst, Ring, and Ministry of Supply.

For example, when GreenPan sought to expand using Meta Ads and paid search, MuteSix played a crucial role. By employing Google search ads, display ads, shopping, and discovery, MuteSix strategically segmented shopping campaigns, researched insights on the target demographic and promoted GreenPan’s products on-site. These efforts resulted in a 5% growth in return on ad spend (ROAS) and a month-over-month increase of over 14% in conversion rates for GreenPan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mega Digital is renowned as one of the top Google Ads agencies, delivering exceptional advertising outcomes to clients. Based on Mega Digital’s expertise, we have summarized the most frequently asked questions regarding criteria when it comes to selecting Google Ads agencies.

How to choose the most effective Google Ads agency?

When selecting the most suitable Google Ads agency, remember to consider key characteristics that define a reputable agency for Google Ads:

  • Brand culture and achievements
  • Intensive expertise knowledge and profound industry experience
  • Analytical tracking reports
  • Effective communication practices and channels
  • Pricing 
  • Transparency in operations
  • Strategy in campaign setup

How much do Google Ads agencies typically charge?

Google Ads agencies charge a range of fees for Google Ads, varying from $250 to $5,000 per month or even higher. However, partnering with a professional PPC agency ensures that your ad budget aligns closely with the management fees.

How to set up a Google ads agency account?

So what are the basic steps to set up a Google advertising agency account? Follow the following tips:

  • Check out the Google Partners website.
  • Select the “Join” button, then log in to your Google Ads account.
  • Read and review the disclaimer and Terms of Service, then select “Accept and continue”.
  • Select the Google Ads Manager account that matches your company’s goals.

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How much should I pay for Google ads monthly?

Here is a reference for Google Ads pricing:

  • CPC (Cost Per Click) on the Google Search Network ranges from $1 to $2 per click.
  • CPC on the Google Display Network usually costs <$1 per click.
  • Professional Google Ads agency services can range from $350 to $5000 per month or 12-30% of the ad spend.
  • PPC management tools can range from $15 to $800 (monthly cost).

Wrap up

We have highlighted the top 19 Google Ads agencies that consistently demonstrate exceptional performance and client satisfaction. By partnering with them, businesses can increase their ad performance and drive potential traffic. Ultimately, when selecting a Google Ads agency, you will achieve your advertising goals within your budget. 

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