TikTok Focused View Ads: A New Way To Convert Viewers To Customers

With an immersive, full-screen experience and high user attention, TikTok stands out from other platforms. A significant 46% of users engage without distractions, showcasing TikTok’s strength. To enhance brand impact, TikTok has introduced Focused View. So what is TikTok Focused View? How does TikTok Focused View Ads work? Let’s figure it out in this article!

What is TikTok Focused View?

TikTok Focused View is an improved version of TikTok’s Video View objective, allowing advertisers to optimize for both video views and positive interactions. With Focused View Ads optimization, your ad enables users to focus on 2 types of engagement:

  • Emotional Engagement: TikTok will aim at users tending to watching your ad for at least 6 seconds, emphasizing content consumption.
  • Tangible Engagement: TikTok’s target includes users more inclined to interact with an ad, promoting real engagement actively.

How does TikTok Focused View Ads work?

TikTok Focused View Ads is a special ad on TikTok designed to grab attention and boost conversions. They show up as full-screen videos that play automatically and can last up to 60 seconds. Focused View ads target users who are likely interested in your offerings. TikTok determines this based on factors like demographics, interests, and past behavior.

When a user encounters a TikTok Focused View Ad, it plays in full screen automatically, and users can click on it to learn more. This ad type is effective as it reaches users already interested in your content (viewers have seen ads for at least 6 seconds or interacted with in the first 6 seconds), increasing the likelihood of conversions compared to other TikTok ad types.

Why brands should use TikTok Focused View Ads?

Get attention easily

Unlike elsewhere, TikTok users willingly watch ads for longer durations, actively engaging with the content. Also, it is full screen and auto-play feature make viewers actively choose to watch. This voluntary attention ensures that your message doesn’t just pass by but truly resonates with the audience. And provides businesses with a superior opportunity to capture attention, outshining other ad formats.

Immersing users in your brand

Focused View strategically places video ads within other user’s content on the For You Page (FYP). This positioning creates an immersive experience with full-screen, auto-play,.. Also, with sound-on features, fostering maximum engagement, TikTok Focused View Ads extend up to 60 seconds. This generous duration allows businesses to narrate their stories intricately showcase their offerings.

Impressive performance

The Focused View objective sets TikTok apart from competitors by refining targeting and prioritizing engaged viewers. In this next-gen ad format, brands only pay when users willingly watch an ad — a crucial advantage in a world where users swiftly navigate away from traditional ads. It’s not just an ad; it’s a strategic investment in real viewer engagement.

Help customers decide

TikTok Focused View Ads play a pivotal role in aiding customer decisions. By capturing attention in a user’s personalized feed, these ads provide valuable insights, showcase products or services in action, and ultimately empower customers to make confident and well-informed choices. It’s not just about advertising; it’s about guiding customers through a seamless decision-making journey.

Turn viewers into customers

These ads can make people take action, like visiting a website or buying products. Businesses can turn viewers into customers by telling viewers exactly what to do.

How to set up TikTok Focused View Ads?

To set up TikTok Focused View Ads, follow these steps after creating a TikTok Ads account:

How to set up TikTok Focused View Ads
  1. Go to your TikTok Ads Manager and click on the “Create Campaign” button.
  2. Select the Focused View objective during the campaign creation process.
  3. Choose your targeting options, including your target audience, location, and budget.
  4. Set your campaign budget and schedule to control your ad spend.
  5. Craft your ad creative, utilizing up to 60 seconds for video, audio, text, and effects.
  6. Submit your campaign for review.

Samsung – Successful Stories of TikTok Focused View Ads

Successful Stories of TikTok Focused View Ads

Samsung, a pioneering global advertising partner, was among the first to embrace the 6-second Focused View objective during its alpha phase.


The brand strategically applied the objective to its Summer of Galaxy campaign, aiming to boost awareness and engagement for its Galaxy Z-Flip4 product.


Samsung chose to launch the Z-Flip 4 phone with a 6-second Focused View ad on TikTok. This decision was based on the format’s knack for delivering short yet powerful content that suits the platform’s lively user behavior. The brief nature of the ad matched well with TikTok’s speedy environment, making sure viewers stayed interested and engaged.


  • +11% increase in ad recall
  • +18% improvement in 2-second CPVs
  • +53% increase in average watch time per view
  • Increase 2.8 times in completion rate
  • +4% increase in purchase intent.

Mega Digital’s tips to optimize TikTok Focused View Ads

With these tips, you’ll be ready to make TikTok Focused View Ads work for your brand. Say goodbye to complicated strategies, and hello to a specific approach that gets you noticed and drives real engagement on TikTok.

Create eye-catching content

When it comes to Focused View ads, we highlight the importance of unleashing your creative genius. With a whole 60 seconds at your disposal, we encourage brands to weave visually captivating stories. Dive into our insights on using video, audio, text, and effects to craft a seamless and compelling storytelling experience.

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Laser-sharp targeting strategies

The key to TikTok Focused View Ads’ success lies in reaching the right audience. We have broken down TikTok’s strategic targeting, highlighting the need to define precise audience parameters. Meticulously consider demographics, interests, and behavioral patterns to ensure your message resonates with the intended audience.

The power of a persuasive CTA

A call to action is the heartbeat of any successful ad campaign. We have shared its expertise in formulating clear and compelling CTAs that guide viewers seamlessly toward desired actions. Whether exploring a website, signing up, or making a purchase, our approach ensures a strategic and impactful conclusion.

Dynamic campaign monitoring and optimization

Monitoring your TikTok Focused View Ads in real-time is not just a suggestion; it’s a design that can define your campaign’s success. Utilizing TikTok Ads Manager, highlighting crucial performance metrics like watch time, engagement rates, and conversion metrics.

If you’re searching for comprehensive solutions to enhance every campaign type, reach out to us. Let Mega Digital pave the way for your unmatched success. Dive into our TikTok Advertising Services today and embark on the journey to amplify your campaign’s impact like never before!

Final words

TikTok ads provide a dynamic avenue to amplify your brand reach, particularly among the younger demographic. With over 39.91% of users aged 18-24, TikTok offers diverse ad formats and targeting options for tailored campaigns. The platform’s brisk pace, catering to viewers, creators, and brands, is epitomized by the TikTok Focused View ad campaign objective feature. 

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