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6 steps to create TikTok Ad Manager Account in 1 minute

Once you want to share your ads on TikTok, you have to create an account to log in to TikTok Ad Manager. In this article, Mega Digital will provide you a comprehensive instructions, from registration to submitting approval. The procedure is not so complicated but please, follow it carefully and don’t miss any step!

6 steps to create a TikTok ad manager account

Step 1: Register an account

Access TikTok Ad Manager to sign up. There are 2 options to sign up by email address or phone number. After that, you just need to fill in the verification code to complete the registration.

Register account on TikTok Ad Manager
Source: TikTok

Step 2: Fill in business information

In the next step, you fill in all the information about your business, including:

  • Country/Region: where you’re located
  • Time zone: Check your right time zone, as you will not be able to change it afterward
  • Preferred billing currency: choose your preferred currency 
  • Business Name: must be the same as (or substantially connected to) your legal name. If your account’s “Business Name” does not match the actual name of your business, you will fail the account evaluation.

Furthermore, suppose you want to access all TikTok For Business features such as the TikTok Creator Marketplace or ad credit programs. In that case, your “Business Name” must match the one on your legal documentation, such as a business license or the IRS SS-4 EIN Assignment Letter.

Check your information again, and click Register.

Create an Account on TikTok Ad Manager
Source: TikTok

Step 3: Setup your account

After registering, you will see the Dashboard display, then access Account Info under Account Settings.

TikTok Ad Manager Dashboard
Source: TikTok

Step 4: Complete detailed business information

You need to fill out all the information on the Business Information display including:

  • Company website: Enter the URL following the format

URLs that do not adhere to this standard will be rejected during the account review.

To pass the account review, your firm website must work properly, provide all required contact information, clearly offer a product or service, and be relevant to the product or service you wish to market.

  • Industry: Select the industry in your product or service will be promoted

You must fill in exactly all this below information with where your business is registered.

  • Street address
  • State/Province
  • Postal code
  • Business Verification (optional): It will allow you to apply for ad credit programs and use extra TikTok For Business features such as the TikTok Creator Marketplace.
Business information on TikTok Ad Manager
Source: TikTok

Step 5: Select Payment Method

There are 2 ways for you to pay on TikTok ad Manager including Manual Payment and Automatic Payment. However, Automatic Payment is not available at this time.

Payment method on TikTok Ad Manager
Source: TikTok

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Step 6: Submit your approval

At the bottom of the page, click Submit. When you submit your account details, it will be reviewed. TikTok will examine the information you supplied during the account review, which can take up to 24 hours.

What features do you get with TikTok Ad Manager?

TikTok Ad Manager is primarily designed for users with personal accounts who want to create and manage TikTok ads. However, it offers fewer features compared to TikTok Business Center, which is available for business accounts.

Yet, it still lets you reach a global audience on TikTok and our other apps. Plus, its interface is user-friendly, so even beginners can get started in just a few minutes without needing any previous knowledge.

  • Comprehensive account dashboard: Access to a detailed view of all your advertising campaigns, metrics, and budgeting tools on TikTok
  • Variety of ad formats and tools: Find the best ad format for your business and utilize marketing tools to bring life to your story
    • Creative Tools make it simple to produce video advertisements. This tool offers a range of video templates and allows you to create videos using your current photographs without having to be a professional editor.
    • Automated Creative Optimization helps you automate the process of developing, distributing, and optimizing your advertising to make ad management more efficient.
  • Advanced targeting: Target your audience with detailed information including gender, location, age, interests, and other variables.
    • For more advanced users who want to take their ads to the next level, use Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences to target more people who are similar to your existing consumers.
  • Transparent data measurement: TikTok Ad Manager measurement allows you to track the performance of your ads by examining detailed data and automating bespoke reports. 
    • TikTok pixel tracks user behavior on your website and evaluates ad performance and marketing results.
    • Third-party tracking providers assist in tracking your ad conversions, users’ in-app actions, impressions, and click attribution data.

Final word

Successfully creating a TikTok Ad Manager account means you have got involved in the TikTok advertisement, a world of borderless creativity and fierce competitiveness as well. To avoid troubles and risks during running ad campaigns such as a TikTok ad account being suspended, it is highly necessary that you satisfy policies that TikTok issues for advertising. Let’s see what exactly these regulations are!

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