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Google Ads Agency Account vs Threshold Account: Which is Better?

​​With 7 years of experience in Google Ads and using both threshold and agency account, I’m here today to share all the things I know about these 2 most powerful types of Google Ads accounts. If you’re wondering, Google Ads agency account vs Threshold account, which one to pick or which type I’m using, this article will help you decide.

Types of Google Ads account

First of all, I’d like to show you about the current variety of Google Ads account types available.

Google Ads individual account

A Google Ads individual account is a personal advertising account created by an individual or a single user. It’s typically used by someone managing their own ads for personal or business purposes. This account type allows individuals to directly control their ad campaigns, set budgets, select targeting options, and monitor the performance of their advertisements on Google’s advertising platform.

Google Ads individual account

However, in contrast to the 2 other types available, individual accounts come with several limitations.

Google Ads threshold account

A Google Ads threshold account is a billing arrangement offered by Google to advertisers using their platform. Instead of being billed at the end of each month, this system bills advertisers either when they reach a specified spending limit or every 30 days, whichever happens first. It’s designed to facilitate smoother billing cycles for advertisers managing their ad expenses on Google.

The threshold amount is the set limit that advertisers must spend before Google charges them. After hitting this limit, Google bills the advertiser and starts the payment cycle again. This may also mean a higher spending limit for future payments.

Google Ads threshold account

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Google Ads agency account

A Google Ads agency account serves as a special account for marketing agencies, enabling them to manage multiple Google Ads accounts. Google Partners, such as Mega Digital, has the ability to efficiently manage advertising campaigns for numerous clients or effectively coordinate various campaigns for a single client.

Google Ads agency account

In general, agency accounts boost effectiveness, teamwork, and campaign handling, leading to better outcomes and happier clients. Agency accounts from top Google Partners provide numerous advantages that individual accounts lack.

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Pros & cons of each ad account type

Each of these accounts has its own set of advantages and drawbacks worth considering. Understanding them can significantly impact your advertising strategy and outcomes.

Pros & cons of Google Ads threshold account

Many of our customer ask us about threshold accounts, and here’s what I usually tell them:

Testing and optimization

It provides a grace period for assessing ad campaign effectiveness before committing funds, enabling better decision-making and optimization of advertising strategies.

Improve cash flow management

A Google Ads threshold account provides advertisers with a credit limit, allowing them to run ads and pay for them later. Essentially, it enables advertisers to spend money on advertising before making the actual payment, offering a bit of financial flexibility in their marketing efforts. This can be particularly helpful for businesses managing cash flow or seeking to invest in advertising without immediate upfront costs.

However, threshold accounts are not easy to buy. Currently, some sellers are providing Google Ads threshold accounts for sale. You can engage with communities or individuals on platforms such as Reddit and Facebook to inquire about purchasing them.

But most of these sellers are just trying to trick people. Google threshold accounts can’t be bought directly. They’re like a special payment deal Google gives to certain advertisers based on how they’ve spent money before and other things like their credit history.

Pros & cons of Google Ads agency account

I stumbled several times while trying to figure out the threshold account, but everything changed completely when I learned about the agency account.

A skilled Google advertising agency can optimize your ad spending, save you time, and boost your campaign performance. With their expertise and tools, they can deliver significant results with Google Ads, allowing you to concentrate on other critical aspects of your business. I will outline 3 key benefits of using an agency account:

Pros & cons of agency account

Manage numerous client accounts

A Google Ads agency account makes it easy to handle many client accounts all in one place, which saves time and makes things simpler. Agencies can create separate sub-accounts in the My Client Center (MCC), boosting efficiency and keeping everything organized. These sub-accounts in the MCC neatly divide each client’s campaigns, making tracking and organization much smoother, especially for agencies working with a variety of clients.

Access to advanced features and tools

Accessing an agency account offers advanced tools and features that give agencies an edge in optimizing campaigns. This includes Google’s API for automating tasks and integrating with third-party tools. It streamlines campaign management, freeing up time for other important tasks. Moreover, agencies might get early access to beta features, which helps them stay ahead and offer feedback before these features are released to the public.

Allocate remaining budgets

Should your account face suspension, rather than enduring a 20-40 day wait for a refund, we swiftly transfer your remaining budget to a new account immediately, ensure your campaign continues without interruption.

This eliminates prolonged waiting periods, allowing you to resume your campaigns promptly. This rapid action becomes particularly critical if your account is suspended during peak sales seasons.

Major differences of Google Ads agency account vs threshold account

Now’s the best part, after conducting 300 campaigns this quarter, I’ve compiled this comprehensive comparison featuring the top 13 aspects to consider. This could be the most detailed comparison table found on the internet.

So, prepare yourself to behold the major differences between Google Ads agency account and threshold account:

AspectGoogle Ads agency accountGoogle Ads threshold account
Primary purposeIdeal for agencies managing multiple client ad accounts.Suited for businesses seeking financial flexibility in ad spending.
Account structureAllows creation and management of multiple client ad accounts.Provides a credit limit for running ads and paying later.
Client managementTailored tools for managing separate ad accounts for each client.No specialized tools for managing multiple client accounts.
Features and ToolsOffers advanced features and tools for agency-level management.Limited tools specific to managing credit-based ad spending.
Payment structureNo credit-based payment arrangement; operates on direct payments.Allows deferred payment for ads, offering financial flexibility.
Reporting capabilitiesEnhanced reporting and analytics for multiple client accounts.Basic reporting, lacking advanced features for agency management.
Ad campaign testingFocuses more on managing multiple campaigns for various clients.Allows testing ad campaigns without immediate financial commitment.
Collaboration toolsFacilitates collaboration between agency and multiple clients.Basic collaboration features, not specialized for agency needs.
Financial flexibilityLimited in terms of deferred payments or credit-based spending.Offers flexibility by allowing payment for ads at a later time.
Cost controlAgency-level control over individual client budgets and spending.Allows some control over spending but not as granular as agencies.
AccessibilityAccess to more complex and specialized agency-level features.Simplified access without specialized agency management tools.
Account sourceOffered directly by Google or authorized Google Partners.Often sold by individual sellers online, leading to potential scams.
Reliability and TrustConsidered safe and reliable, provided by trusted Google partners.Often associated with fraudulent activities and potential scams.

Google Ads agency account vs threshold account: Which to choose

The choice between a Google Ads agency account and a threshold account depends on your specific needs and situation. After looking at the table above, it seems like you’ve already made up your mind about which one you prefer.

Even though a threshold account might seem appealing and worth a shot, based on my experience, I recommend trying the agency account. An agency account is crucial for ensuring a stable campaign and reducing the risk of suspension. In the long run, it’s the optimal choice.

Wrap up

In summary, the comparison between Google Ads agency account vs threshold account highlights distinct advantages. While the agency account provides advanced features, better campaign stability, and reliable support, the threshold account offers financial flexibility and deferred payment options. Choosing between the two depends on specific needs, with the agency account catering to comprehensive management and the threshold account focusing on financial convenience in ad spending.

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