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What is a Facebook Agency Ad Account and How to Get One?

For many businesses advertising on Facebook, the limitations of a personal ad account can hinder their ability to reach their full potential. This is where a Facebook agency ad account becomes essential.

If you’re curious about what a Facebook agency ad account is and how it differs from a personal ad account, you’re in the right place. This article will answer all these questions for you, and instruct you to get your first agency ad account.

What is a Facebook Ad Agency Account?

What is a Facebook Ad Agency Account?

A Facebook Agency Ad Account is a specialized advertising account provided by Facebook exclusively to approved marketing partners or approved partners, like Mega Digital. These accounts cater to the needs of agencies managing large-scale advertising campaigns for multiple clients.

Benefits of Having a Facebook Agency Account

What’s good about a Facebook agency ads account is that it offers extra privileges that a standard Facebook Ad Account lacks.

Benefits of having a Facebook agency ad account

Potentially better results and ROI

These agency accounts provide access to top-performing ad accounts. They are often whitelisted and validated directly by Facebook, which gives them a high level of trust. With agency accounts, advertisers are likely to reach target audiences more effectively.

Higher spending limits

Regular Facebook Ads accounts may have limitations on how much you can spend on advertising in a given timeframe. Agency accounts, however, often have much higher spending limits or even no limits at all. Since the marketing agencies owning them have huge ad expenditures, Facebook grants these ad accounts a higher daily spending limit. This allows agencies to manage larger advertising budgets for their clients.

Quicker ad approval process

Facebook ad agency accounts can bypass the approval process for new accounts. And you can start running ads immediately without waiting for approval or business verification.

Higher possibilities of account recovery

It is common for ad accounts to encounter suspensions from Facebook either due to policy violations or misjudgments by Facebook moderators. When this happens, all your progress is lost, and you’ll have to start the campaigns all over again.

In such a case, you may apply for account recovery, but the success rate of appeal is not high and not everyone can do it. However, if you rent a Facebook agency ad account, the agency will immediately provide you with an alternative account for use so that you can continue your activities with any remaining budget transferred to it. This does not involve deleting or replacing the old account, which remains under appeal. If the appeal is successful, the original account can be used again.

Personal Facebook ad account vs. Facebook agency account: What’s the difference?

The main difference between a personal Facebook ad account and a Facebook agency account is ownership and access control.

Personal Facebook Ad AccountFacebook Agency Ad Account
OwnershipTied to an individual’s personal Facebook profileCreated by marketing partners approved by Facebook
Access controlFull control by the individualBusinesses manage ad settings; agencies handle financial responsibilities.
Spending capabilityComes with a daily spending limitLarge spending caps, unlimited ad budget
Payment methodVia credit cards or bank cards onlyAccept multiple payment options
Ad risksHigher risks associated with account suspension or disapprovalMore stable since ad is reviewed by agency, get instant support for any technical issues

What’s The Cost for a Facebook Agency Ad Account?

Facebook agency ad account cost

If you choose to partner with a marketing agency to access an agency account and manage your campaigns, you’ll likely be charged a separate service fee. This fee can vary depending on several factors:

  • The agency you choose: Different agencies have different pricing structures.
  • The complexity of your campaign: More complex campaigns with intricate targeting or multiple ad sets might require more work from the agency, leading to potentially higher fees.
  • Your campaign budget: Some agencies might have tiered pricing structures, with fees scaling based on the total amount you plan to spend on advertising.

Many agencies charge a percentage of your ad spend as their management fee. This fee typically falls between 5% and 10%, but it can sometimes be higher. For example, Mega Digital currently charges a 3% fee for a Facebook agency ad account, which is considered a reasonable cost for businesses based on the industry standard. Some agencies even charge their clients based on the number of rented accounts.

It’s important to talk openly with the agency about their pricing structure. This will help you understand exactly what you’ll be paying and ensure it aligns with your budget and what you expect to achieve with your campaign.

How to Get a Facebook Agency Ad Account?

How to Get a Facebook Agency Ad Account

Step 1: Find and evaluate potential agencies

Assess the agency’s team members, their skills, and their ability to manage ad accounts effectively.

Look for agencies that have experience with Facebook advertising and a good understanding of your business goals.

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Step 2: Contact agencies for information

Reach out to the agencies you’ve identified. Inquire about their services, pricing, and the process of setting up a Facebook agency ad account.

Ask about their daily spending limits, access to Facebook representatives, and account recovery procedures.

Step 3: Choose a trusted agency

Select an agency that earns your trust and makes you feel comfortable working with. Ensure they have a transparent workflow and clear communication channels.

Verify their qualifications and legitimacy before proceeding.

Step 4: Provide information for the chosen agency

Once you’ve chosen an agency, you’ll need to provide necessary information, such as your business details and payment method.

The agency will create a new Facebook ad account for your business or link your existing account to their management system.

If Facebook agency ad account is already your go-to solution for your advertising campaigns, then look no further than renting your first account provided by Mega Digital. Since Mega Digital is a Meta Business Partner, your business will get high-performing accounts to run your ad smoothly and effectively.

How to choose the right Facebook Ads Agency to partner with?

Choosing the right Facebook Ads agency can significantly impact your campaign’s success. Opting for a wrong or unsuitable Facebook agency ad account provider can have unforeseen consequences for your business. Here are some key factors to consider when making your decision:

Expertise and Experience:

  • Track Record: Look for agencies with a proven track record of success in your industry or niche. Ask for case studies that showcase their results for similar clients.
  • Facebook Ads Expertise: Ensure the agency has a deep understanding of Facebook’s advertising platform, targeting options, and campaign optimization techniques.
  • Team Composition: Look for an agency with a dedicated team of Facebook Ads specialists who stay up-to-date on the latest platform features and trends.

Communication and Transparency:

  • Clear Communication Style: Choose an agency that clearly explains their strategies, reporting metrics, and proposed budgets. Open communication is crucial for a successful partnership.
  • Transparency in Approach: Ensure the agency is transparent about their process, fees, and how they measure campaign success.
  • Regular Reporting: The agency should provide you with regular reports on campaign performance, allowing you to track progress and adjust strategies as needed.

Final words

We hope this blog has equipped you with the knowledge to get your very first Facebook Agency Ad Account from the right partner. Remember, the right partner can make a world of difference in the success of your campaigns.

If you have any questions regarding this type of Facebook ad account, or want to know more about our pricing scheme for the services we provide, feel free to contact us.

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