Best 20 Google Ads Headline Tips & Examples That Convert

A fantastic Google Ads headline is similar to the captivating display you often see in store windows. They aim to catch your attention, make you imagine owning what they’re selling, and encourage you to enter the store and buy it. Your ad headlines are your best opportunity to display your product or service and persuade people to click on your ad.

What creates a good Google Ads headline?

What creates a good Google Ads headline?

An attention-grabbing headline is really important for getting people to click on your ad. It needs to grab their interest and make them want to learn more about what you’re promoting.

These are the qualities of a great Google Ads headline for your product or service:

  • Grabs attention.
  • Encourages curiosity.
  • Conveys essential information clearly.
  • Creates a sense of urgency or timeliness.
  • Highlights exclusivity or uniqueness.
  • Provides solutions to the audience’s problems.

Considerations for writing Google Ads headline and description

Considerations for writing Google Ads headline and description

When composing your headlines and descriptions, consider these helpful questions:

  • What are you offering to your customers? Keep it straightforward, like stating “Selling sunglasses” if that’s your product.
  • What issue are you addressing for your customers? Phrases like “Get your new summer look” or “Express your personality” can convey your product’s value.
  • Why should someone choose your business right now? If you have holiday sales or limited-time offers, inform your audience to seize these opportunities.
  • What sets your product or service apart? Share unique aspects like being veteran-owned or using organic materials, as customers may want to know.
  • Why should someone prefer your business over competitors? Highlight factors like the highest customer satisfaction rating or a risk-free 30-day return policy to persuade shoppers.
  • What special incentives do you provide? Mention free shipping, discounts for returning customers, curbside pick-up, or similar perks to make your business more appealing.

Pro tip: Always proofread your headlines and descriptions for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. A polished and professional appearance is crucial, and ads with errors might be rejected by Google’s system.

20 best tips to write effective headlines for Google Ads

We’ve discussed the significance of persuasive ad content in previous posts. However, in this article, I’ll solely concentrate on creating exceptional PPC ad headlines. Here are 20 guidelines to assist you in composing ad headlines that will undoubtedly entice your potential customers to click.

1. Use relevant keywords

While it may appear obvious, it’s surprising how many ads I come across that have unclear and vague headlines, lacking the keyword I initially searched for. Take the following ad for instance. My search was for “sportcoats”. Look at this Google Ads headline examples:

20 best headlines for Google Ads with examples

Lands’ End does offer sportcoats, but this ad doesn’t provide what I’m looking for. So, why should I bother clicking on it?

Avoid making your potential customers speculate about your offerings. Ensure a direct link between their search query and your ad by incorporating the keyword into the headline.

2. Solve the problems

Imagine you’ve lost your keys after a night out. Even if you come across three or four locksmith ads, you’re likely to be in a state of panic.

Solve the problems google ads headline

In the examples above, the first ad is the least helpful. I don’t care if the business is family-owned or part of a huge franchise like Walmart – my primary concern is getting back into my house.

The third ad isn’t much better since it directs me to another site to enter my information to find a local locksmith, adding an unnecessary extra step that I’m unlikely to bother with.

On the other hand, the remaining three ads are precisely what I need – they convey reliability, clearly state 24-hour service availability, and provide some pricing details. I am a bit curious about what makes the fourth business “extreme”, though…

3. Offer a discount

Discounts are universally appealing. This Snapfish ad is attention-grabbing with its “Save X%” offer, which naturally draws people in. It presents multiple enticing deals, particularly if you have a special offer for first-time customers.

Offer a discount

Additionally, observe the specific long-tail keyword they’re targeting: “Where to print pictures”. This choice indicates that the searcher is primed to make a decision, enhancing the attractiveness of the discount.

Incorporate discount offers into your Google Ads, especially for extremely high-intent keywords. Discounts and special deals can significantly influence users who are close to making their final purchase decision, nudging them towards conversion.

4. Add some humor or jokes

Advertisers often closely watch the kinds of ads their rivals run. Unfortunately, potential customers usually don’t pay much attention – they encounter numerous ads that all appear and sound quite similar.

Setting your ads apart from your competitors is crucial, and humor can be a great way to achieve this. However, what one person finds funny might deeply offend someone else. So, if you decide to use humor, make sure to test different versions of your ads (A/B testing) to see if your potential customers appreciate the joke.

NOTE: If you want to playfully tease a competitor, that’s usually okay. Nevertheless, be cautious about how you go about it. Making obviously false accusations or statements, even in jest, could get you into trouble and may result in penalties from platforms like Google or Bing.

5. Share numbers or facts

Many users respond positively to concrete evidence. Solid data can build trust and establish credibility in the minds of your potential customers. That’s why McDonald’s uses its “Billions and billions sold” slogan on its signs.

Share numbers or facts google ads headline

This particular ad is quite effective because its headline immediately informs me about the approximate cost per page of translated text. Of course, this could vary depending on factors like source and target languages, but it stood out as the only ad I saw that provided exact figures. This sets it apart significantly from the others.

While it may not be as compelling as Mega Digital’s problem-solving approach, it delivers the message concisely (a necessity when you have limited space) and can create a positive link between your offering and what the customer desires.

6. Think about user intent

If you’re not crafting Search ad headlines while considering user intent, you might be overlooking numerous chances.

Think about user intent

Consider the search intent. For instance, when someone looks up “plumbers near me”, they may be facing a plumbing crisis. This is why Plumber Pros’ ad works so well. It doesn’t just mention services like fixing leaks and clearing drains; it highlights round-the-clock availability and same-day service, addressing the likely needs of searchers.

To master user intent research and optimization, explore this ebook from Mega Digital. Inside, you’ll find a treasure trove of insights, strategies, and practical guidance that will empower you to become a true expert in this field.

[Ebook] Strategies to thoroughly master Google Ads in 2023

7. Show empathy

In addition to seeking solutions to their problems, individuals also desire reassurance that someone else comprehends their situation. This is what makes empathy an effective tool in crafting the most compelling ad headlines. When you show empathy towards your customer’s dilemma in Google Ads headline, you establish a connection that can boost trust, or at the very least, capture their attention.

8. Use easy, clear words

The digital marketing field is notorious for its abundance of buzzwords and jargon, and I’m sure your industry might have its own specialized terms. However, this doesn’t mean you should stuff your PPC ad headlines with so much jargon that it confuses or discourages your potential customers.

In your Google Ads headline, opt for straightforward, easily understandable language. This approach makes your headlines more readable, accessible, and clickable. Don’t turn away potential customers right from the start by overwhelming them with intimidating and often unnecessary buzzwords or acronyms.

Keep in mind that simple language doesn’t have to be dull! There are plenty of straightforward power words that can create engaging yet easy-to-read ad copy.

Take a peek at the discussions happening in your industry on social media platforms and let them spark inspiration for your headlines.

Get ideas from what's popular on social media google ads headline

Twitter, for instance, provides a useful “What’s trending” section, which can swiftly point you to popular topics aligned with your interests. Capitalizing on these temporary trends can potentially help you garner more clicks. However, do keep in mind that some social trends have a very short lifespan, so this strategy isn’t a “set it and forget it” method. Stay agile and responsive to stay relevant.

10. Make use of the character limit

Avoid adding extra words or characters just for the sake of it, but do maximize the potential of the 25-character limit in your PPC ad headlines. Be as descriptive as possible, ensuring your ads clearly convey what users will find when they click on them. Speaking of setting expectations…

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11. Don’t promise things that aren’t true

Including blatantly false information is a surefire way to get your ad rejected by Google and Bing. If you make a statement in your ad headline, ensure that either the ad content or the ad landing page (ideally both) provide real evidence, customer testimonials, or other verifiable proof to support it.

Don't promise things that aren't true google ads headline

The example above illustrates the issue of making claims that can’t be easily substantiated. Who has declared this website as the “No. 1” online fishing tackle shop? Not only is this claim impossible to verify, but it also consumes valuable space that could have been used to highlight something distinctive about the business.

Failing to fulfill a promise is one of the quickest methods to damage your brand and lose potential customers. Therefore, refrain from making commitments in your ads that you can’t substantiate.

12. Be careful with periods, spelling, and words

Even though you have only 25 characters for your PPC ad headlines, it’s still essential to invest time in ensuring your ad is grammatically correct. Spelling errors can make you and your business appear unprofessional, so it’s wise to run everything through a spellchecker before submitting your ad for approval.

Be careful with periods, spelling, and words

Unfortunately, the ad above is quite poor. Firstly, it’s unclear if it’s relevant to my search term (“cremations”). Secondly, I can’t discern whether they genuinely provide 1,310 simple cremation services or if this means a simple cremation service costs $1,310.

If your business operates in foreign markets like Canada or the U.K., consider using appropriate spellings for those regions. It might not seem like a major issue, but it can make a significant difference.

Additionally, punctuation holds great importance and can profoundly affect the meaning of a phrase.

13. Talk about the benefits

Just as you should craft PPC ad headlines while considering user intent, keep in mind that people are keen to understand how opting for your product or service will improve their lives. Sales experts often follow a simple mantra – “What’s in it for me?” – when engaging with potential customers, and you should adopt a similar mindset when composing ad headlines.

Talk about the benefits

Avoid the urge to use your headlines to boast about your own greatness. Instead, concentrate on how your product will enhance your customers’ lives, just like the example above demonstrates.

14. Ask questions

Using what people are looking for is very important to make more people buy things from your ads. One good way to do this is by asking a question in your headline.

Ask questions

The ad example I showed you is pretty smart. It not only asks a question in the title but also uses specific words like “Protecting your family”. These words suggest being strong together and being able to trust the lawyer – things you might want when you need a divorce lawyer.

Here’s a surprising thing: this ad is different from the advice I gave earlier about “using the keyword”. Even though it doesn’t have the word I was looking for in the title, it’s still a better ad than the others I saw. If I was actually looking for a divorce lawyer (which I’m not, by the way!), this ad would make me want to click on it.

15. Use fear in a good way

This is another tip that Mega Digital firmly believes in. Using potent emotional triggers such as fear, suspicion, and doubt can be an effective means to capture your prospects’ attention and encourage them to click on your ad.

Take a look at this Google Ads headline example, which demonstrates this technique skillfully:

Use fear in a good way google ads headline

It may not be the most morally sound ad (or service, for that matter), but there’s no denying that this ad grabs your attention and skillfully employs emotional manipulation to entice the user to click on it.

16. Show why you’re different and better

Your unique selling proposition (USP) is what distinguishes your business from the competition. Whenever possible, incorporate this unique aspect into your PPC ad headlines. This approach may be less effective if your USP isn’t genuinely exceptional, but it’s still worth considering, particularly if other methods aren’t yielding the desired results.

17. Share what others say about you

If you have a dedicated fan base or extremely satisfied customers, leverage their positive feedback by including their quotes and glowing testimonials in your PPC ad headlines. However, be cautious when using quotes, as this tactic can sometimes have unintended consequences.

Share what others say about you

In the example above, an attempt is made to employ this technique, but the outcome is somewhat unclear. In this context, it’s not immediately apparent whether the quoted headline is a genuine quote or a testimonial. It could even be interpreted as mocking the idea that diet pills are effective. Additionally, the suspicious-looking URL in this example doesn’t help. Clearly, the use of quotation marks in this instance requires improvement.

To ensure clarity, use quotation marks to indicate that you’re quoting someone, and make sure their quote or testimonial is pertinent to the ad. If the quote highlights a direct benefit of using your product or service (e.g., “I saved so much time!”), that’s even better.

18. Make strong promises or guarantees

Making a strong commitment to your potential customers through your PPC ads can signal confidence in your product or service, which can be a compelling motivator for consumers. This approach is particularly effective in competitive or saturated markets. If you can’t include promises like free shipping or a money-back guarantee in the headline, definitely consider incorporating them into the ad copy.

Make strong promises or guarantees google ads headline

Nevertheless, if you choose to make a commitment in your PPC ad headlines, you MUST be able to fulfill it. Failure to do so could severely damage your brand and credibility.

19. Explain exactly what you’re offering

Many advertisers resort to deceitful tactics to persuade you to click, but often, this is the wrong strategy. If a potential customer is in the market for what you’re selling, you don’t need tricks to get them to buy from you – you simply need to provide what they’re looking for.

Explain exactly what you're offering

The headline in the above ad is about as straightforward and uncomplicated as it gets. It also uses the first line of copy to highlight the product’s benefit.

When it comes to your PPC ad headline copy, be clear and concise. If the other tips aren’t yielding results, simplify your approach and ensure your headlines are as straightforward and transparent as possible. This way, you eliminate any potential confusion about what you’re offering.

20. Look at what others do and get ideas from them

Corporate espionage is not an ethical or legal practice for conducting business! Fortunately, you don’t have to engage in illegal activities like breaking into your main competitor’s headquarters or hacking into their computer systems to discover which ads are effective for them.

Look at what others do and get ideas from them

Frequently asked questions

Check out these FAQs for Google Ads headlines to gain valuable insights and answers to common questions that can help you create more effective and compelling ad campaigns. 

What is headline in Google Ads?

Google Ads headlines are short phrases or lines of text that serve as the primary title or headline of an advertisement in Google’s advertising platform. They are designed to capture the attention of users and provide a concise and compelling summary of the ad’s content. These headlines play a crucial role in attracting clicks and generating interest in the advertised product, service, or offer.

What is headline in Google Ads?

Why do we use Google Ads headlines?

The purpose of Google Ads headlines is to grab the attention of potential viewers and provide a concise, engaging introduction to the content of the ad. These headlines are instrumental in encouraging users to click on the ad and learn more about the advertised product, service, or promotion. In essence, Google Ads headlines aim to entice and persuade users to take action, such as visiting a website or making a purchase, while effectively communicating the essence and value of the ad’s content.

Final words

In closing, it’s crucial to recognize that your Google Ads headline holds immense power in determining the effectiveness of your ad campaign. It’s the very first thing users see, and often, it’s their only chance to decide whether to engage with your ad or move on.

A well-crafted headline can spark curiosity, convey value, and generate that all-important click-through. Therefore, invest time and effort into perfecting your headlines, ensuring they align with your ad’s message, resonate with your target audience, and ultimately contribute to the success of your advertising efforts. Remember, your headline is the gateway to your product or service, so make it compelling and inviting!

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