Top 10 TikTok Ad examples and tips for brands to steal in 2023

TikTok Ads has become one of the most powerful tools for brands and businesses to achieve advertising goals and raise customer awareness in the last three years. So, what is considered good TikTok ads? Check out this list with the best TikTok Ad examples to learn from and optimize to meet your advertising needs. 

Let’s check our list of best TikTok Ads creatives right here in this article!

Best Examples of TikTok Ads

We’re gonna give you the top TikTok performing ad examples according to 5 main types of TikTok Ads:

  • In-feed Ads
  • Top View Ads (Brand Takeover)
  • Top Feed Ads
  • Branded Effects
  • Branded Hashtag Challenges

Best In-feed Ads Examples

In-Feed ads on TikTok are a popular form of advertising that offer high engagement opportunities. They appear in users’ feeds as they scroll through content and can include a variety of interactive elements, such as videos, images, and calls to action. In addition, In-Feed ads offer a cost-effective advertising option, with a variety of budget and bidding options available to advertisers.

Here are two best TikTok ad examples that incorporated In-Feed commercials as part of their campaign.



V03 is coming. Tickets available on July 8th. 👀 #BALMAINFESTIVAL

♬ original sound – Balmain

Balmain chose to debut its newest designs through a TikTok Live fashion show. To advertise the show, In-feed advertising was used before and during the live stream and throughout the broadcast. 

The sponsored in-feed ads drew 

  • Over 22 million views 
  • 10 thousand new followers signed up to be notified when the show premiered. 

Finally, 240,000 people watched Balmain’s unique TikTok Live fashion, which would not have been possible without an excellent In-Feed marketing campaign.

Smyth Jewelers

@smythjewelers 2021 engagement ? trends with @martinflyer ♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

Smyth Jewelers is a long-time jewelry brand that turned to TikTok to reach new and younger audiences. Although they had grown their organic social media presence to around 19k followers, they wanted to increase visibility for their wedding and engagement rings on TikTok. With this type of content, they executed In-Feed traffic campaigns to reach and drive new viewers to their TikTok profile while spending only $40 per day.

Smyth Jewelers utilized geo-targeting TikTok ad options to reach relevant people in Maryland and DC with this campaign while also personalizing their video series as much as possible to encourage viewer involvement. Their campaign received:

  • 35 cents per CPM x 2 cents per like

Top View Best Examples

Top View, previously called Brand Takeover Ads, is the first ad to appear when users open TikTok. One of the main benefits of Top View ads is that they provide high visibility and engagement opportunities. Since they are the first thing users see when they open the app, they can capture users’ attention and create a strong first impression. Additionally, Top View ads can generate high click-through rates and engagement rates, as they are often accompanied by strong calls-to-action and interactive add-ons.

Here are some of the best examples of TikTok Top View!

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz - TikTok Ad examples
Source: TikTok

Mercedes-marketing Benz’s team understood that to reach Gen Z and Millenials, they had to get them moving with a unique campaign. They launched high-quality Brand Takeover advertisements, as well as In-Feed advertising that utilized user-generated content, to promote their #MBStarChallenge Hashtag Challenge (which had its own branded effect).

The campaign became viral, resulting in:

  • Over 185,000 videos uploaded by 73,000 people 
  • 180 million video views 

Their brand takeover CTR was 17.5%. It also did wonders for their reputation. Post-campaign research revealed a 66.3 percent increase in ad memory, an 18.2 percent rise in brand favorability, and 30,000 new followers. Page visits surpassed one million in both the UK and German campaigns.


Guess - TikTok Ad examples
Source: TikTok

Guess intended to use TikTok to raise awareness during the back-to-school shopping season to promote its Fall Denim Fit range. Using it with Bebe Rexa’s “I’m a mess”, Guess also released four influencer-performed videos for Brand Takeover Ads to demonstrate their notion and quickly went viral.

TikTok reports that their campaign and Brand Takeovers had 10.5 million views.

  • Engagement rate of 14.3 percent
  • An extra 12,000 followers
  • CTRs of 16.5 percent for their Brand Takeovers

Best performing Top Feed Ads

Top Feed is a feed-type option for TikTok Reach & Frequency campaigns, enabling ads to occupy the first in-feed ad slot that appears when a user opens the app, offering high visibility and making a strong first impression. To be more clear, TikTok Top Feed is considered the first in-feed ad and the second after Top View.

Let’s look at top-performing TikTok ads in the Top Feed section.

V Energy

V Energy - TikTok Ad examples
Source: TikTok

One of the best examples of TikTok TopView ads was created by energy drink company V Energy as part of a bigger campaign to promote TikTok’s first New Year’s Eve live event, which incorporated numerous TikTok ad formats.

Creators were challenged to create their own V Energy trick shot, and the resultant influencer material was transformed into a TopView ad that aired throughout January. The show became Australia’s second most-watched live broadcast ever, resulting in:

  • 5,000 followers in just one day after the TopView commercial went live

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs - TikTok Ad examples
Source: TikTok

Marc Jacobs used creatives on TopView to promote their branded hashtag challenge #PerfectAsIAm, which increased attention and interaction in the coveted For You feed and increased visits to the official challenge website.

In the first half of 2020, the #PerfectAsIAm Branded Hashtag Challenge outperformed TikTok beauty averages in video views, engagements, and engagement rates. The #PerfectAsIAm challenge resulted in:

  • 10.1 billion video views worldwide as of March 2021

Top performing Branded Hashtag Challenge Examples

Some top TikTok ad examples include Branded Hashtag Challenge as part of their campaign. This ad type is intended to increase brand exposure and engagement. When a user clicks on a hashtag, it redirects them to the brand’s landing page and displays additional handpicked films with the same hashtag.

There are packages available for three or six days. According to TikTok, branded hashtag challenges have an average interaction rate of 8.5 percent. This is one of TikTok top performing ads type suited for branding objectives and collection introduction.

Here are two of the most inventive Hashtag Challenge advertising examples.

American Eagle – #InMyAEJeans

@justmaiko straight flexin’ #InMyAEJeans ? @americaneagle #AEPartner #AEContest ♬ #InMyAEJeans – Tropkillaz

American Eagle is one of the world’s largest lifestyle clothing brands. Their #InMyAEJeans campaign for the Back to School Branded Hashtag Challenge is a perfect example of clever TikTok ideas put to use in a dancing ad. Influencer Addison Rae created the challenge, and it quickly took off.

The campaign was a smashing success, owing mostly to the opportunity to appear in a Duet with Addison Rae, with:

  • Over 432,000 TikTok creators uploaded dance videos
  • 3.7 billion views since its release

FC Barcelona x OPPO – #GoForItChallenge

@fcbarcelona Meet Piqué? Wait what? ?#GoForItChallenge #shotonOPPO ♬ GoForIt – FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona, one of the world’s largest football clubs, collaborated with OPPO, a Chinese smartphone maker, for their #GoForIt campaign. Using split screens, they published a unique music track and asked users to share key events from the club’s history.

The campaign was a huge success, garnering: 

  • Almost 200,000 videos 
  • Over 70,000 individuals contributed

Best examples of Branded Effects Ads

Branded Effects on TikTok are sponsored visual effects, filters, and stickers that users can apply to their videos. These branded effects are created by TikTok’s team of creators and can be used by users in their videos, which can help to increase brand visibility and engagement. This ad format can be customized to fit a brand’s unique style and include interactive elements, such as gamified features or calls-to-action, making them an effective tool for increasing brand awareness and driving user engagement.

Additionally, these effects can be integrated with other advertising formats, such as In-Feed ads, to create a cohesive and engaging advertising campaign. Let’s dive into gamifying world with TikTok Branded Effects!

Ristorante Pizza by Dr. Oetker

@droetker_pizza Super simpel! Hast du Pinsa-Pommes schon mal probiert? ? #FoodHack #PinsaPommes #DrOetkerPizza ♬ Famous piano songs for comedy and cooking programs – moshimo sound design

The Ristorante’s ad encouraged consumers to uncover their #PizzaPersonalities by participating in a Hashtag Challenge with Branded Effect. The Branded Effect cycled through several personality types, including “basic but with a twist,” “cheesier than dad jokes,” and “sassy but classy,” before settling on a personality type for the user. 

Simultaneously, the Branded Effect served up a similar Ristorante Pizza flavor, encouraging consumers to enjoy the ideal pizza depending on their personality type. The engaging and exciting branded effect encouraged users to co-create and participate with the brand while also assisting in resolving date-night quandaries by providing users with a simple answer for a romantic evening at home. This campaign got excellent outcomes with:

  • 719 videos from 673 using the Branded Effect
  • 1.4 million video views within six days

Oxy Vietnam

@oxyvietnam Gia nhập biệt đội Marvel với màn hóa thân cực ngầu tại thử thách #OxyMarvel ♬ The Marvelous Avenger Hollywood Trailer – Oxy Marvel

One significant example of TikTok ads in Vietnam is when Oxy collaborated with Marvel to create an exciting Branded Effect for HTC. Creators demonstrated their favorite superheroes (Iron Man, Captain America, or The Hulk) with a hand gesture and then scrubbed up for their big performance. Moreover, the skincare firm also sought the help of six local celebrities, including Isaac, Viet My, and ST Son Thanh, to kick off the Hashtag Challenge. Over 96,000 TikTok creators posed as their favorite Marvel hero in the full-screen, sound-on experience.

  • 284.4 million video views for branded effect
  • Reach of 28.2 million

How To Create High-Converting TikTok Ad Creatives?

If you want to promote your business or products on TikTok, you need to create high-converting ad creatives that will grab your audience’s attention and encourage them to take action. TikTok advertising is nothing like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, even if their ad managers appear to be the same. TikTok has its own set of standards that both advertising and native content must follow to be successful. 

  • Videos from 21 to 32 seconds long do better
  • Fast-paced music and voiceovers increase conversions.
  • Remember to put an entertaining caption
  • Involve users in your creatives
  • Storytelling is still on top
  • Combine multiple types of ads in one campaign

Remember that the finest one is the most appropriate one. This ad type’s success for your competitors does not guarantee that it will be successful for you. With this in mind, you must identify the objectives of your campaigns before deciding which type of ads to develop.

  • In-feed Ads and Top Feed are most suitable for conversion and engagement campaigns in which they create the highest rates through like, comments, and shares.
  • For brand awareness and product introduction purposes, brands usually use Top View, Branded Hashtag Challenge, or Effects for best results.

Final Word

Overall, creating high-converting ads will need lots of effort and creativity. Besides, we hope this article has helped you design an effective marketing campaign on this platform based on the TikTok ad examples above. However, if you need assistance creating your TikTok ad campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us at Mega Digital. As an official partner of TikTok, we are committed to helping you achieve success on the platform. Let’s work together to make highly engaged ads on TikTok!

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