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[NEWS] Meta’s New Auto A/B Testing for Reels: A Game-Changer in Creative Optimization

In an exciting development for digital marketers, Facebook is testing a new automated process designed to optimize the performance of Reels posted by business pages. This innovative feature allows for automatic experimentation with different variations of content, promising enhanced engagement without additional effort from the user.

Meta Auto A/B Testing Reels: How It Works

As revealed by Radu Oncescu, some Facebook Page managers are being invited to try out “Auto A/B” testing within the Reels posting flow. This feature generates variations of your Reel, including different captions and covers, and samples them with different audience segments to determine the best performer.


According to the pop-up notification:

“We’ll test different versions of your reel with various captions, covers and more and distribute the top performer for you.”

This automated A/B testing is part of Meta’s broader strategy to enhance automated creative options, including auto-generated templates for Reels promotions. These tools aim to optimize creative content into the most effective Reel formats.


As Meta continues to integrate AI into its Advantage product suite for ad partners, the company aims to improve ad creation and placement options based on systematic performance analysis. The ultimate goal is a fully automated ad creation system, where Meta’s AI could generate ad campaigns using product information from a URL, adhering to creative best practices.

The Implications for Marketers

While the idea of fully automated ad creation might be appealing, many marketers prefer to rely on their own understanding of their audience to craft resonant and creative campaigns. However, if Meta’s automated systems prove to deliver better results, it could be a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their social media performance.

Currently, not all Page managers have access to this new feature, but its broader rollout will provide an interesting opportunity to compare the performance of user-generated content versus Meta-recommended content. Meta’s AI-driven approach, based on extensive data analysis, theoretically should yield superior results, though some may be hesitant to trust the system entirely at this stage.


Meta’s automated creative variations for Reels represent a significant advancement in digital marketing. By leveraging AI to optimize content performance, businesses can potentially see improved engagement with less manual effort. While there may be some reservations about ceding creative control to automated systems, the potential benefits make it a feature worth exploring. As Meta continues to test and refine these tools, the future of automated content creation looks promising, offering new avenues for marketers to connect with their audiences more effectively.

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