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Google Demand Gen Campaign: New version of your Discovery Ads

Google is shifting Discovery campaigns to Google Demand Gen campaign, which use AI and aim to stimulate demand in the middle of the sales funnel. This transition from Discovery to Demand Gen will occur in stages from August 2023 to March 2024. The AI-powered solution also provides essential insights, aiding businesses in making well-informed choices.

What is Google Demand Gen campaign?

Demand Gen campaigns combine both image and video ads into a single location, enabling them to promote conversions, website visits, and actions such as sign-ups and adding items to the cart across YouTube, Discover, and Gmail.

Demand Gen campaigns provide a range of distinctive attributes tailored to the requirements of modern social marketers. Studies indicate that 91% of consumers take swift action upon encountering new products or brands on Google feeds, such as Discover or Gmail.

What is Google Demand Gen campaign?

With Demand Gen, your most effective video and image resources are seamlessly integrated across our visually engaging touchpoints, including YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover, and Gmail. These platforms engage over 3 billion users every month as they browse, watch, and interact.

New Demand Gen features

New Demand Gen features

1. Different ad formats in one campaign

Showcase your storytelling prowess using a mix of video and image advertisements within a single campaign. Captivate your audience with diverse ad formats, encompassing concise videos, carousels, vertical and square images, all housed within a unified campaign.

Different ad formats in one campaign

2. Lookalike segments

Provide your own customer data, and we’ll combine it with Google’s signals about audience interests and intentions. This will help you discover new customers similar to those who have already interacted with your brand. This is done by analyzing factors like previous purchases, website visits, app usage, and engagement on YouTube.

Lookalike segments demand gen camp

3. Unique goals

Just like with Discovery ads, you have the option to optimize Demand Gen campaigns for conversions or implement bidding strategies based on the value they bring.

4. Maximize Clicks bidding

Use this tool to enhance optimization for website visits and actions, effectively attracting valuable customers to your site.

5. New ad previews

New ad previews

When will the upgrade take place?

If you’re eager to start using Demand Gen campaigns, you can register for early beta access. It might take Google a couple of weeks to review your submission and grant access to your account. Upon entering the beta program, your active Discovery campaigns will automatically transition to Demand Gen campaigns. While you won’t lose any past data or insights, you won’t be able to manage your Discovery ads as you previously did.

Google has verified that the improved Discovery campaigns will keep all past data and insights for optimization purposes.

Up next, let’s take a look at the timeline:

  • October: Every Discovery campaign will have the option to transition to Demand Generation. Several Discovery campaigns will shift to Demand Generation automatically.
  • January – March 2024: All other remaining Discovery campaigns will be upgraded to Demand Gen campaigns automatically.

How to upgrade to Google Demand Gen?

Register for early access to the Demand Gen beta by filling out this short form.

If you currently have an active Discovery campaign, registering in the beta will automatically upgrade it to Demand Gen without any interruption. Beginning in October, Discovery ads will have the option to transition to Demand Gen.

Mega Digital has conducted thorough testing and is already witnessing promising results from the implementation of Demand Gen campaigns. Should you need guidance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for 24/7 support.

What should I prepare for the Demand Gen upgrade?

prepare for the demand gen upgrade

Here are a few suggestions to get ready for the transition from Discovery campaigns to Demand Gen campaigns:

1. Prepare to upgrade early

Google will automatically upgrade your active Discovery campaigns, even if you don’t act. While this might not disrupt your ads or harm performance, you’re not fully benefiting from the advantages of Demand Gen campaigns.

It’s wise to prepare and invest a little time in upgrading your Discovery campaigns. By doing so, you can tap into broader reach on YouTube and incorporate new video formats. This offers a significant advantage to advertisers, accessing extended reach at a reduced cost before others transition in early 2024!

2. Refresh with new resources

Demand Gen campaigns will showcase your ads on visually engaging platforms like YouTube, Gmail, and Discover. Ensure a strong impact by presenting diverse images and videos. Google suggests reusing top-notch visuals from your email and social campaigns to reinforce your brand in these fresh spaces.

For new video content, catch your audience’s interest within the initial 5 seconds of the ad. Since many users skip In-Stream ads or YouTube shorts early, include your solution, brand name, or problem statement upfront for a lasting effect.

3. Check your conversion tracking

Especially after the recent transition of GA4, it’s a smart move to verify the accuracy and completeness of your conversion tracking. Demand Gen campaigns aim at engaging potential customers who might be less familiar with your brand or solution, typically falling in the “mid-funnel” stage compared to your Search campaigns.

Demand Gen campaigns provide a greater range of ad placements compared to Discovery campaigns. As a result, metrics that were seen in Discovery campaigns might show more fluctuations when transitioning to Demand Gen, particularly if YouTube placements are in play.

Wrap up

Register for the Google Demand Gen Campaign beta now. After the upgrade, it will be available to all in October 2023. This new Google ads campaign type benefits both B2B and B2C. With the migration approaching, prepare a well-optimized visual content strategy to effectively engage mid-funnel users.

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