Google Ads Account Suspended | How to recover a suspended account

Getting a Google Ads account suspended while running a Google Ads campaign is something that no advertisers want to experience. However, if you are struggling and want to discover why Google Ads suspended your account, this blog is the solution you’re looking for.

What happens when Google suspends your Ads account?

When a Google Ads account was suspended, all ads stopped running. This indicates that each campaign, ad group, and individual ad no longer shows on the Google network and cannot direct potential consumers to your landing page, website, or app. The suspension applies to all ads, regardless of whether they violated policies. Furthermore, merchant accounts can also be suspended in such cases.

What happens when Google suspends your Ads account?

Despite this flurry of suspensions, it didn’t affect your organic traffic. Advertisers frequently experience panic because they fear losing their customers and revenue. We wish to ease this concern by informing you that this won’t impact organic traffic unless your website has malware.

How Google Ads suspended accounts?

Google devotes to providing its users with the best experience possible. They want to ensure that consumers only see appropriate and positive Google Ads adverts. Unfortunately, only some people always abide by these rules. Google has created conditions & policies for advertising to follow. It’s leading to many Google account suspensions due to suspicious activity.

Understand Google Ads policies
  • Prohibited content: Content that Google doesn’t allow advertisers to use on their platform. Such as illegal products and services, hazardous items, counterfeit goods, any content that might support unlawful activity or hurt others, and content that is discriminatory or incites hatred.
  • Prohibited practices: This category is anything that aims to deceive or manipulate consumers. This can involve cloaking websites or directing users to a temporary landing page. Your ads must match what is on your website or landing page. Otherwise, Google considers it a misrepresentation.
  • Restricted content and features: Any content that is not generally accepted or perhaps heavily regulated. This covers various topics, from drugs to adult entertainment and gambling. Political content, such as campaign advertisements or issue advocacy, is protected under restricted content.
  • Editorial and technical: Of 4 categories, the editorial and technical policy is the most subjective and susceptible to interpretation. One of the requirements is that the websites offer a positive user experience, but it might be challenging to define “not irritating” advertisements.

Note: Our explanations are only suggestive and not intended to be all-inclusive. Violations don’t always have to be your fault. So, keeping it safe for their users is your responsibility. Remember, you must not use advertisements to redirect clients to other websites.

Why is my Google Ads account suspended?

The above information might point out why your Google Ads account was suspended. However, if you need clarification about what precisely the case that you are struggling with, here are some common mistakes that advertisers usually suffer.

Common reasons for the suspension are:

  • The website is hacked
  • Misrepresentation content
  • Prohibited practices
  • Payment issues

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ebook google ads account suspended

The website is hacked

Your website is hacked

Your website, landing page, or app has malware and misleading material that harm users. In most cases, website owners are unaware of the presence of malware. This is one of the most common reasons your Google Ads account has been suspended.

Misrepresentation content

Misrepresentation Content

Circumventing Systems

If Google notices anything suspicious, inappropriate, or misleading about your account’s content, activity, or click trackers, Google may get your Google Ads account banned for Google Ads circumventing systems.

  1. Cloaking
  2. Ads being denied multiple times
  3. Creating violate ads, using text manipulation
  4. Violating policy multiple times

Suspended by circumventing systems is a severe violation of Google Ads policy. In this situation, you must send an appeal to Google Ads Team.

  1. Go into your Campaign or check your email
  2. Check your violation reasons in Google circumventing systems policy
  3. Fill in the details
  4. Submit your Google Ads suspension appeal
  5. Check your email

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>>> Read more: Circumventing Systems – Google Ads Suspension Solving Guide

Deceptive practices

Suppose your content concerns sensitive topics, such as social affairs, politics, and other matters of public concern. Therefore, you must make it clear your identity and affiliation.

Trademark infringement

If your product seems to copy another from other brands, Google will believe you are selling counterfeit goods. You can not use a trademark or logo almost identical to another trademark. 

Prohibited practices

Prohibited practices

Selling drugs via unauthorized pharmacies

Drugs are highly regulated substances. Therefore, your account may be suspended if you sell prescription drugs without a prescription or try to sell them in places where you don’t have a license. You can send your license to Google’s partners, like Mega Digital, to allow advertising on Google.

Violating local laws

Your ads need to obey local laws. For instance, paternity testing cannot be advertised in the UK. In this case, researching where your advertisements may be lawfully shown is a matter of researching.

Other unacceptable business practices

Displaying advertisements to attract users and then deceiving them into giving medical, financial, or personal information, or misrepresenting your business, product, or service, will result in your account being banned.

Payment issues

ayments Issues
  • Unpaid balance: Google Ads account suspended unpaid balance if your payment fails even once.
  • Abuse of the promotional code: If you accidentally use Google Ads promotional codes more than once or sell them to others, this constitutes a policy violation.
  • Requesting a chargeback: If you have asked your bank to reverse the payment, your account will be suspended.
  • Suspicious payment activity: Google may occasionally flag your account if it believes your credit card is stolen. Additionally, they view it suspicious when you use the same billing information for several accounts. Follow these steps to recover your Google account suspended due to suspicious activity:
  1. Review Google Ads policies
  2. Address the issue
  3. Provide updated information
  4. Appeal to Google Ads Team

Find out details about recovering Google Ads suspended for suspicious payments.

How to recover a suspended Google Ads account?

Google will send you an email explaining the reason for the suspension and suggestions for fixing it. The remedies for a suspended account will vary depending on the type and cause of suspension. 

reason for Google Ads Account Suspended
Source: Google email

Here are three significant ways to help you resolve almost all issues about your suspended account:

Fix the suspended issues

Disapproved ads

Google Ads Campaign has be disapproved
Source: Google Ads

If Google Ads has disapproved of your campaigns, then you can do the following to fix it:

  1. Go to your Ads and Extensions page and find your ad.
  2. Under the “Status” column, you will find the reason for the suspension. Hovering over the “Disapproved” status will link you to the policy explanation.
  3. In the ad listing section, you can find a pencil icon. Click on it.
Click pencil icon in google ads
Source: Google Ads
  1. Edit the ad so that it follows the policies set by Google Ads.
  2. Finally, click on “Save.”

Payment issues

Check with your bank to ensure there were no suspicious transactions from your account. Besides, please look over whether your previous payment method is valid. If it is not, all you need to do is remove the payment method and link another credit card that has matching names to those on your account.

Update primary payment method
Source: Google Ads

It’s time to let Google know that your account can be reinstated after what you have fixed.

Appeal to the Google team

You can contact the Google Ads team directly if you can’t find the violations in your ads. You can reach them in two ways. The first is to call them on 1-866-2 to speak to a representative. The other way is to file a Google Ads suspension appeal with them regarding your Google Ads suspended account: 

  • Depending on what Google notified you, figure out why they suspended your account. You can ask Google Ads support for more details if you’re still unsure about whether Google Ads suspended my account for no reason.
  • You know the reason why Google suspended your account. Wrap them up to your appeal. This should thoroughly justify what happened and why you think there was a mistake. Include any supporting documentation you may have, such as emails or screenshots.
  • Submit your appeal to Google. You can fill up the Google Ads suspension appeal form or email: [email protected]

Use Google Ad Agency Account

When you submit an appeal, if you’re lucky enough to pass the purely automated system, you must wait 20 to 40 days to resolve the suspension. However, with billions of websites and thousands of advertisers on Google, it will be hard for you to reach out directly to policy team members. So in the worst case, your resolve ticket can be sent back to draft, and your account is still be suspended with an unclear message from the Google team.

Therefore, renting a Google Ads Agency Account is an ideal solution for advertisers to continue operating adverts without waiting for a suspension appeal from the Google support team. Here are a few of the reasons you should choose them: 

  • Various payment methods
  • Difficult to get suspended
  • Run campaigns with Google’s partner consultant
  • Prioritized support from Google
  • Low cost 

Note: If violations continue, you do not need to create a new Google Ads account after suspension because we have many accounts backed up.


  • Can I create a new Google Ads account after suspension?

No. Don’t create a new Google Ads account, even if Google support suggests it, as it violates Google’s policies to open a new account for the same entity with a suspended Google Ads account.

  • What is the duration of a Google business suspension?

Google usually takes around two weeks to review reinstatement requests for a suspended Google business.

  • Is a Google Ads suspension permanent?

When Google suspends your Google Ads account, you will lose temporary or permanent access to it. Google takes this action if they find any violations of its policies that could negatively impact users’ online experience.

  • Are there any charges associated with suspended Google Ads accounts?

Please note: Suspended accounts will continue to incur charges at the regular rate, regardless of whether you are on the Annual billing plan or the Flexible plan. If you no longer require a user account and want to avoid charges, you can delete it.

Final words

We hope this sharing has helped you discover why your Google Ads account was suspended and how to resolve it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need additional support from Mega Digital – The leading Google partner in APAC.

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