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[NEWS] Microsoft Unlocks Global CTV Reach with Netflix Partnership

Microsoft is making a major play for the Connected TV (CTV) advertising space, announcing an exclusive partnership with Netflix. This strategic move allows advertisers to reach viewers on Netflix’s ad-supported subscription plan, significantly expanding Microsoft’s global CTV advertising reach.

Microsoft Unlocks Global CTV Reach with Netflix Partnership

Collaborating with The Top Streaming Platform For Video Ads

The popularity of CTV platforms like Netflix is soaring, with viewers increasingly opting for ad-supported subscription plans. Microsoft recognizes this trend and is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing CTV advertising market. By offering advertisers access to Netflix’s massive audience, Microsoft provides a powerful tool for reaching a global CTV viewership.

A One-stop Shop for CTV Advertising

With over 860 CTV publishers, 100 billion weekly video impressions, and 1,200 always-on video deals, Microsoft Advertising is positioning itself as a leader in the transformation of video marketing. The enterprise-level Demand-Side Platform (DSP), Microsoft Invest (powered by Xandr), enables intricate media buying strategies across various channels and formats, showcasing the company’s versatile approach.

Advertisers can leverage Microsoft’s comprehensive technology stack to streamline the process of creating and managing CTV ad campaigns across Netflix and other premium CTV platforms.

What This Means for Advertisers

This news is a significant development for advertisers looking to expand their reach and leverage the power of CTV advertising. Here’s what it means for you:

  • Access to a massive audience: Reach viewers on Netflix’s ad-supported platform, gaining access to a global audience base.
  • Streamlined CTV buying: Simplify your CTV advertising efforts with Microsoft’s comprehensive ad buying platform.
  • Enhanced targeting: Potentially leverage Microsoft’s targeting capabilities to reach specific demographics and interests within the CTV audience.

The future of CTV advertising

Microsoft’s exclusive agreement with Netflix to power its ad-supported subscription tier marks a significant milestone in the company’s CTV advertising. This partnership extends Microsoft’s advertising reach, offering clients access to a highly engaged global audience. As CTV continues to grow, expect to see Microsoft play a leading role in providing advertisers with effective and targeted CTV advertising solutions.

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