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Father’s Day Social Media Post: Ideas, Samples & Expert Tips

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and if you’re searching for inspiration for your social media posts, look no further. In this blog, I have gathered and analyzed everything you need to celebrate the occasion and connect with your audience. Check out the top 8 Father’s Day social media post ideas and samples designed to enhance your brand’s engagement and make a memorable impact.

8 Father’s Day social media post ideas and samples

Actually, if you do a quick internet search, you will find tons of ideas for your Father’s Day social media posts. However, most of these ideas are quite general, and sifting through them can be time-consuming.

To make things easier, I’ve gathered all those ideas and added even more. Think of this as a collection of topics, methods, and usage tips, with detailed analysis of why these ideas work. No matter if you’re a product merchant or a service provider, this guide will have the right ideas for you.

So, take a look at the top 8 Father’s Day social media post ideas, complete with samples from Mega Digital!

Customer Spotlights

People tend to be drawn to personal experiences, so take advantage of the joyful atmosphere of Father’s Day and feature stories and photos of your customers. Whether they are dads themselves or loving children eager to share what makes their dad so special, highlighting a customer enhances your authenticity. This approach not only strengthens your brand’s connection with its audience but also showcases real-life applications of your products.


Lalabubaby did a fantastic job sharing a personal experience from one of their customers. They posted a heartwarming photo of a dad using their product—a baby wrap shirt—and even tagged the customer for added credibility. By featuring people who best match their brand and products, Lalabubaby remained consistent with their brand image.

Father’s Day Social Media Post Customer Spotlight

Source: lalabubaby

  • Followers: 747K
  • Post reach: 3,511 likes, 108 comments, 2,222 shares
  • Engagement rate: 0.7% (slightly below average)

Key takeaway: 

Although the engagement rate of this post is slightly lower than Instagram’s average of 1-5%, it still serves as an excellent example of a successful Father’s Day social media post. The result is impressive, considering it was a simple repost with no additional resources spent. This example also showcases the power of user-generated content in engaging your audience and promoting your brand truthfully.

Celebrate a Father or a Father Figure

To honor dads and father figures within your brand community, consider sharing photos and inspiring stories of your employees with their fathers or highlighting employees who are dads themselves. This personal touch not only celebrates Father’s Day but also fosters a sense of connection and warmth. By showcasing the human side of your brand, you create a relatable and engaging experience for your audience. 


Middletonmeyers, a multifamily investment and management firm, shared a simple video of them surprising the dads in the team. Even though this video does not directly promote the firm’s services, it surely adds positivity to the brand image and reinforces their trustworthiness.

  • Followers: 164.3K
  • Post engagement: 9,598 likes, 78 saves, 20 shares
  • Engagement rate: 5% (slightly below average)

Key takeaway: 

On average, TikTok’s engagement rate per follower falls around 5.7%. Middletonmeyers’ video achieved an engagement rate very close to the average, demonstrating the effectiveness of personal and heartwarming content in brand marketing. Plus, this type of video content can be made effortlessly, making it feasible for any business, including yours!

Special Offers or Giveaway Contest

Hosting special offers and giveaways can effectively engage your audience. You can organize a giveaway where followers enter by tagging their dads and sharing a favorite memory, or promote a photo contest encouraging followers to post photos of their dads with your product and tag your business for a chance to win a prize.


Carlo Pacific Supermarket hosted a giveaway that encouraged followers to comment on the best thing about their dads, tag their friends, and share the post on their personal profiles. This strategy not only spread the post’s reach, but thanks to the number of participants, Carlo Pacific was able to drive significant engagement and promote brand awareness.

Father’s Day Social Media Post Giveaway

Source: Carlo Pacific

  • Followers: 7.5K
  • Post engagement: 290 likes, 511 comments, 247 shares
  • Engagement rate: 1.4% (effective)

Key takeaway:

While this may not be the most visually appealing social media post, it is highly effective. The image clearly shows what the prizes are, which immediately grabs the audience’s attention and entices them to read the instructions. The best practice you can learn from Carlo Pacific’s post is to deliver a clear message by emphasizing key details: the occasion, the prizes, and a concise breakdown of the steps to enroll.

Father’s Day social media post: Father’s Day Video

Create a heartfelt video message from your team wishing all the dads or a special dad a Happy Father’s Day. In the video, you could mention how their dedication, love, and hard work inspire your team every day. Or, get creative by sharing personal stories from team members about their own dads or showcasing a collage of dad moments. By adding a personal touch, you may express your gratitude and establish a stronger connection with your audience.


Take this great approach of Indewild on Instagram, for example. They promoted their haircare products by uploading an adorable video of a dad helping his daughter take care of her hair, while attaching a sincere message in the caption to all the dads.

Father’s Day Social Media Post Video

Source: indewild

  • Followers: 99.9K
  • Post reach: 20,544 likes, 83 comments, and 1,972 shares
  • Engagement rate: 2.3% (effective)

Key takeaway:

Indewild’s heartwarming video resonated well with the audience by featuring the right people to connect with their target customers. It garnered considerable organic interaction, showcasing the power of relatable and heartfelt content. Even simple content can be highly effective if you understand your target audience and their expectations to take the right approach and deliver the most relevant content!

Gift Ideas

Many people will have the occasion slip off their minds and seek last-minute gift ideas for their fathers. Sharing short and straightforward tutorials for preparing Father’s Day gifts featuring your products is a great way to target audiences. 

It is important to make sure your ideas and tutorials align with your target customers, both in terms of the people featured and the presentation style. For instance, if you sell family matching shirts, a video of a mom and toddlers wrapping the gift for dad can touch viewers’ hearts and increase engagement.


Sculpd shared a tutorial for creating Father’s Day gifts, specifically a DIY pen holder. The video was aesthetically pleasing, easy to follow, and short enough to keep the audience interested. This tutorial effectively highlighted their clay-making products, showcasing their versatility and appeal.

  • Followers: 287.8K
  • Post reach: 54.5K likes, 76 comments, 12.1K shares
  • Engagement rate: 23% (astonishing)

Key takeaway:

Sculpd’s tutorial not only effectively showcased their products but also provided significant value to their audience, resulting in remarkable engagement. The clear instructions, paired with a witty caption, grabbed attention and encouraged interaction. Additionally, the video’s minimalistic approach, focusing on the creative and artistic aspects of the DIY gift, are well suitable for younger customers.

By applying this Father’s Day social media post strategically, you can also guide viewers on how your products and services can be practical and valuable in creating meaningful gifts.

Customer Reviews

To build trust and showcase the uniqueness of your products, share reviews that specifically mention fathers or Father’s Day. Highlight stories of how your products have made great gifts, emphasizing their positive impact and real-world usefulness to help potential customers see the value and relevance of your products for the special dads in their lives.


Pcosnowmama shared a review for Okulai (footwear), which, although was part of an influencer collaboration, appeared authentic and provided practical gift ideas.


My husband loves @olukai sandals + comfy sneakers & he was SO HAPPY when I gifted him these 🥹 HIGHLY RECOMMEND this as an idea for a Father’s Day gift with a summer vibe 🌴 this is the Island Oasis Collection, and you can find it on ❤️ #fathersday #fathersdaygiftideas #ad #fathersdaygifts

♬ original sound – TANIA | MOM LIFE
  • Followers: 60.6K
  • Post reach: 936 likes, 17 comments, 312 favorites, 405 shares
  • Engagement rate: 2% (effective)

Key takeaway:

Despite being a collaboration between the brand and an influencer and not a real review, this video set a good recommendation for Father’s Day gifts. While genuine reviews are ideal, any authentic-feeling content can help build trust and demonstrate the real-world value of your products or services. If you’re struggling to find quality reviews within your customer community, investing in producing compelling review videos could be a worthwhile strategy to consider!

Charity Partnership

Partnering with a charity that supports fathers and promoting how a portion of your Father’s Day sales will be donated is an impactful way to practice corporate social responsibility (CSR).

However, be aware that transparency is key to communicating these charitable activities to your audience. Be explicit and authentic about your partnership and how the donations will be utilized, as your audience expects real actions, and any lack of transparency may result in backlash against your brand.


Brookecoutinhorealestate partnered with a charity event and communicated their donation plans to their audience.

Father’s Day Social Media Post Charity

Source: brookecoutinhorealestate

  • Followers: 2,332
  • Post reach: 35 likes, 1 comment
  • Engagement rate: 1.5% (average)

Key takeaway:

By practicing CSR in the right way, not only do you enact positive changes, but you also strengthen trust and loyalty with your audience, ultimately contributing to the long-term success and reputation of your brand. It is best to keep your followers updated on the progress of the charity program, and share with them the final achievement once the project has concluded so they know that you’re a real deal.

Dad Jokes – Classic Father’s Day social media post idea

Utilizing humor in marketing should be your go-to strategy for boosting social media engagement, as over 50% of consumers are inclined to recall and appreciate content that tickles their funny bone, according to the Clutch 2018 advertising survey.

Whether it is a hilarious photo featuring a dad joke or a short video showcasing you or your team delivering a humorous anecdote, integrating humor into your content will undoubtedly make your brand stand out on your followers’ feeds.


Beepumpkin incorporated dad jokes into their baby products, creating a humorous and engaging post.

Father’s Day Social Media Post Dad Jokes

Source: beepumpkin_official

  • Followers: 72.7K
  • Post reach: 51.862 likes, 101 comments
  • Engagement rate: 7.1% (successful)

Key takeaway:

In this instance, Beepumpkin cleverly incorporated the dad jokes into their products. The best part is that it incorporates components that are focused on the entire family, not just the dad: the outfit for the baby, the mom, and the dad joke, making it the perfect gift. By using humor, you impart a positive vibe on your audience while making your content memorable and shareable. You can easily look up jokes related to your business, or even come up with your own!

Things to Avoid when Creating Father’s Day Posts & Examples

Don’t waste resources on running unoptimized ads

Investing your budget in ads using sketchy media will most likely lead to unfavorable results and ultimately be a waste of time and resources.


While foco_uk’s post has reached a considerable number of users, it does not seem to leave a strong imprint as there are no comments given. The blank comment section will create the impression of a lack of trustworthiness and deter internet users from wanting to learn more about the program and the brand.

Father’s Day Social Media Post Unoptimized Ads

Source: foco_uk

  • Followers: 11K
  • Post reach: 2,718 likes and 0 real user comments
  • Engagement rate: 2.47%

What can you learn from this example? 

Though foco_uk generated an average engagement rate, the interactions were ineffective. There is no brand recognition; the design is not appealing; and the visual elements are not closely related to the Father’s Day theme. Ultimately, spending a budget on unoptimized ads like this poses more loss than value to a business.

Avoid being unclear about the posts’ intent

To effectively capture viewers’ interest, it’s crucial to be explicit and straightforward in your communication. Emphasize key words to immediately grab attention and convey your message clearly. Failure to do so will most likely result in poor engagement.


In this post of Flipkart, the phrase “Happy Father’s Day” is positioned at the bottom and the coloring is not eye-catching. There is also no indication of what exactly the post is about.

Father’s Day Social Media Post Unclear Post Intent

Source: Flipkart

  • Followers: 2.9M
  • Post reach: 119 like, 17 reposts
  • Engagement rate: 0% (fail)

What can you learn from this example?

In this case, it might be difficult for the audience to identify the intent of the Father’s Day social media post through the image, whether it’s merely a fun, entertaining post or a shoutout to dads, without reading the post caption. With 2.9 million followers on X, the number of likes and reposts translates to a 0% engagement rate.

Don’t underestimate the power of visuals

According to a study conducted by Demand Gen Report, 91% of consumers prefer visual content over traditional written content. In the “The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2022” report, HubSpot stated that content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without images. 

These statistics highlight the power of visual content in capturing audience attention and driving higher levels of engagement. Effective visual content can significantly boost engagement, making posts more appealing and easier to understand. 


Let’s examine the performance of two creators—Stephanie Garcia Art and Ariel Duncan Perkins—highlighting the critical role of design and imagery in capturing an audience’s attention.

Father’s Day Social Media Post Unclear Art

Source: Stephanie Garcia Art

  • Followers: 1.1K
  • Post reach: 14 likes, 2 comments, 1 share
  • Engagement rate: 1.5% (average)

What can you learn from this example?

Despite reaching the average rate of engagement, the patterns in the image are quite tangled and distracting, making it difficult for viewers to identify the post’s intent. If the post had a better composition and balance of patterns, it would be more compelling and pull more attention from viewers.

Father’s Day Social Media Post Too Plain

Source: Ariel Duncan Perkins

  • Followers: 4.8K
  • Post reach: 2 likes, 1 comment
  • Engagement rate: 0% (fail)

What can you learn from this example?

This Father’s Day social media post is simply too plain, resulting in it having next-to-no engagement, though the page has a considerable number of followers. A plain text without any image or video is definitely way less captivating than a more vibrant post.

4 Expert Tips to create a successful Father’s Day social media posts

Incorporate ongoing trends

Exploiting ongoing trends in your Father’s Day social media posts is key to staying relevant and capturing your audience’s attention. Pay attention to Father’s Day-related hashtags, trends, and subjects that are popular with your target audience.

  • Trends: TikTok dances, trending music or sounds, trending video templates, popular memes, viral challenges…
  • Hashtags: #fathersday, #happyfathersday, #fathersdaygift, #fathersdaygiftideas, #fathersdayweekend, #fathersdayspecial, #fathersdaysale, #fathersdaycard, #fathersdaydeal, #fathersdaygiveaway, #fathersdayquotes, #fathersdayfun…
  • Topic: Father’s Day crafts, Father’s Day recipes, Father’s Day camping, other topics revolving around Father’s Day activities.


Hikebeaststore, an adventure apparel and gear business, used a combination of a hill-arious dad joke and several hashtags in their Instagram post, such as #cooldadsclub, #fathersday, #fathersdaygifts…

Father’s Day Social Media Post Trends

Source: hikebeaststore

  • Followers: 38.1k
  • Post reach: 528 likes and 23 comments after 1 day
  • Engagement rate: 1.4% (effective)

Key takeaway:

Hikebeaststore not only utilized some of the most trending hashtags but also exclusive hashtags of the brand. Use these trends creatively to make your content more engaging and shareable as well as increase the visibility of your posts.

Be authentic and truthful

Authenticity and truthfulness are among the key elements of successful Father’s Day social media posts. Your audience values transparency and genuine connections, so avoid exaggerated claims or misleading information. Instead, share real stories and experiences that your audience can relate to.


Simicakes1 shared a sweet Father’s Day tribute video featuring her father, who has always had her back throughout her personal journey.

Father’s Day Social Media Post Authentic

Source: simicakes1

  • Followers: 2,732
  • Post reach: 123 likes, 14 comments, 2 shares
  • Engagement rate: 4.6% (successful)

Key takeaway:

This video of simicakes1 is not only fun but also touching, evoking the positive emotions of the audience. It is also attention-grabbing thanks to the high quality of the footage.

Create user-generated content

Get your audience involved and build a vibrant community by inviting them to create content for your Father’s Day social media posts. Their personal experiences, cherished memories, and favorite photos will be valuable marketing assets. Or, create content with viewers’ perspectives in mind, driven by what they want and need. 


This adorable Father’s Day gift tutorial by Zire Golf includes the participation of young ones for the most meaningful present.

Father’s Day Social Media Post UGC

Source: ziregolf

  • Followers: 2.1M
  • Engagement rate: 1.6% (effective)
  • Post reach: 15,8K likes, 491 comments, 18K shares

Key takeaway:

Zire Golf scored by generating an easy-to-follow tutorial that brings the whole family together for the occasion.

Boost your post to the next level

Creating a viral post is a fantastic achievement, but it’s only the beginning. To truly maximize your reach and impact, consider using advertising solutions. Running a Father’s Day-themed multi-channel ad campaign can help you target a broader or more specific audience, ensuring that your Father’s Day message is seen by more people.

Additionally, take your most effective posts and reshare them across multiple platforms. By strategically boosting your content, you can enhance engagement, drive more traffic, and make a lasting impression.

For more details on how to run ads on different platforms, read more:

Final Word

In conclusion, crafting effective Father’s Day social media posts requires a blend of creativity, authenticity, and strategic engagement. By spotlighting customers, celebrating father figures, offering special promotions, creating heartfelt videos, utilizing user-generated content, and so on, brands can forge meaningful connections with their audience. As demonstrated by the various examples, applying these strategies not only boosts engagement but also reinforces brand loyalty.

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