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Unlocking 3 tips to speed up your Facebook ads in review process

Facebook ads in review might be the first hurdle you encounter when running a campaign, but it shouldn’t be the one that trips you up. Overlooking policies and optimizing content can leave your ads stuck in this stage or, worse, rejected altogether. Today, we’ll explore the common pitfalls of Facebook’s review system and equip you with the tools to overcome them, ensuring your campaign launches smoothly and reaches its full potential.

Understanding the ‘Facebook ads in review’ meaning

Facebook ads in review process

‘Facebook Ads in review’ refers to the process of the Facebook review system, where advertisements go through a screening process before being approved and displayed on the platform. The process mainly depends on automated systems or sometimes human reviews to avoid violations and comply with policies.

The review process is vital to maintaining a high standard of quality and relevance for ads on the platform. The ad content, imagery, targeting, and other elements are examined during the review process to ensure they adhere to Facebook’s standards. Once the review is complete and your ads meet Facebook’s guidelines, they will be approved and can start running to reach your target audience.

Why is your process too long?

Most Facebook ads will be reviewed within approximately 8 hours, but in some cases, this process may take longer due to the following reasons:

  • Policy violations and sensitive topics
  • Multiple times editing ads
  • A high volume of ads
  • New advertising account is not yet verified identity
  • Landing page discrepancies

Policy violations and sensitive topics

Facebook’s ad policy is very strict regarding inappropriate or offensive content. Your ads will be in review for up to 48 hours, and in the worst case, they can also be rejected for violating advertising policies or not meeting the community standards set by Facebook.

For instance, suppose your advertising campaign falls within the aesthetic field. In this context, if your design incorporates numerous sexualized images highlighting the contours of the human body or highlighting sensitive features, it could potentially violate Facebook’s advertising policies.

What should you do:

Before launching your advertising campaign, it’s crucial to review Facebook Ads policies to meet the approval process thoroughly. There are some Facebook policies that you should be more careful about before running a campaign:

  • Content related to sexuality, explicit nudity, or references to sexual activities.
  • Use personal characteristics of users, such as race, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, or sexual orientation.
  • Encourage false or deceptive practices or products in any capacity.
  • Include pictures depicting features that don’t actually exist.

The advertising policy most commonly encountered is related to appearance and personal health. To avoid this issue, include more text or elements on the image to cover sensitive areas that Facebook typically scans.

Images related to the curves on the human body.

Editing under-review ads

Constantly changing disrupts the review process and discards the advertising campaign’s stability and performance. Frequent modifications can create uncertainty about the content and objectives of the ad, making it challenging for Facebook to determine whether the ad complies with its advertising standards. Furthermore, if you edit your advertisements excessively, Facebook will impose a waiting period. This can lead to longer review times, and in some cases, the ad may be rejected, or the advertising account could face restrictions.

What should you do: 

You should make adjustments after Facebook has reviewed and approved the content and you’ve run the campaign for approximately 3-5 days. Consequently, when refining the content, the rescanning process by Facebook should be smoother, given that it is a campaign that has already been successfully executed and greenlit.

Learning phase progress

High volume of ads

Throughout the year, numerous holidays like Black Friday, Tet Holiday, or Women’s Day present opportunities for brands to boost sales by offering compelling discounts. To highlight these promotions, many brands run extensive campaigns on Facebook. Yet, the sheer volume of promotional activity during these periods tends to overwhelm the Facebook ads in the review system, causing delays in the approval process. The high demand for attention, driven by brands aiming to stand out, contributes to the temporary congestion in the review process.

What should you do:

Optimize your ad campaign by meticulously planning and submitting ads ahead of time, guaranteeing timely review before the campaign kicks off. Alternatively, running ads around 3-4 days prior to the holiday can not only captivate your audience but also alleviate the approval pressure on Facebook, enabling you to align your advertising seamlessly with your business objectives.

New advertising account is not yet verified identity.

When an account lacks a verified identity or has never run any advertising campaigns, it certainly faces a lower level of trust. The absence of a campaign history implies a lack of track record for the review system to evaluate. As a result, the Facebook ads in review process becomes more thorough.

What should you do:

For new advertising accounts, it’s wise to keep your initial campaigns simple. Start with straightforward content to speed up the review process and establish trust over time. Recognizing the need for a cautious review of new accounts, advertisers can slowly broaden their campaigns as trust is built. This step-by-step approach not only aligns with the platform’s scrutiny but also lays the groundwork for a more efficient and responsive advertising experience in the future.

However, if you want to skip the lengthy setup process, why not try using Mega Digital agency ads account? This account is supported by Facebook and only distributed to its partners. With an agency ad account, advertisers can make use of its pre-established assets and exclusive features like multiple ad categories and unlimited domains. This streamlines the launch process, serving as a seamless and efficient starting point for your marketing endeavors.

Landing page discrepancies

This issue could be related to inconsistencies or problems with the content, design, or functionality of the landing pages associated with your ads. Facebook ensures that ads direct users to high-quality and relevant content, and any discrepancies with the landing pages may delay the approval process.

What should you do:

Boost your credibility on Facebook using a well-branded page established for 1-2 months. This passes Facebook scrutiny and makes it easier for customers to connect with you through the fan page’s chat feature, fostering trust and smooth interactions.

Landing page discrepancies

3 tips if your Facebook ads are still stuck in review

If you find yourself on the wrong side of ads approval, Mega Digital gonna give you some advice to get through the problem of ‘Facebook ads are stuck in review’:

  • Request for review appeal
  • Request for ads review appeal
  • Duplicate ads on an account that has been running steadily

Request for ads review appeal

In cases where advertisers perceive that the Facebook ads in review process for their campaigns are extending beyond the expected duration, they can proactively request help from Facebook. This particular request can be conveniently submitted through the Account Quality section of the Meta platform. This distinctive feature not only permits advertisers to speed up the review process but also emphasizes their dedication to meeting the standards of ad quality and relevance.

By leveraging this functionality, advertisers contribute to a smoother and more efficient advertising experience, reinforcing the relationship between content creators and the platform’s review mechanisms. You can access the Account Quality for more convenience. 

Request for ads review appeal

Contact Facebook Support

Upon waiting for 48 hours without securing approval, you should connect with Meta Business Support, your go-to place when your Facebook ads in review system are too long or your account is disabled. The automated system allows you to request approval proactively.

If you face any problems with your account, payments, or posts, rely on Meta Business Support for receiving help from Facebook expert guidance. For a holistic solution to all your questions and concerns, navigate to the Meta Business Help Centre, where Facebook’s dedicated system stands ready to provide expert assistance, guiding you every step. Your success in running ads on Facebook is not just a goal; it’s a journey, and Meta Business Support is your trusted partner.

Facebook Support team

Duplicate ads on an account that has been running steadily

An account that has demonstrated stability and success over a span of 8 months is frequently evaluated as highly trustworthy by the Facebook ads in review systems. This credibility can translate into several advantages for advertisers. Firstly, there is a potential reduction in the review time for new ads submitted through such an account, as the system recognizes the reliability of the account’s advertising history. This, in turn, enhances the chances of swift approval when running new campaigns.

Moreover, an account boasting a history of effective ad campaigns may be a priority in the platform’s ranking. This preferential treatment can display ads in more prominent positions within search results, amplifying their visibility and impact.

Furthermore, when duplicating to a Facebook Agency Ads account, it not only speeds up the approval but also reduces the necessity for extensive content changes. This enhances the efficiency and convenience of the advertising experience for advertisers.

Final words

Facing challenges with Facebook ads in review process is common for both beginners and experienced advertisers. To navigate this, pay close attention to details and understand Facebook well. Always ensure your ad content is transparent, accurate, and consistent, and avoid attempting to deceive or mislead your audience. 

If the problem persists, the best resolution is to engage with Facebook agencies like Mega Digital to utilize their Facebook ad agency account and receive their support. Learning from top performers can also enhance your ad creatives. Explore some of the most successful Facebook campaigns for valuable insights!

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