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Real Estate Facebook Ads: 5 Expert Tips and Top Examples

With Facebook Ads, your real estate business can target and engage potential clients, showcase properties, generate leads, and boost your brand visibility. In this post, I’ll dive into the details of creating effective Facebook Ads for real estate agents. From necessary investment, optimal campaign strategies, to outstanding examples of real estate Facebook ads, I got you covered.

Why Should Real Estate Businesses Use Facebook Ads?

Facebook is one of the best platforms to use for real estate ads due to the following reasons:

Why Should Real Estate Businesses Use Facebook Ads

Target Local Prospects

By using Facebook’s targeting options, realtors can reach local audiences based on various criteria such as demographics, interests, and behaviors. This precision ensures that the ads are seen by those who are most likely to be interested in the properties, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Showcase Stunning Homes to Stop the Scroll

In the fast-paced world of social media, capturing the attention of potential clients is crucial. Facebook Ads enable real estate businesses to display high-quality images and videos of listings in a visually appealing format that’s designed to make users stop scrolling and take notice.

Build Credibility and Trust

Facebook Ads can also be used to build credibility and trust with potential clients. By incorporating elements of social proof such as customer testimonials, reviews, and user-generated content, real estate businesses can demonstrate their success and reliability. Moreover, Facebook’s platform allows for interactive features like comments and shares, which can further enhance the trustworthiness of the ads.

Which Facebook Ads Types Suit Real Estate the Best?

Realtors have a variety of Facebook Ad types at their disposal, each suited for different aspects of their marketing strategy. Here’s a detailed look at how each of the most commonly used Facebook Ad types suit various real estate marketing purposse:

Video Ads

Video ads are the most common and powerful ad type for realtors to engage potential buyers by giving them an immersive experience that static images can’t offer. They’re perfect for:

  • Property tours: A virtual walk-through of a property can showcase its features in a way that photos alone cannot.
  • Educational content: Offering tips on home buying or selling positions you as an expert in your field.
  • Personal brand building: Introduce yourself and your team, sharing your values and what sets you apart from the competition.
Facebook video ads for real estate

Image Ads

Single image ads are also working well for real estate businesses, allow them to showcase property highlights and capturing attention quickly:

  • Luxury properties: A single, high-quality image can highlight the elegance and unique features of a high-end property.
  • On-market deals: Spotlight a hot property that’s just hit the market to create buzz and urgency.
  • Valuation examples: Illustrate the potential value of a property with before-and-after valuation images.
Facebook image ads for real estate

Carousel Ads

Facebook’s Carousel ad format is perfect for showcasing multiple properties or different features of a single property within a single ad unit. This format is particularly effective for capturing attention and providing a comprehensive view, making it a popular choice for:

  • Real estate listings: Display various properties in one ad, giving viewers a taste of the market variety.
  • State of the real estate market infographics: Share informative infographics that provide insights into market trends and statistics.
Facebook carousel ads for real estate

Event Ads

Event ads are great for promoting time-sensitive events and can be linked directly to a Facebook calendar event:

  • Local events: Advertise community events you’re sponsoring to build local brand awareness.
  • Open houses: Invite potential buyers to visit properties during open house events, increasing foot traffic and interest.
Facebook event ads for real estate

How to Target Audience for Real Estate Facebook Ads?

As a real estate expert, finding the most impactful marketing strategies for your listings and services is crucial. Facebook’s Ads platform provides a variety of targeting options to connect with users who are likely to be active and interested in buying a home.

Location Targeting

One of the most effective ways to target audience for real estate Facebook Ads is by using location targeting:

  • Zip code targeting: Reach individuals residing within specific zip codes where your properties are located. This ensures your ads appear to users actively searching for homes in your target area.
  • Radius targeting: Draw a virtual radius around a specific property’s address. This is ideal for showcasing unique listings or highlighting desirable neighborhood amenities.
  • City or region targeting: Target users within a broader city or regional area, useful for promoting multiple properties across a larger geographic area.
Location targeting for real estate Facebook ads

Demographics Targeting

Facebook Ads provide detailed targeting options that can help you zero in on the perfect audience. Here’re are some essential demographics to consider:

  • Age: Target ads based on age ranges relevant to your property type. For instance, target younger demographics for first-time homebuyer listings, while luxury properties might skew towards older demographics.
  • Income: Homes come in all price ranges. Target users within an income range that aligns with the typical buyer profile for your listings. This helps avoid reaching users who wouldn’t qualify financially.
  • Family size and life stage: Consider targeting based on family size (young couples, families with children, empty nesters) or life stage (first-time homebuyers, retirees) to better match your property’s ideal buyer.
Demographics targeting for real estate Facebook ads

Interests Targeting

Beyond demographics, you can also use interests targeting to find people who are likely to be in the market for a new home. Facebook algorithm has segmented a group of users who have expressed interest in specific topics or engaged with related content on the platform.

Here are some interests targeting options that can help you reach homebuyers effectively:

  • Real estate: Focus on users interested in “starter home”, “apartment”, or “real property” who interact with real estate content.
  • Home and garden: Reach out to those into “home improvement” or “gardening”, likely to be in the market for a new home.
  • DIY and home renovation: Connect with DIY enthusiasts looking for properties they can personalize.
  • Financing researchers: Target individuals exploring “mortgage loans” or “mortgage calculators”, indicating buying intent.
  • Home buying programs: Aim at those searching for “first-time home buyer grants” or similar programs, as they’re actively seeking buying assistance.
  • Neighborhoods and communities: Engage with users showing interest in specific neighborhoods or communities, enhancing ad relevance and conversion potential.
Interests targeting for real estate Facebook ads

Lookalike Audiences

Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences feature allows you to target a new audience similar to your existing customer base or website visitors. This is particularly valuable for:

  • Retargeting website visitors: Reach users who have previously visited your real estate website but haven’t yet converted into a lead.
  • Expanding your client base: Find new potential clients with similar characteristics to your existing customer base, increasing your reach and brand awareness.

Top Keywords for Real Estate Facebook Ads

Here’s a list of commonly used Facebook Ads keywords for real estate along with general CPC ranges to give you a starting point for your research:

Keyword CategoryKeywordAverage CPC Range
General Keywords (High Volume, Varied CPC)Real Estate$1.00 – $5.00+
Homes for Sale$1.50 – $7.00+
Apartments for Rent$0.50 – $3.00+
Buy a House$2.00 – $8.00+
Rent a House$1.00 – $5.00+
Location-Specific Keywords (Moderate Volume, More Targeted CPC)[City Name] Real Estate (e.g., San Francisco Real Estate)Varies by City
Homes for Sale in [Neighborhood] (e.g., Homes for Sale in Beverly Hills)Varies by Neighborhood
Apartments for Rent Near [Landmark] (e.g., Apartments for Rent Near Golden Gate Bridge)Varies by Landmark
Lifestyle-Oriented Keywords (Moderate Volume, Potentially Lower CPC)First-Time Homebuyer Tips$0.75 – $4.00+
Downsizing Your Home$1.00 – $5.00+
Luxury Homes$2.00 – $8.00+
Waterfront Property$1.50 – $7.00+
Vacation Rentals$1.00 – $5.00+

What’s the Cost of Facebook Real Estate Ads?

Cost of Facebook Real Estate Ads

Facebook operates on a bidding system, where you can set your budget and bid for ad space based on different objectives like clicks, impressions, or conversions. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with Facebook ads for real estate:

Cost Factors for Facebook Real Estate Ads

  • Bidding options: You can choose to bid based on cost per click (CPC), cost per 1000 impressions (CPM), cost per acquisition (CPA), or cost per lead (CPL).
  • Average costs: The average CPC across Facebook is approximately $1.72, while for real estate-specific ads, it’s slightly higher at around $1.81.
  • CTR: The average CTR for real estate on Facebook is about 2.45%, which is much higher than the average across all industries.

Budgeting for Your Campaign

  • Daily or lifetime budget: You can set a daily budget or a lifetime budget for your campaign. Some realtors spend less than $50 a month on lead generation, while others may allocate more depending on their goals.
  • Ad Spend: According to a report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 35% of Realtors spend between $50 and $250 per month on technology, including social media marketing, while 37% spend more than $251 per month.

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Mega Digital’s Tips for Real Estate Ads on Facebook

Use The Special Ad Category

At Mega Digital, we prioritize compliance and inclusivity by utilizing Facebook’s Special Ad Category for all our real estate advertising. This category is designed to prevent discrimination and ensures that our ads reach a broad and diverse audience. When creating ads under this category, we are mindful of the limitations on targeting based on age, gender, and zip code, focusing instead on broader geographic regions and interests that resonate with potential homebuyers and sellers.

Use The Special Ad Category

Create Local Ads that Reach Buyers and Sellers in Your Area

Local ads must be the cornerstone of your Facebook ads for real estate strategy. You should craft ads that speak directly to the community, highlighting local landmarks, schools, and unique aspects of the neighborhood. By using Facebook’s geo-targeting tools, your ads are more likely to be seen by individuals who are most likely to engage with the content, whether they’re looking to buy or sell in the area.

Create Local Ads that Reach Buyers and Sellers in Your Area

Make Lifestyle Ad Creatives

Your ads don’t just sell homes; they sell a vision of life that could be. You should use high-quality images and videos to paint a picture of the lifestyle that comes with each property. From cozy family scenes to vibrant neighborhood activities, your creatives are designed to evoke emotions and aspirations, making each listing more than just a set of walls.

Use Testimonials and Reviews to Build Trust

Trust is essential in real estate, and you must build it by showcasing real stories from your real clients. Try featuring testimonials and reviews, providing social proof that speaks to your credibility and the satisfaction of your clients. These stories of success are not just convincing; they’re inspiring, encouraging potential clients to envision themselves as the next success story.

Use Testimonials and Reviews to Build Trust

Scale Your Ad Spend During Peak Times

Timing is everything, and you’d better maximize ad impact by scaling our spend during peak real estate times. Start analyzing market trends and online behavior to identify when potential clients are most active on Facebook. By increasing your ad spend strategically during these windows, your ads will appear front and center when buyers and sellers are most receptive.

Top 5 Inspiring Real Estate Facebook Ad Examples

#1 Silversaw – Show a Floor Plan

Floor plan advertisements are not exclusively for new construction promotions. Consider deploying a Facebook ad that highlights the floor plan of your most recent listing, particularly if it boasts a unique or captivating design.

For instance, Silversaw’s Facebook ads take this innovative approach. They intrigue potential buyers with ads that focus on the distinctive floor plans of their properties, demonstrating that even established homes can stand out with the right marketing angle. This strategy not only differentiates their listings but also engages buyers looking for something beyond the ordinary.

Real Estate Facebook Ad Examples_Silversaw

Why it worked:

  • Immediate engagement: Grabs the focus of buyers with specific desires.
  • Presale advantage: Ideal for advertising new construction before sales commence.

#2 Investors Rehab – Offer a Time-limited Offer

Using time-limited offers is an effective tactic to create urgency and encourage quick action from potential buyers. In this real estate Facebook Ads by Investors Rehab, it provides short-term opportunities and special deals, fostering a sense of scarcity and accelerating the decision-making process for property investors and homebuyers.

Real Estate Facebook Ad Examples_Investors Rehab

Why it worked:

  • Urgency and scarcity: Time-limited offers create urgency, prompting quick action from buyers to enjoy special benefits.
  • Faster decision-making: Deadlines push buyers to make swift decisions to capitalize on exclusive offers.
  • Enhanced perceived value: The exclusivity of limited-time deals boosts the property’s appeal and value.

#3 Living Vogue Real Estate – Offer a Free Home Valuation

Both newcomers and seasoned sellers are aware that the real estate market is in constant flux. Therefore, understanding the value of a home is crucial for both buyers and sellers. To earn their trust, consider providing a no-cost property valuation. By centering your Facebook ads on this offer, you stand a better chance of attracting authentic leads who are eager to engage your services as their real estate agent.

This Facebook ad from the Living Vogue Real Estate encourages potential clients to discover the current worth of their property for free, helping them escape the fluctuating trends of the real estate market.

Real Estate Facebook Ad Example_Living Vogue Real Estate

Why it worked:

  • Compelling reason: The ad capitalized on the dynamic nature of market prices.
  • Quick win: It promised updated property prices in mere seconds.
  • Instant value: Prospects gained immediate insights, enhancing the ad’s appeal.
  • Progression to sale: The ad’s value proposition helped move prospects towards engaging a realtor for their sale.

#4 Stunning NJ Homes Team – Utilize Testimonials

Testimonials have proven to be a powerful and genuine method for building trust, demonstrating client satisfaction, and adding a personal touch to the property transaction process. This tactic involves sharing the sincere narratives and favorable experiences of contented clients via written or video testimonials, offering prospective buyers a truthful glimpse into the real estate experience.

For instance, the Facebook ads from the Stunning NJ Homes Team effectively utilize this strategy. They present real stories from happy homeowners, which not only validate their service but also connect emotionally with potential clients, illustrating the joy and fulfillment of finding the perfect home.

Real estate Facebook ads examples_Stunning NJ Homes Team

Why it worked:

  • Authenticity: The ads featured real testimonials, providing a trustworthy and relatable perspective to potential buyers.
  • Emotional connection: Sharing personal success stories of satisfied clients helped to create an emotional bond with prospects.
  • Credibility: Testimonials from happy clients served as social proof, enhancing the credibility of the Stunning NJ Homes Team.

#5 Kathy Zajac Real Estate – Create a neighborhood guide

If you’re an expert in a particular city or have multiple listings in the same area, consider crafting a blog post or webpage dedicated to that locale. You should try incorporating engaging details that buyers would appreciate, like the area’s population, typical age demographics, notable dining spots, local attractions, etc.

For example, Kathy Zajac Real Estate drew in potential buyers by showcasing the vibrant life one could enjoy in the neighborhoods they represent, complete with enticing facts and figures that paint a picture of the community.

Real estate Facebook ads examples_Kathy Zajac Real Estate

Why it worked:

  • Dream life visualization: Buyers picture their ideal future with the help of engaging neighborhood descriptions.
  • Targeted appeal: The listings attract individuals already considering a move to the area.
  • Location targeting synergy: The strategy is highly effective when used with sophisticated location targeting techniques.

Final words

Whether you’re looking to attract first-time homebuyers or seasoned investors, Facebook ads can be tailored to meet your marketing goals. With the strategies and insights shared in this blog post, you’re now equipped to launch campaigns that not only reach but resonate with potential clients, setting the stage for a thriving real estate business.

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