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As the top official partner of many worldwide platforms, Mega Digital will provide you with the best effect and most efficient pay-per-click (PPC) advertising service.

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TikTok Advertising service

TikTok continuously becomes one of the top platforms in the world. With shopping features included and eCommerce support (in some markets), TikTok has changed the customers’ buying behavior. It can be proved by the over 10 billion users using the hashtag #TikTokmademebuyit on this platform. 

Without a doubt, TikTok must be included as one of the advertising channels in your pay-per-click strategy.

TikTok Advertising service
Google shopping advertising service

Google shopping advertising service

Google shopping advertising service

Google Shopping Ads is the most accurate way to approach your potential customers. With the display as a shop cart appearing at the top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), Google Shopping Ads is a special weapon for advertisers to reach the right audiences who intend to buy your products.

According to the latest data, there are more than 8.5 billion daily searches on Google (Internet Live Stats, 2022).

Facebook advertising service

Facebook advertising service

Using cookies, data, and physical location tracking, Facebook is like an empire for advertisers on the internet. Therefore, all the ads campaign on Facebook can target the exact customers who just talk, hear, or search about your products.

With 2.7 billion active users on Facebook and the decrease in the organic reach of the Facebook algorithm, advertising has become the MUST way to reach your potential customers on this platform.

Facebook advertising service

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Questions asked about our PPC Service

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we have had many experts in this field for years. We have helped many customers, not only brands but also drop-shippers, PODers, etc. We are sure that we understand your market insight. We know what your customers want and how to gain their intention in your adverts.

Besides, we partner with many platforms worldwide, such as TikTok and Google. Therefore, we have been trained well and know all the latest updated policies in advertising and how to optimize your campaign budget. 

If you let us handle your PPC campaign, you will experience the next level of advertisement.

We have advertising experience on other channels besides Facebook, such as Bing and Meta products. However, depending on your product or market, we will consider using different platforms to give you the best result. 

So, if you are wondering about Bing, Instagram, Twitter, etc., we can do everything!

We always have applied this 4 steps model for every platform before we conquer it. In details:

Step 1: Understand your business

  • We must understand you and your business before starting the first campaign. This understanding will help us determine your business’s competitive advantage and what your target when advertising is.

Step 2: Market research

  • We will research all the competitors and users in your market to find out what your suitable daily budget is and what type of content to defeat your rivals.

Step 3: Develop an advertising plan

  • We will design an advertising plan that not only suits your budget but is also practical (of course, it has KPI included)

Step 4: Finalize the campaign and start advertising

  • After discussing, we will adjust the plan (if you’re not happy with it) and execute the campaign right after you transfer the ad budget.