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Digital Marketing gives fair opportunities to all kinds of businesses that prefer to go with online branding and advertising. It is more cost – effective than other ways of promotions.

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What is Digital Marketing?

“Digital Marketing is a strategy using the Internet as a means for marketing activities and information exchange” – Asia Digital Marketing Association. Digital Marketing emphasizes three factors: using digital means, reaching customers in a digital environment and interacting with customers.

Anything that works as a digital platform can be considered Digital Marketing such as: Email, E-book, Games, Content, Video, Mobile Marketing, TV Advertising, Digital OOH, v.v..

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Digital Marketing strategies

Push Strategy

Push strategy in Digital Marketing is introducing products to attract potential customers through interactive forms such as banner advertising on websites, sending a series of SMS or e-mail messages,…

Pull Strategy

Pull strategy is a fundamental and long-term plan to reach customers by letting customers actively find you through activities of searching website, blog,…

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