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EZTORO wants to take the lead in adopting technology in retail. EZTORO’s implementation of the new eCommerce system will help them achieve that vision and to set a higher standard for the Vietnamese retail market.

EZTORO’s dream of eCommerce

EZTORO’s new business model needs a comprehensive eCommerce system to optimize the customer shopping journey. Furthermore, customer loyalty programs along with promotion management also needs to be supported in the new website.

EZTORO’s goal is to attract more partners and customers to use its service with this brand new system. To realize this goal, EZTORO decided to work with us to turn this into reality. We are a one-stop solution company and an Adobe Solution Partner. We decided to build their new system with Magento Commerce.

How did we handle the project?

Magento 2 is the best open-source eCommerce platform in the world. It guarantees fast and reliable working performance and effectiveness for companies.

To support EZTORO’s management process, we have built an Order Management System (OMS). It helps EZTORO boost the efficiency of the system and achieves the best result while they do not have to waste time and resources.

EZTORO also builds more features to improve services to better customer engagement. Based on that, we have customized the Affiliate and Membership modules. The new system is able to develop loyalty programs and promotions for member classes. 

We also integrate useful modules to support the operation of EZTORO:

  • Shop By Brand: EZTORO can categorize according to the brands of partners. Offers can also be set individually for each brand.
  • Free Gift: Allows customers to choose products from the list of available gifts when their invoice meets the conditions specified.
  • Mega Menu: Build a system of clear categories, which allows the customers to follow and navigate on the page with ease.

EZTORO wants to have a simple and user-friendly experience for the website interface. The new design is suitable for both desktops and mobile devices. We also create a new interface for the mobile app.

A stepping stone for the growth of EZTORO

EZTORO has made a strategic choice when building a comprehensive eCommerce system given the profound effects of COVID-19 on the economy and customers’ behaviours.

We have completed the digital transformation of EZTORO successfully. It has allowed the company to expand their target audience and apply new business models. Users can have a better experience with the new modern and minimalistic interface.

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