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Should We run facebook ads in 2023?

Massive Market Share

According to Semrush, Facebook is the third most visited website, right behind Facebook and Youtube. Not only have massive traffic, but this platform also has 2.7 billion users active monthly worldwide. Facebook ads are incredibly worth it for businesses that want to reach broad audiences, convert leads and generate new leads.

Powerful Targetting Capabilities

Facebook tracks users not only on their platform but also tracks users off-Facebook across the internet. All the data from websites, apps, pixels, cookies, and even physical places are sent back to Facebook. This information helps the targeting algorithm of Facebook accurately, following the efficiency and effectiveness of the campaigns.

The decline in Organic reach

Content used to play an essential part in Facebook Marketing in the past. However, after Facebook adjusted its post distribution, the Facebook page now only reached 2.2% of total followers on average, which is a tiny percentage. Therefore, an excellent social media strategy must combine unpaid and paid content.


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TikTok Agency Ad Account Process
Our process

Easily set up Facebook Ads with us


Market Research and Analysis

Understanding the market and its players is arguably essential to our process.


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Strategic Consulting

We’ll provide you with an optimal strategy based on our market analysis and your business capabilities, resources, and objectives.

Let's get advertise!

Create Content and Media

Using captivating content and media, we create rich advertising campaigns that attract reach and engagement for branding or drive clicks, messages, and app installs for sales, depending on your target objectives.
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Campaign Setup

Our seasoned advertising experts will help you create high-performing and objective-oriented campaigns to produce the best business results.


Affordable prices that all sizes of business can afford

Package 1


< $1,200

(30 Days)

Fee 180$

Package 3


$3,200 - $4,800

(30 Days)

Fee 340$

Package 2


$1,200 - $3,200

(30 Days)

Fee 250$

Package 4


$4,800 - $8,000

(30 Days)

Fee 420$

Package 5


$8,000 - $20,000

(30 Days)

Fee 10% of Total Budget

Package 6


$20,000 - $40,000

(30 Days)

Fee 7% of Total Budget

Package 7


> $40,000

(30 Days)

Fee 5% of Total Budget

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